Extra Dessert Delights Sugarfree Gum Root Beer Float Flavored Gum Ten 15 Stick Packs

Extra Dessert Delights Root Beer Float has a flavor that is totally spot-on here. You can almost taste the elements of Root Beer, which makes this a truly fabulous choice of Chewing Gum. The flavor doesn’t fade too quickly, either. The gum has an instant cooling sensation that it gives off, followed by the creamy delicious goodness of the flavor, which is very authentic to actual Root Beer.

Quick facts

  • Delicious New Root Beer Float Flavor
  • Ten 15 Stick packs
  • Sugarfree Chewing Gum

Top reviews

Pretty Dang Good!

I’m a big gum chewer but I don’t really like the taste of mint, so that limits about 75% of the options out there for me. I mostly chew fruit flavored gum and have recently enjoyed the other gums in the “Dessert Delights” series, with Orange Cream Pop becoming my go-to choice lately. I was excited to see this new flavor introduced since I love the taste of actual root beer floats. I bought a single pack to try it out, and was really impressed! In my opinion it tastes just like a root beer float (or as much as a stick of gum could) and now I chew it exclusively. I’m on Amazon today to buy a 10-pack pack, if that says anything about my satisfaction. I will admit that it doesn’t last too long, maybe 5 minutes or so before the flavor starts waning and in 20 minutes you’re chewing on flavorless rubber. However, in my experience most non-mint flavored gums don’t last much longer than that anyway.
ArnetteShelby, NE

Tastes like Pepto Bismol

The flavor is alright. It has a slight, slight taste of Root Beer and ice cream, but that only lasts a few seconds. As I chew the gum longer, it starts to taste like Pepto Bismol the most. It’s not the worst gum I’ve chewed on, but it’s not the best either.
MonserrateRichmond Hill, NY

For rootbeer lovers only!

I love this gum, but I’m a root beer fan, so this taste just like a root beer float to me. BUT, I have had my Mom and son try it, and they did not cared much for it, but neither are root beer fans. It’s sweet enough for me, but they both said the flavor was not strong enough for them. (Keep in mind they both love peppermint gum – a very strong flavor.)
ElidaSanborn, ND