Faeries Finest Sea Salt, Lemon-Garlic, 19.0 Ounce

Faerie combines the classic pairing of lemon and garlic with our hand-harvested sal do mar sea salt. The sea salt is infused with pure lemon and garlic flavors and then mixed with garlic granules and lemon zest. For the most lemon garlic flavor combine with our lemon-garlic peppercorns. Faerie uses coarse sal do mar sea salt for all our flavored sea salts. This clean tasting Portuguese sea salt is the perfect backdrop for our great flavors. Although you may enjoy the added ‘crunch’ of coarse sea salts we recommended grinding our flavored sea salts to release the maximum amount of flavor into your food.

Quick facts

  • A popular flavor combination that goes great on meats and vegetables
  • Use on freshly grilled steaks
  • For extra lemon-garlic flavor, use with lemon-garlic peppercorns
  • Available in a grinder or three refill sizes
  • Great on both meats and vegetables

Top reviews


I like salt, and I like having a citrusy garlicky one on hand. This is it! A nice texture, and very balanced with flavor, in my opinion. I would recommend having a salt grinder on hand to get the most out of this salt, as a grinder would incorporate the flavors well. It definitely chunky!
LanelleMartha, KY

Flavor plus

I ordered this item a couple months ago and love the flavor. I use it just about everyday on so many foods(even popcorn). Since the grinder bottle is refillable I just ordered a large jar of it. I didnt give it 5 stars because I found one thing quite annoying. The label information, except the Faerie’s Finest logo, disappears as you twist it to grind the salt. I have never had any problems like that with other grinders. So I hope the company reads comments and come up with a label that will withhold the use. As of now, when I refill the jar I need to somehow mark it with what type of salt it is. (NOTE: all other information regarding what the contents are etc. are gone.)
HaroldVickery, OH