Familia Swiss Crunch Museli, Multigrain Flakes & Clusters with Sunflower & Pumpkin Seeds, 12-Ounce Bags

Familia Swiss Crunch with Seeds is a combination of multigrain cereal flakes and clusters with sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds flavored with cinnamon, honey and apples. For almost 50 years, Familia has been developing both traditional and innovative natural cereals. Imported from Switzerland, known as the birthplace of muesli, Familia offers a variety of nutrient-rich cereals that everyone can enjoy.

Quick facts

  • High quality, Swiss ingredients
  • A blend of the finest grains and select fruits and nuts
  • Innovators of nutrient-rich cereals
  • Familia is the leading producer for muesli in Switzerland
  • Combination of multigrain cereal flakes and clusters

Top reviews

An Excellent and Healthy Choice for Anyone’s Diet

A quality product from Bio-familia, a Swedish company that developed “Birchermüesli” a product so popular and successful that made the name Muesli famous all over the world.

If you need a high fiber and protein snack option for your diet, this is absolutely a very good product. You can’t go wrong and the best of all: excellent taste and quality, and for a pack of five this comes at a good value.

Sometimes your diet will require you eat frequently and consciously, and in those cases you need to have a snack at hand when you get hungry, in order to keep your metabolism high all day long. In such cases finding a good and balance option could be hard. I love this 5-pack and I always have one at home an another pack at the office. I try to eat five or more times a day, so in my case having a healthy snack at hand wherever I am when I get hungry is a priority.

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DorrisAugusta, NJ

I began buying this product in Dubai.

For several years, I religiously carted bags home in my suitcase purchased at the French grocery store Carrefour in Dubai. Then this particular mix disappeared from the shelves.
AT first I thought I had introduced too many colleagues to the “Best Cereal Ever”. I only eat this particular cereal and mix it with organic yogurt and fresh fruit. Especially tasty with fresh peaches.
After emailing Familia to inquire about the problem, I was pleasantly surprised to receive notification that they had a vendor in the US and I turned to Amazon.
I am much happier now that Amazon delivers my cereal to my back door… just in case I am in Dubai when it arrives. Ahhh, the life of an International Flight Attendant!
ShantayNinole, HI

“Good Stuff”

I first obtained this product in a gourmet chocolate shop in Punta Gorda, Florida. I enjoyed it very much, but after returning home to Maryland I had no idea where I could purchase more. I went to Amazon and there it was. Thank you, Amazon.
AllieWareham, MA

Great Museli.

One of my local grocery stores carries some Familia products. Their Muselis are very good in general, but this Swiss Crunch with seeds is one of my favorites. It is very satisfying (I eat it cold with some Silk Light Vanilla soy milk) and the seeds add an interesting variation to the fruit bits in most of the Muselis I’ve tried. Amazon’s price is great too.
KizzyMiller, SD

Tasty morning crunch.

I am partial to the Familia Swiss brand for my museli, but this is my favorite crunchy style. I prefer to have the nuts in the mix and add my own fruit as seasonally available. Freeze dried fruit is just never as good.
AnnaleeDonnellson, IA

Great Product

I tried the rest of Familia Muesli Products but this one I liked the most. Amazingly tasty and very crunchy.
JoettaWillow Hill, IL


I like em a lot, wife thinks they’re the best cereal she’s ever had, teen daughter thinks they taste just a bit better than hamster food, the others here like them enough. Bags are pretty small but still a good enough deal that I’ll buy again, just too good (and a unique flavor…really like the pumpkin seeds in them) not to.
EunaCarver, MN