Eve’s Petite Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tree, 4 Years Old, Planted in 5 Inch Ceramic Container

Petite Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tree is approximately 4 years old and planted in a 5 inch glazed ceramic container with moss and pebbles for decoration. Ceramic containers are assorted and will vary in color and style. The Juniper Tree averages 8-10 inches in height with 6-8 inch spread. This is the perfect bonsai tree for beginners. The Japanese Juniper (Juniperus procumbens Nana) is the most popular tree for Bonsai because of its compact foliage and ability to train branches into popular shapes. The Japanese Juniper Bonsai is best suited for patios or outdoor areas, requiring good indirect sunlight and moist watering conditions. The Japanese Juniper is cold-hardy and can withstand temperatures below freezing. Eve’s Petite Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tree is potted in a ceramic container and beautifully decorated with moss, landscaping pebbles, and rocks. Our special bonsai potting mix is a custom blend to ensure your tree will live for years to come. We ship our bonsai trees with care instructions and package so the tree will arrive healthy and in excellent condition. You will find our bonsai to be of the highest quality. All trees are grown at our nursery in Florida and we sell only items that will live long after they are purchased. Bonsai represents the artistic use of gardening techniques to develop a tree into a miniaturized version of its counterpart in nature. Bonsai is not a specific type of tree; rather many types of trees go through the gardening process of bonsai.

Quick facts

  • Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tree is approximately 4 years old, planted in 5 inch ceramic container, and decorated with moss and pebbles
  • Perfect for patio and outdoor areas, Bonsai Tree averages 8-10 inches in height with 6-8 inch spread
  • Japanese Juniper is one of the most popular trees for Bonsai because of the compact foliage and ability to easily train branches into popular shapes
  • State agricultural restrictions prohibit delivery of this tree to California or Hawaii
  • Authentic Eve’s Bonsai are shipped and sold exclusively by Eve’s Garden, Inc

Top reviews

My First Bonsai Tree

It is a unique possession and the most beautiful mini tree i have ever had the pleasure of owning. I must assure its survival,as i absolutely adore biological beauty and the mysteries which beckon. Another reason i had purchased this Japanese cultured tree is to be able to help the country whose devastating tsunami destroyed much of their botanical life as such this past year,2011. I hope my purchase did indeed help the Oriental country.I wish to thank the people whom have given us,a diverse people in the U.S,the pleasure of sharing their distinct beauty with us.
MyeshaNew Riegel, OH

awesome little tree

great starter tree, it came perfectly packaged and it came a week before the other bonsai i ordered on the same day. definetly worth buying
ChristiaHueysville, KY

Love It!!!!

I bought this for a friends birthday and had it shipped to her. I forgot all about it until she called me early one morning asking if I had sent it to her. She found the box on the front porch-she hadn’t been out that way in a while. I remembered and said “Yes!!” She was so excited and said she had stayed up half the night reading all the instructions and is really loving it. Great gift! She said it came packaged perfectly and was gorgeous!! THanks….
BrentonSan Juan, TX

nice little bonsai

I bought this tree and didn’t know what to expect from the reviews. It arrived today in seemingly good health, no brown spots however a very small amount of dead foliage in the substrate which I promptly removed. Shipping was fast, 3 days from cali to pa and the tree was packed very nicely in such a way that it couldn’t accidentally fall out of its pot. Mine looks to be about 6-7 inches tall, lots of little branches and nice green foliage, will probably have to restyle this spring however all in all I think this was a good purchase.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to start bonsai. Will be a welcome addition to my front porch. 🙂

ShaniquaRichwood, OH

Very happy with this little bonsai tree.

Tree arrived very quickly and appears no worse for wear from it’s travels. It looks exactly like the picture in the listing which was a pleasant surprise because some reviews said it was clumpy. The pot is very attractive and the rocks give it a very nice touch to the overall look. If I were to say anything negative it would only be that I think the description should have mentioned that the Juniper requires a cold winter dormant period to remain healthy. I live in South Florida and am very worried that this little guy may be doomed because of it. I should have done my homework before not after so I still gave it 5 stars. If anyone has any tips on how to keep this guy alive leave me a comment.
MauritaGraytown, OH

Dead within a month

Originally I was very happy when I received this beautiful little tree … unfortunately it seemed under-potted and root bound so it died within the first month. I drew the root bound conclusion as I made one final attempt to save it by re-potting the tree into a bigger dish with new soil but the roots were already dark brown and just a tangled mess to deal with … I have left the tree in the new soil and water it occasionally … as of yet no signs of life have returned.
DaleneRio Linda, CA

Very Disappointed

Not what I was expecting. I bought this tree a week ago for a welcoming home gift for my wife. When I received the tree in the mail, I was very disappointed with the size of the tree. The tree had one sprig of green about the size of a plum. The pot and the tree looked nothing like the picture. I had to run out to another bonsai tree store 2 hours away to fix this problem.
CandidaWayland, MI

pine tree

I got this present for my boyfriend on christmas and when it got here, it looked like a little pine branch stuck in the dirt. The pot was not blue, but an ugly brownish grey and i thought it was incredibly ugly. A bonsai tree is a cool gift but i didn’t want one that looked like a pine tree. It doesn’t look as the picture does. Maybe it grows into that a few years down the road but so far it’s still ugly lol i wouldn’t reccomend it.
AnastasiaNew Suffolk, NY


the product i recieved looks NOTHING! close to the picture shown. what i recieved is what looks like a clone from a juniper plant, very dissapointed. even the pot was not the same as the picture. i recieved something that was not what i ordered. i ordered it from eve’s garden then i recieved an email saying that 9greenbox is shipping my order? what you see on the picture is not what your gonna get! false advertising….DISSAPOINTED!!!
WillyPelion, SC

Very nice, but does not look like picture

I’ve only had this for a few days and there are some dead spots but I expected that given the distance it was shipped. The instruction sheet was poorly translated but gets the general idea across reasonably well. It was very well packaged but came with a spider (not advertised) who was happy to be relocated outdoors. The only qualm I have is that I was hoping for a tree in the style of the picture (a single straight trunk with several branches &ct.), but it actually looks almost exactly like this Bonsai Juniper Tree in shape, while being also significantly sparser than pictured. Basically it looks like a small branch in a pot, rather than a small TREE in a pot. It is still pretty, but I feel like I could have stuck the end of a pine branch in a pot and had a very similar look.
BettieLuray, TN

bonsai size

I was told the bonsai tree container would be 5 inches which is correct but i was told the actual tree was 6 to 8 inches its barely 5 inches i was dissapointed in the size of the tree.
LaniLeverett, MA

Five stars

Gave as a gift and he absolutely loved it they are so tinny and cute. It only took 2 days to arrive and was absolutely perfect
FloraSilver Point, TN

if unsure dont worry tree will arrive in great shape

I was not sure the tree would arrive in good shape, but i was very surprised when it arrived in perfect shape. it was like I bought it at a shop and took it home. The plan is doing great now too!!
ShandiRomulus, MI


Very good packaging. Plant looks very healthy looking forward to the spring when I really have to take care of it.
ArmidaRemsenburg, NY