Evolution Cat Food 20lb Bag

A 100% Complete For All Life Stages Flavor Dry Cat Kibble. Human Grade Pure Vegan Ingredients. One to Three tablespoons of shredded Human Grade Beef, Chicken or Fish may be added to each meal.

Quick facts

  • Product is 100% Complete for all life stages.
  • May be served with or without human grade beef, chicken or fish.
  • A high protein, pure vegetarian gourmet pasta flavored petfood.
  • Used 30% less food than other brands.

Top reviews

Some Education About Vegan Cats

Unfortunately most people are ill informed about vegan cats, including most veterinarians.

Wild cats are in fact obligate carnivores. However, in domesticating the house cat and bringing it into our homes we have effectively removed the cat from its natural prey of mice, insects, birds, lizards, and other small creatures. During the past 100 years or so, as the human food industry was searching for a way to salvage and use all the waste materials from its processing lines, it came upon a wonderful solution. Lets boil it all up and dry it out and add it to the food we make for cats and dogs. As a result, the vast majority of commercial pet foods contain what are euphemistically referred to as the four D’s, dead, dying, disabled, and diseased animals, along with other quite undesirable materials. Quite frankly, if you are feeding this junk to your pets, you are effectively poisoning them. We are seeing diseases in pets today that we have never seen before because of the wide variety of contaminated ingredients that are finding their way into the food we feed our companion animals. You know “garbage in, garbage out!”

Now the issue here is not meat; it is about providing all the essential and non-essential amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) and vitamins and minerals that are bio-available to the particularly unique physiology of felids (cats). The quality, quantity, and availability of these nutrients can come from any source, and for those of us who are vegan, the best source is vegetable based.

Tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of cats around the world live quite well on one of the several available vegan cat foods that are recognized as nutritionally complete. I personally have had 3 1/2 years of experience in feeding the Evolution kibble product that this review is addressing. It is a high quality product that is AAFCO certified as nutritionally complete for all life stages in cats. Not only is this product safe to feed your cat, but if you follow the recommended feeding procedures, you will find many benefits to both your cat’s health and your wallet.

If you desire more detailed information, I invite you to do a google search on vegan cats. I would put my web page information about this issue on this review, but it is against the policy for writing reviews on Amazon.

Just for everyone’s edification, I have researched this issue for well over 500 hours, read hundreds of technical papers, visited hundreds of web sites, and have made a commitment to specialize in feline nutrition as part of my Veterinary Technician studies. I probably know more about feline nutrition than 95% of all the vets in the world.

My feline son is a vegan and will remain so because I am absolutely certain that his quality of life will be enhanced by his diet and that this choice will not be a detriment to his health.


Since writing this review in 2006 I have had a change in position about this particular product after 4 years of personal experience. The manufacturer of the Evolution foods was changing the formulation of the food on a regular basis and during that time I found that the Feline Kibble was not able to maintain the pH level in the urine of cats that was promised on the label and in their literature. At least that wasn’t the case with my former feline son and my current feline son. As a result I can no longer recommend the use of Evolution Feline Kibble for male cats. Since urinary issues are different between male and female cats the Evolution Kibble MAY be satisfactory for feeding to female cats. Nutritionally the Evolution foods seem to be fine for nutrients but not necessarily adequate for maintaining the proper pH levels to avoid urinary issues for male cats.

Consequently I am now recommending male cats use the Vegecat pH diet provided by Harbingers of a New Age. My son has been eating this food supplement in a specially prepared gluten formulation I created called a vegan feline roast. It is 62% protein, 33% fat, and 5% carbs and has a moisture content of about 60%. Almost a perfect combination of ingredients to mimic natural prey. My son finds this product to be very palatable and his urinary pH has been consistently at 6.4 for the three years that we have been producing and consuming this food. The drawback is that it takes about a half hour every 3 days to make the food and the cost is equivalent to a premium cat food. But on the other hand my son is trim, full of energy at 6 1/2 years, enjoys great health, no longer has urinary tract issues, and no other animal had to die in order to provide my son with life-giving nutrition.

UPDATE: 4/17/11

For those of you who are still considering feeding the Evolution kibble, please heed this warning. Kibble is only 10% moisture content. If you follow the directions given by the manufacturer to soak the kibble prior to feeding, you will end up with a mushy material that your cats may or may not like. The danger in feeding the dry kibble is that your cat will eventually become so dehydrated that no amount of drinking will be sufficient to avoid hydration related illnesses. Cats do not naturally drink water, they almost exclusively obtain all of their hydration from the food that they consume. If they are eating something that only has 10% moisture, upon consumption the moisture that is contained within the digestive tract of the cat will be sucked into the food in order to give it enough fluidity to pass through the intestines. This will often lead to gastro-intestinal diseases. Your cat will be constantly drinking water to make up for that deficiency, but no amount of drinking is enough to avoid the dehydration problem. So please remember that the best source of moisture for your cat’s health, comes from a wet food diet that is around 70% moisture.

In October 2008 I wrote an article about vegan cats published in VegFamily magazine. This information and more will help those who are interested in a vegan diet for cats understand more of the issues.

UPDATE: 8/27/12

My vegan feline son is now 8 years old and still maintains an extremely healthy life with absolutely no issues of any kind. He has been using our Vegan Feline Roast product for the past 5 and 1/2 years and his lab tests indicate that his nutritional needs are being adequately met by his vegan diet.

For those who are sceptical about a vegan diet for house cats, there is ample evidence that several vegan products are available to satisfy the nutritional needs of cats. I am still not convinced that Evolution is a good product to feed based on my past history. There are thousands of customers that seem to successfully feed the Evolution product; however, I believe that our Vegan Feline Roast Mix is a superior product that will yield far better results over the lifetime of feeding any house cat. Our product is based on the Vegecat phi supplement offered by HOANA, which I have found to be an excellent product for hitting all of the missing nutritional elements that would otherwise come from meat. The Vegecat product line has been successfully feeding thousands of cats over a 27 year period and we highly recommend the use of Vegecat for those people who wish to formulate their own vegan cat food. The only difference between our food product and the HOANA vegecat product is that our product is a ready-to-make mix that has been specifically formulated for a high protein/high fat food that is easy to make and highly palatable to the vast majority of cats.

I would caution people feeding the Evolution kibble to reconsider doing so. The problem with kibble in general, not just the Evolution product, is the 10% moisture content of the food. Cats that eat kibble exclusively will invariably become dehydrated and will not be able to consume enough water by drinking to avoid the condition. Evolution kibble that is soaked with water prior to feeding, as recommended by the manufacturer, is an attempt to avoid this issue. However, by soaking the product you will reduce the palatability quality to most cats and will make it harder for them to continue to want to eat the product. This is a strategy to fix a problem that is inherent to the product itself.

As time goes on, I become more convinced that using our Vegan Feline Roast product may in fact be a cure for diseases in cats like FLUTD and diabetes. At some point in time I would like to perform a long term double blind scientifically significant study to support my empirical observations. When my son started out 7 years ago eating Evolution kibble, he quickly developed a FLUTD condition, after 18 months of use, that cost $1500 at the vet to fix. The last 5 1/2 years of eating nothing but our Vegan Feline Roast he has remained FLUTD free and maintains excellent health. Just the savings alone from avoiding annual teeth cleaning has more than paid for itself in the use of our product.

So my bottom line is to recommend not using Evolution Kibble in favor of either the HOANA vegecat supplement or our Vegan Feline Roast Mix.

CharityWest Stockholm, NY

Our cats’ favorite

Both our cats absolutely love Evolution kibble. We mix it up with Red Star nutritional yeast and water and they love it even more. They’ve actually torn open the bag to get to it, and when they hear me getting it ready they come running. It’s vegan, so it contains no slaughterhouse by-products, euthanasia solution, carcinogens, or dead animals. Yay!
YvonneShirland, IL

Kitties go crazy for veggie cat food!

The two little darlings at my home have been eating this particular cat food since we got them from the local shelter at the ripe young age of 6 months. We chose to switch them over to vegetarian cat food for two reasons: 1) both of us are ethical vegetarians, and 2) we could!

We switched them using the same methods vets have recommended when undergoing any change in diet for felines–slowly mixing them together in differing proportions until all that they eat is the new kind of food. In this way the cats do not undergo any kind of indigestion that might cause them to throw up (those with cats already will understand completely).

But what was the surest sign that we were doing the right thing for our cats? Even on the first day, and for everyday it was given to them after, they ignored the meat-based cat food, eating only the vegetable-based pieces from their bowl! Everyday when I went to feed them in the morning, they would be waiting next to a bowl with meat-food detritus, staring impatiently for the vegetable goodness.

As for their level of health, I have literally never known two cats to be sweeter or more active than these. And I don’t mean chaotic, but playful, pouncy, and sweet. Is it all because of the food? I can’t say to 100% certainty. But know this: when we got the kittens they were shy and scared, seemingly because both only have vision in their left eyes. Now they are more daring than even the most normal of cats.

All this and we don’t have to participate in the inhumane practice of feeding waste animals to our companion friends!

ChadwickAlbion, RI

Evolution vegan cat food is the way to go!

My 9-month-old cat has been eating Evolution for most of his life now; I transitioned him shortly after I adopted him. He’s doing extremely well; he eats Evolution every day and loves it. His coat is glossy and he has crazy kitten energy.

I very recently rescued an adult cat, and I’m slowly transitioning her from conventional cat food to this. (When I first brought her home, she wouldn’t eat for two days and was extremely skinny.) I also was taking care of a friend’s cat for a week, and when I saw she wasn’t eating her own food, I brought a baggie of the Evolution kibble, which she was interested in, and then ate.

Most of all, I want my cats to eat this food because it’s healthier for them; it doesn’t contain the waste animals, beaks, hair, and ear tags that all pet foods (even premium) can contain–and is nutritionally complete, with the protein and amino acids they need. As a plus, it’s a tasty food they like; when water is added–which it should be, to prevent dehydration–it’s economical, too.

It’s a great deal all around!

SheraKernville, CA

Evolution Diet Cat & Dog Food is the Best

My pets (1 Dog and 2 Cats) have been on Evolution Diet for years. Both my cats love the food and have been on it since they were 4 months old. My younger cat was very sick when I brought her home and I was nervous about putting her on a vegei diet until she was well. My Vet uses this product and recommended that I switch right away because it’s such a high quality food. Once I put her on Evolution she had a speedy recovery. Everyone that has had contact with my pets have made comments on how beautiful their fur is.
ErasmoLawn, PA

Great food at a good price!

Although the price initially seems a bit more than other cat foods, if you add water to it like the instructions say, you end up saving a lot of money…possibly up to the thousands in vet’s bills (I recently spent $3,200 because my cat got sick from contaminated food…watch out for Nutro dry cat food. Many pet owners have has sick/dead pets becasue of it). My boys like the taste, especially when mixed with Evolution Moist Food. I tried it (something I’d never do with ordinary, sick-animal by product totally gross food) and it’s quite tasty! We are now an Evolution family for life. It’s an ethical, small company, and I like what they stand for and what they produce.
VinnieAnnawan, IL

Perfect Cat Food

I love it because it’s vegan, my cat loves it because it’s good. I’ve never seen a cat so happy to be fed before, he reminds me of a dog sometimes. He loves this food, and I’m glad that he is eating healthy and that he’s happy.
CordellUnion Dale, PA

Great pet food – whether or not you (or you pets) are vegan!

this is a great pet food – both the cat and dog varieties. AND it contains only vegan ingredients – very hard to come by, and you know if you’ve been looking! my animals love the evolution diet pet foods – and actually gobble it up faster than their old pet food! it is a bit pricey, so unfortunately had to switch my dogs to a different vegan brand, though my cats still enjoy this food every day. my cats tend not to like it with water added, just as a tip.
AlaineStamford, NE

The best cat food anywhere

Everytime I run out and get regular kibble or cans, my cats look scruffy and they seem to hate the store-bought stuff and hate me for feeding it to them. On this food for years, my cats are shiny, never gassy, never fat though I leave the food out all the time in a bistro feeder, and their poop ain’t sweet but seems less foul than when on other food. Only down side is that you have to remember to reorder it 2 weeks before you run out because it’s not in any stores. It’s not cheap but with 2 cats a 40 pound bag ($90 including shipping) lasts me about 12 weeks, so under $4 a week per cat, maybe $2 more than Purina, $1 more than Iams and about the same as Blue or Nutro.
MitchRussellville, TN

4 years of success with this food

We started using this food in April 2007 after a recommenation from a person who raises and breads AKC dogs that compete in prestigious dog shows. I had told her how my cat developed allergies to most foods and really wasn’t doing well with the Hill’s Low-Allergen z/d Prescription Diet food. Mine you, we always fed our cat premium cat foods.

So, after ordering a $19.95 intro pack from Evolution Diet, we were thrilled to see our cat immediately embrace the dry vegan food. Our vet had some concerns, telling us to make sure there is taurine in the food (which it does).

Flash forward to his most recent vet visit which was last summer. He had to be put under anesthesia for a tooth cleaning and while he was under, the vet gave him a complete physical. When he was picked up, the vet wanted us to confirm his age. 15 years old was the reply. She couldn’t understand where we got that estimate from, surely it must have been wrong. She estimate the age at about 6 or 7 years. Well, we adopted him at a Humane Society as a baby so we knew for sure he was 15 (now 16). All I can say is that the food must have had a huge influence on his “real age” vs. “physical age.” He has a shiny coat, he is healthy, he is active, and he still loves his food. The only concern he has is a recent cracking of his bones of his back sometimes when he is stretching. Luckily, he is not in pain and he still goes on his regular daily gallop/sprint, which sounds like a pack of elephants stamping around the house (this is one of his trademarks, he has always done this).

In terms of moisture concerns or urinary issues, we have not had any. We do not moisten his food. He doesn’t like it that way. But he eats a lot of fruits and vegetables. I didn’t even know that cats liked fruits/vegetables before 1995, but this one aggressively stands firm on his love for them. In fact, he has to have cantaloupe daily, it’s non-negotiable. It has been one of those things where he has demanded it for years. Secondly, he loves bananas, so he gets a couple of pieces per week. And, during the summer months, he gets asparagus spears, which happen to be his #2 favorite thing on earth, next to cantaloupe. He has also been known to steal brocolli off of our plates and run away and eat it too. He is really good at swiftly stealing food, even at 16.

I give this food a 5/5 review because in my experience, it has been like a fountain of youth for my cat, who I adore. I am so happy we were told about this food four years ago, and I will continue to feed it to my cat without reservations.

FernandoWinterport, ME


Evolution Diet food is by far the healthiest dog and cat food anywhere! I say this because I am living proof this product reversed diabetes in one of my cats caused by the commercial pet food I thought it was “wholesome”. Evolution Diet is the alternative dog and cat food to the commercial poison food sold by all commercial pet foods.

I have been using Evolution Diet for over 17 years now and it reverses and prevents diseases while maintaining strong and healthy immune systems.

Try it, you’ll be glad you did.

Just make sure you transit the food slowly and make sure you ad water to the kibble 1-1 ratio as recommended and directed on the package. It is not recommended to feed dry kibble to cats as some cats, particularly males are predisposed to urinary blockages. Always ad filtered water 1-1 ratio to the dry food. This also keeps your cat hydrated which is very important for maintaining good health.

That’s it………..your cat will thank you and will live a healthy, long life, as it should be……

You can also go to Evolution Diet’s website: […]

GarthTravis Afb, CA


I have been feeding my two cats this food for most of their 12 years. Although it took some getting used to when first changing over, they are and always have been in excellent health with good eyesight, teeth and energy. It costs more than other foods but what it saves me in vet bills and the knowledge that my cats are not eating the horrible stuff that is in regular cat food is well worth the price.
FelixThomaston, ME