Faeries Finest Cyprus Flake Sea Salt, Black, 2 Ounce

Just one look at the distinctive flaky pyramid shaped black Cyprus sea salt and your imagination takes off. Imagine a filet of trout fresh out of the oven. A squeeze of lemon and a dusting of this unusual black sea salt and dinner is served. Not only is the black Cyprus flake sea salt a visual treat but the delicate taste will compliment seafood, chicken and veal. Variations in mineral content and harvesting methods create the unique look and taste of individual sea salts. Differences in flavor are subtle yet delicious. To get the most out of sea salts, add them after cooking and do not use sea salts on highly seasoned foods.

Quick facts

  • finishing salt perfect for fish, chicken & veal

Top reviews

Love it!

This is not flakey like the Murray River Sea Salt (which is more uniform in size), but rather, some flakes, some chunks, not especially uniform, but that doesn’t take away from this salt at all. It’s very crunchy, and has a great saline flavor that I like. I good purchase, and it looks kinda cool!
VincenzaMount Laguna, CA