Extend Bar, Apple Cinnamon, 1.41 oz. Bars

Enjoy the fresh taste of real bits of apple and cinnamon in this delicious protein bar… Extend Nutrition is currently available in 3 snack-food forms: Extend Bar (protein bar), Extend Crisps (baked soy crisp) and Extend Shakes (protein powder packet). This lineup of convenient and interchangeable snacks provides superior nutrition – when used regularly (2-3 per day) Extend Nutrition helps improve blood sugar, sustain energy, control hunger and promote wellness… Invented by Dr. Francine Kaufman, clinical studies have confirmed the efficacy of Extend Nutrition. The patented formula using Nutra9 Blend is proven to help control blood sugar for 6 to 9 hours… Helps with Sports Fitness: train harder & avoid exercise-induced hypoglycemia, sustain energy, avoid fatigue, improve muscle recovery post-exercise… Helps with Weight Control: naturally suppress appetite and reduce calorie intake, complement any healthy diet, curb cravings, and control portion size… Great for Diabetes management: help minimize spikes and avoid blood sugar swings, help avoid low blood sugar, comfortably bridge gaps between meals and take control of blood sugar management… Supports Healthy Lifestyles: fuel your body with a healthy balance of nutrients, vitamins & minerals, a heart-healthy snack that is also gluten free, sugar free (or very low sugar), high protein and high fiber… For customer service please call 1-800-887-2919 or email comments@extendnutrition.com. Made in USA.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 15 Nutrition Bars, each Bar weighs 40g (1.41oz). Total Net Weight 600g (21.16oz.).
  • High protein (12g) and fiber (5g). Gluten Free. Only 1g Sugar (from apple bits). Kosher. 150 calories and 2g Net Carb.
  • The only formula proven to help control blood sugar for 6 to 9 hours.
  • Helps control hunger and reduce calories consumed at next meal by 21%. Helps reduce episodes of hypoglycemia by up to 75%. Helps reduce AM hyperglycemia by 28%. Helps improve muscle recovery and sustain energy for exercise.
  • MD Invented. Endorsed by Professional athletes. Recommended by Doctors, Dietitians, and Nurses. Clinically Proven. Patented worldwide.
  • Pack of fifteen, 1.41-ounce, total 21.15-ounce
  • High protein (15g) and fiber (5g) nutritional snack bar that is clinically proven to control blood sugar for up to 9 hours
  • Diabetic friendly snack bar that helps avoids blood sugar highs and lows
  • Low carb, low glycemic and low fat nutrition snack bar clinically proven to control hunger
  • Gluten free and heart healthy snack bar that travels well

Top reviews

Works as advertised

This is for my wife to help her with her diabetis. They work great and she says that they fill her up and taste wounderful.
LeliaD Hanis, TX

Does not live up to it’s ad

As a diabetic, i am always looking for anything that can help my blood sugars. I was excited to read about these bars, and the claims sounded great. For me, this product did not live up to it’s claims. The taste was terrible! I ate it anyway, thinking the benefit would outweigh the taste, but within an hour or 2 ,I was very hungry! Very disappointed in product. I would spend my money on something else.
DelphaAngelus Oaks, CA

Not just for Diabetics

My husband has diabetes and he uses these bars as a night time snack.
His favorite are the fruit flavors and they last him all through the night.
I eat a bar at work for energy through out the afternoon;I like all the bars
but try to stay away from the ones with sugar. Amazing, they actually
have a good taste…no sawdust taste.
We had been getting direct from the manufacturer, but find it easier to
use Amazon’s subscription plan to deliver right to our door.
Sorry if I sound like an advertisement, but after trying so many other
bars for my husband, we keep coming back to this one because???
JustinEldersville, PA

Apple Cinnamon

I have tried several flavors of the Extend Bar. The Apple Cinnamon flavor is by far my least favorite of them all. I would not say it is a complete waste of your money but it just doesn’t taste as good as some of the others.
DarleneNellis Afb, NV

Yummy and Healthy!

The Cinnamon Apple flavor is not the tastiest of all the variety (a tiny bit chalky), but I thought it was good enough for me. Can’t beat the nutrition tho, really lo-fat and high protein.
ElanorWolf Run, OH

Gluten free too!

This bar really did for me what it claimed it would… I ate it on the run and when I got home a couple of hours later, when I would normally raid the kitchen cabinet, ravenous, I found I wasn’t hungry or grouchy at all. In fact, I paced around the house because I wasn’t sure what to do –getting home starving had become such a habit!
I am not diabetic; I bought this bar because it said it was gluten free and also because I have trouble staying full. I was a little nervous about the “made in a facility which processes wheat” warning but after I ate it I did some research on the company website and they actually test the products for gluten.
Now, the flavor of this particular one is a tad off and soy-y, but not bad at all. I plan to try the peanut one; I heard it’s good. Try the chips the company makes as well. The white cheddar ones are super yummy.
KeshaNewburgh, NY

Very Good

This order came in just a few days as promised. We ordered 3 different flavors (15 bars per box) of ExtendBars, all three flavors taste great. I generally eat one for a midday snack (2pm or so); and each flavored bar keeps my blood sugar even, with no ups and downs just as advertised, the rest of the day. We are very satisfied with this product.
DeloiseWeston, CO

Yummy & Crumbely

These bars are a must for anyone with hypoglycemia. I eat one before I go to bed and viola, no more night sweats and terrors. The apple tastes delicious (actually all the flavors I’ve tried do) but falls apart easily. So, expect pieces to fall off while eating. I also recommend Glucose Tablets to people with hypoglycemia. I’ve only tried the Target brand and raspberry is the best.
BenjaminWhitingham, VT

Gets me through the day

A friend showed these to me because she knows I can get low blood sugar. I was skeptical, but decided to buy a box. They have changed my mornings. Before I would drive to work and would almost be falling asleep at the wheel. Now I can get through the day now problem. I now order a box every month. I’m also glad that they are gluten free! Am thankful that my friend showed me these bars. I’ve only tried the apple cinnamon, which are delicious.
MartyJava, SD

works great

The flavor and texture leave something to be desired, but these bars work better than anything I’ve found for maintaining blood sugar. I use them whenever it’s going to be a while before I get to eat again, and they work every time.
HunterAllenspark, CO