Faeries Finest Mountain Salt, Bolivian Rose, 5 Pound

Snowcapped peaks of extinct volcanoes look down upon a huge salt desert in southwestern Bolivia. Once a large inland sea, this plain of salt covering the high plateau is the source of our Bolivian rose mountain salt. This mineral rich salt is a delicate rose color. But don’t let the color fool you. This is a delicious sea salt that stands up well with heartier tastes. Try Bolivian rose mountain salt with our rosemary peppercorns to season prime rib or grilled lamb chops. Our Bolivian rose mountain salt is also available in fine crystals perfect for sprinkling directly onto food. Variations in mineral content and harvesting methods create the unique look and taste of individual sea salts. Differences in flavor are subtle yet delicious. To get the most out of sea salts, add them after cooking and do not use sea salts on highly seasoned foods.

Quick facts

  • Mineral rich pink salt from Bolivia
  • Stands up to heartier flavors
  • Available in six sizes including our grinder top jar

Top reviews

Interesting – if only for the color

I must not be enough of a salt afficionado to be able to tell the difference in taste between this and regular sea salt. It looks marvelous in a salt grinder ball, but other than that, it tastes like salt. I gave it as a gift to my husband along with a couple of other varieties and a grinder and he was pleased, mostly for the visual appeal.
I would have given a 5 if I had been able to discern any difference in flavor with this on my food.
SheraOld Bethpage, NY