Faeries Finest Flavor Extract, Banana, 8.0 Ounce

The banana is consumed extensively throughout the tropics, where it is grown, and valued throughout the world for its flavor and nutritional value. Alexander the Great saw bananas on his expedition to India and they were brought to the Western Hemisphere soon after the discovery of the Americas. Though most commonly eaten fresh, bananas are also fried, mashed, chilled in pies and puddings, and used to flavor muffins, cakes and breads. Banana flavor extract is also available with coconut, pineapple and mango flavors in our tropical flavors extract assortment. Add the delicious taste of bananas in sauces, dressings and desserts with Faerie’s liquid banana flavor. All great cooking starts with the same thing, great ingredients. Our premium quality extracts and liquid flavors give you an extra degree of flavor in all your cooking and baking. They are specially formulated to withstand the high heat of baking and still bring you maximum flavor. Our goal is to produce the truest flavors possible. When possible we use natural flavor ingredients. We also use top-quality artificial flavors when natural ingredients do not have sufficient flavor strength or do not maintain true flavor over time.

Quick facts

  • An alternative to vanilla extract in your favorite recipe
  • Specially formulated for baking
  • Wide range of flavors for every occasion
  • Available in 5 sizes to fit all your flavor needs

Top reviews

Yuk, nasty in smoothie

banana flavor extract – 8 fl oz
Ewww, Yuk, tasted like total chemicals, hardly resembles banana at all in a smoothie.
May be better for baking.
TerriePetersburg, MI