Familia Swiss Crunch Museli, Multigrain Cereal, 11-Ounce Bags

Familia Swiss Crunch with High Fiber is a low fat, multigrain cereal fortified with 10 vitamins. It combines crunchy cereal flakes and clusters with cranberries, apples, honey and coconut. For almost 50 years, Familia has been developing both traditional and innovative natural cereals. Imported from Switzerland, known as the birthplace of muesli, Familia offers a variety of nutrient-rich cereals that everyone can enjoy.

Quick facts

  • High fiber and low fat
  • A blend of the finest grains and select fruits and nuts
  • Innovators of nutrient-rich cereals
  • Familia is the leading producer for muesli in Switzerland
  • Multigrain cereal fortified with 10 vitamins

Top reviews

An Excellent and Healthy Choice for Anyone’s Diet

A quality product from Bio-familia, a Swedish company that developed “Birchermüesli” a product so popular and successful that made the name Muesli famous all over the world.

If you need a high fiber and protein snack option for your diet, this is absolutely a very good product. You can’t go wrong and the best of all: excellent taste and quality, and for a pack of five this comes at a good value.

Sometimes your diet will require you eat frequently and consciously, and in those cases you need to have a snack at hand when you get hungry, in order to keep your metabolism high all day long. In such cases finding a good and balance option could be hard. I love this 5-pack and I always have one at home an another pack at the office. I try to eat five or more times a day, so in my case having a healthy snack at hand wherever I am when I get hungry is a priority.

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LashundaCreighton, PA

Familia Swiss Crunch Muesli

Just the most delicious cold cereal around. Great crunch, terrific flavor, just enough dried fruit, minimal sweetening and, happily, no corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup. Expensive, but worth it.
AllegraLancaster, NY

False Package Advertising! Almost NO Fruits!

Check out the pictures I uploaded to see for yourself: it is mostly corn flakes type cereal with negligible amount of tiny fruit bits (I couldn’t taste it really, and had to really search to find the said ingredients).

Following careful scrutiny, I did find some fruit…mostly cranberries that are not that tangy (you may be fooled into thinking they are raisins if you’re not paying attention) and some dried apple bits. But that’s totally not tastable.

Also, if you read their description (on the website and on the actual product), they mention coconut, but that was not in the cereal or the ingredients list.

Basically I was super frustrated at the advertised description, and image on the cereal bag: the large delicious looking red fruit, and large coconut bits (all of which are things I love, BUT DID NOT TASTE IN THIS CEREAL!). The things I thought were coconut bits I think are actually apple bits on the picture. Still misleading.

I would recommend trying Kashi instead if you want the healthy cereal with sizable fruit and nut. Or buy some flakes-cranberry-almond cereal (very common) that provides a better taste than this for a fraction of the cost (apparently the style of taste they’re after…afterall, the major ingredients here are corn flakes and cranberry).

ALSO THIS IS BAD FOR SNACKING! Huge hassle! The cereal bits are way too small to comfortably grab out of the bag and toss in your mouth…some of the bits are so small they’ll easily fall through your fingers. And it feels like you’re eating corn flakes. This is definitely meant to be a cereal first and foremost.

PS. The bag looks nice, but another thing I realized is how much hassle a bag is: they have a little sticky tape thing that you’re supposed to re-close the bag shut, but I’m just so much more used to closing box tops. The amount you get is also quite little. Probably 2.5 cereal bowls. Wouldn’t recommend this product for the money.

– false advertising: negligible fruit
– corn flakes type cereal
– not ideal for snacking
– too expensive for quality and quantity you get
– bag may be a hassle

This is an updated listing.

ZaneNewkirk, OK

Low fat, high fiber — and great taste!

This cereal has just about everything: great crunch, lots of interesting “bits” (cranberries, nuts, etc.), and it’s wonderfully filling. Two-thirds of a cup doesn’t sound like a lot, but with this stuff and 1/2 C of skim milk, it’s a decent serving.

If you’re on Weight Watchers, this will fit right in: a serving with skim milk is only 4 points — not bad for a nice filling breakfast. Add some fresh fruit, and you’re set to go.

Amazon’s price is quite good, too. This stuff is sky high in the supermarket if you can find it. Yes, you have to buy 5 packages, but a little goes a long way — I have it 2-3 times a week, and I’m not getting tired of it at all.

All in all, a good value: healthy, filling, and great taste.

MeaganAntioch, TN

Crunchy, tastes great & is healthy!

This is, as all of their cereals I’ve ordered so far are fresh, high quality, and wonderful tasting cereals. The only downside is since the ingredients are so dense, the packages are small, but a serving size is only 2/3 cup-honestly I eat more than that as one serving though. The best value for this brand is the 21 oz. Swiss Crunch which is heavenly w/ assorted grains, coconut, hazelnuts, and raisins. I caution you IF you eat this item dry as a snack, premeasure it or you will find you have consumed the entire 11 oz. bag without realizing it-yes, it’s that good!
MarlinAdvance, MO

Next best thing to the real deal this side of the ocean!!!

We are a Swiss household and we are used to Swiss muesli and this one is the one that I like most because of the crunch. Quite satisfying, not like the cardboard type you can buy here, and not super loaded with sugar like some store offerings.
AlexiaHansen, ID


Now it is available only through nutricity. Their availability status is wrong. I ordered on the 30th of Aug. Today is Sep 12th. Yesterday they said, they are back ordered. The first time I ordered it was filled by Amazon. As expected there were no problems with that order.
QuinnGreenough, MT

Familia swiss crunch muesli

Not too crazy about it,looks like Kelloggs Corn Flakes.Too hard to eat it right out of box.Not sweet.i got it on huge sale $9.00 for 5 boxes(which are kinda small)
TerrellJackson, CA

Apples, Cranberries and Cinnamon without Fattening Nuts

The graphics on these bags are very enticing — cereal, cranberries and apples falling onto a spoon, looking cool and fresh. I’m not a big fan of granola so when I opened the bag, I assumed it would taste like granola with chunks of crunch. Instead, it’s like a marriage of crisped and flaked cereals of assorted sizes and shapes, with a bonus of dried cranberries, apples and cinnamon. The cranberries and apples amply satisfy the sweet and chewy texture which is popular in cereals offered by Familia, and the lack of nuts like almonds and hazelnuts reduces the fat content. This Familia Swiss Crunch Muesli is a high fiber cereal but it is not a reduced sugar cereal.

I was concerned because the ingredients did not list the coconut which was the buying point for me personally. I contacted the company to inquire and received a response within hours. The cinnamon which will be described better on future packaging is really what gives this cereal a little boost, not coconut which is listed in the current description. Future packages will read, “cranberries, apples, honey and cinnamon.” Additionally, the current ingredients list “cocoa powder” which will be corrected to read “coconut powder.” Although I was disappointed in the lack of coconut, I still think this is a 5 star cereal, tasty, balanced, packaged well and produced by a solid company. If I want to increase the fat content in my portions, I can add a little dried unsweetened coconut.

I prefer this foil packaging, especially in smaller portions like the 11 ounce size because I have a Tupperware container that holds it perfectly. One can, however, simply use the attached tab and seal the bag without putting it into another container. Since each bag contains 6 servings, a larger size family could conceivably never need to seal the bag. I’ve had this muesli only with skim milk thus far, but I will next be having it with either low-fat homemade or Fage Greek yogurt. I also intend to use this in a recipe for muffins and top them off with a drop of fresh berry jam or almond butter. This wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but it’s a fabulous cereal nevertheless and I’ll buy it again.

CarieRenick, MO