Excalibur Italian Sausage No Fennel, 8-Ounce Units


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Not as described

The title says this is sausgage, but really it a box of salt and I have to make my OWN sausage with this overpriced box of spices. And I was dumb enough to buy two boxes. Don’t be like me.
LeomaTurners Falls, MA

Takes the guesswork out of seasoning sausage

I have made some dishes with sausage meat that was so tough, I had to throw the finished product out. I normally buy hog casings and make my OWN sausage when I get this frustrated but I finally realized I can just make the sausage patties and it is much easier. Italian sausage is a favorite, especially when you add the finished sausage to pasta sauce.
This seasoning takes the guesswork out of achieving that Italian taste. Saves a lot of testing different store-bought sausage and wasting time and food. There is nothing easier. Mix seasoning with pork. Let the flavors blend for awhile. Fry it up, add it to pasta or eat it by itself with peppers and onions. Put it on a roll and you’d think you were at a county fair.
JacquelynnYorkville, CA