Faeries Finest Flavor Powder, Citrus Burst, 1.50 Pound

The sunshine taste of oranges blended with lemon and a hint of lime makes for an unbeatable combination in Faerie’s citrus burst flavor powder. Faerie’s unique flavor powders are alcohol-free alternatives to extracts that can be substituted one-for-one in place of extracts in any recipe. They are especially suited for flavoring chocolate and candy.

Quick facts

  • Alcohol-free, dry equivalent to liquid flavor extracts
  • Use as you would liquid flavor extracts
  • Over 40 different flavors
  • Available in five convenient sizes

Top reviews

Adds a touch of class to ice cream

This product adds a touch of real flavor to normally bland ice cream. The flavors make a real fruit
flavor come alive and add excitement to any dish.
PhyliciaAshford, WA