Faeries Finest Flavor Extract, Bubblegum, 8.51 Ounce

Everyone knows the popular fruity flavor of pink bubblegum. What most don’t know is that this popular gum was invented by an accountant. Walter Diemer worked at a Philadelphia chewing gum company and in his spare time played around with new gum recipes. He created a gum that was less sticky and stretched more. Now you can add this fruity flavor to your favorite baking recipes. Make a bubblegum cake for your kid’s birthday party. Add a teaspoon of bubblegum flavor extract to your favorite yellow cake recipe or mix. Then use bubblegum flavor extract and some pink food coloring to your favorite buttercream icing. Decorate with gum balls and you have a unique birthday treat. All great cooking starts with the same thing, great ingredients. Our premium quality extracts and liquid flavors give you an extra degree of flavor in all your cooking and baking. They are specially formulated to withstand the high heat of baking and still bring you maximum flavor. Our goal is to produce the truest flavors possible. When possible we use natural flavor ingredients. We also use top-quality artificial flavors when natural ingredients do not have sufficient flavor strength or do not maintain true flavor over time.

Quick facts

  • An easy way to add delicious bubblegum flavor to your favorite baking recipe
  • An alternative to vanilla extract in your favorite recipe
  • Specially formulated for baking
  • Wide range of flavors for every occasion
  • Available in 5 sizes to fit all your flavor needs

Top reviews

Bubblegum meringue.

This is a very nice extract. Tastes just like bubblegum when used properly. We use it to flavor meringue kisses and then reversed deep fried them in liquid nitrogen.
RobbynEagle, ID

Not too good

We tried it – and it just didn’t have a great bubble gum taste. It tasted a little too artificial.
CoreyHosford, FL

bubblegum extract

product arrived in excellent condition, before due date, and smells like it will be a fun addition to baking supplies. angel food cake, frostings will be interesting to experiment with.
JackSouthmayd, TX