Fancy Feast, 3-Ounce Cans

Juicy Flakes That Take The Cake! Fancy Feast Flaked Recipes is a delicious meal of juicy flakes made with premium meats. Simmered in a meaty broth with select, wholesome ingredients, it is purr-fect for refined felines. Fancy Feast Flaked Recipes Bursting with succulent flakes of real meat Perfect balance of taste and nutrition Promotes overall health and maintenance 100% balanced nutrition for all life stages Available in half-a-dozen cat-loving recipes – Chicken & Tuna, Fish & Shrimp, Salmon & Ocean Whitefish, Trout Feast, Tuna & Mackerel, and Tuna feast. A Closer Look: Fancy Feast Flake Recipes is an easy-to-chew and easy-to-digest, moist, yet non-gravy meal. Made specially for: All breeds and life stages of cats. Free of: Harsh Chemicals

Quick facts

  • Twenty-four (24), 3-ounce cans of Fancy Feast Flaked Tuna Feast Wet Cat Food
  • 100% Complete & Balanced
  • Tender, savory flaked pieces made with tuna.

Top reviews

Fancy FeastTuna

Most of my cats like it. I can only feed it to some, though. I have one cat that is allergic to fish.
PhuongKeensburg, IL

every day twice a day

Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food, Flaked Fish & Shrimp Feast, Flaked 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)

lille langtry and hubbell gardner, my siamese, enjoy eating this food for breakfast and dinner…..they have been raised on purina products from birth and have never had an illness….

so…..thank you purina…….

LoraleeEagle, WI

get cat food out of the grocery and gourmet food section

I am sick of searching for salmon and tuna and seeing friggin cat food. OK grocery stores do sell pet food, ok, I get it, but for sanity’s sake make a section just for pet food that is separate from the human food. I’m aware times are tough, but come on! Granted, most of the typical store brands of tuna are not much fitter for human consumption than cat food, but I’m searching for the high end salmon and tuna, AMAZON! YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG, STOP!

I’ve fed fancy feast to various pets over the years and it is very acceptable.

MauritaClitherall, MN


I’m not sure if the product was kept on the shelf too long Or if it went through a drastic temperature change while in transportation. But there was something wrong with the product. My cat loves The flaked tuna feast from fancy feast but she did not eat 1 can from the package I ordered from you. the expiration date was good, don’t understand. I ended up going to the local store and buying more of the same flavor. I didn’t return the case because i’ve already used some of it (assuming that my cat would eventually eat it).
StephenieFelts Mills, NY

Great way to buy cat food

As I wrote in another review, I consider this the best way to buy canned cat food. It is not my cat’s regular fare, but more of a treat. Trucking cans into the basket, unto the belt (check-out person is not happy to see me come with my 50+ cans when they are on sale), into the car and into the house gets old after a while. I am happy and Jasmine (fifteen-year old black cat) feels safe with a steady supply.
GraigMooresville, IN

As expected

Easier to shop online than in the store. Price is similar to store cost, and got free shipping. Of course, the cats are happy too.
MonnieCoffeyville, KS

Great flavor!

This one certainly is a hit in our house! It disappeared so fast that I wondered what happened to it! Great flavor, very high nutritional value for my rescue cat, and the best part is that it doesn’t stink up your kitchen! The price is high here – about six bucks more than what I pay for these loaf packs in the grocery store. Other than that, highly recommend!
HerthaLecompton, KS