Faeries Finest Flavor Powder, Caramel, 1.50 Pound

Caramel is what happens when sugar is heated to a high temperature. Deep, rich, and sweet, caramel is a popular flavor for candy or as a coating for apples and popcorn. Faerie’s unique flavor powders are alcohol-free alternatives to extracts that can be substituted one-for-one in place of extracts in any recipe. They are especially suited for flavoring chocolate and candy. Our goal is to produce the truest flavors possible. When possible we use natural flavor ingredients. We also use top-quality artificial flavors when natural ingredients do not have sufficient flavor strength or do not maintain true flavor over time.

Quick facts

  • Alcohol-free, dry equivalent to liquid flavor extracts
  • Use as you would liquid flavor extracts
  • Over 40 different flavors
  • Available in five convenient sizes

Top reviews

Caramel Flavor powder

I am absolutely thrilled with this caramel flavor powder. I just got notification that it was shipped yesterday and it arrived this morning. I have already used it and it is delicious. Very happy with this product.
TempieEagar, AZ

Oh so virital flavorings

We love flavored coffees but the price is just to high so I bought orange flavor, hazelnut flavor, cherry flavor, caramel flavor, and chocolate flavor powers, to make my own and they work very well. we can flavor by the cup or the pot and we are very happy with them.

With some experimentation we fond all but the chocolate dissolve in cold. So we can and do use it in ice coffee, and we can now make our own flavored water with out having to pay the overly high price.

KristalFlat Rock, NC

Missing flavor

This wasn’t very caramel tasting …. Lacked flavor !! I couldn’t even taste it in cookies or the dip I made !
TasiaEdward, NC