Fancy Feast Appetizers, 2 Ounce Tub, Pack of 10

Purely Fancy Feast Entrées are thoughtfully crafted natural wet cat foods, plus vitamins and minerals that offers 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats. Each delicious entrée delivers the tender bites of real seafood, chicken, or beef that cats love, all served in a delicate broth. Never any by-products or fillers. If you formerly fed Fancy Feast Appetizers, you may have noticed that the product has recently evolved to Purely Fancy Feast. The result was a recipe change that ensures the product contains only natural ingredients, plus essential vitamins & minerals to ensure the meal offers 100% complete and balanced nutrition for your adult cat, a benefit so many of our valued customers have requested. While these meals still feature the real chicken, beef or seafood your cat loves, the removal of the artificial preservatives has changed the appearance of some of the recipes and the addition of the vitamins and minerals may have a slightly different taste than the one your cat has come to expect. For the best experience, consider gradually transitioning your cat to Purely Fancy Feast.

Quick facts

  • Ten (10) 2-Ounce plastic tubs of Fancy Feast Appetizers Natural White Meat Chicken Cat Food
  • Natural gourmet cat food plus vitamins & minerals
  • Crafted without by-products or fillers
  • Purely delicious taste with love in every detail
  • 100% complete & balanced for adult cats

Top reviews

Spoiled cat…but he loves it

My sweetheart, Ansel, is a very spoiled Bengal cat. He does love this for his wet food. He hates most other wet foods. The pate ones he will not even touch. This is just real meat with a little bit of broth, but not like a gravy. As far as my part, I like it because it’s not a lot of filler and junk. He will eat the other foods, but then he horks them up, so what’s the point? My only issue, and I did not dock stars because it’s not the product…but I used to be able to get this at a really decent price on subscribe & save. Now the price is so high [really. a dollar thirty nine each?] I can get them at Walmart cheaper, usually a dollar twenty four. If I watch my sale flyers, I can get them for a dollar sometimes and I stock up cuz a buck a piece maeks kittymama happee! kthxbai.
NatashiaSacramento, PA

Best case price to be found (subscribe & save).

Have been buying by the case since these came to market. Most of the varieties are on subscribe and save. Have been ordering in larger quantities because, these frequently get sold out. Better to have extra, than have to explain to three sets of eyes, why someone is out of stock.
Price has been consistently better than the big box pet stores, and delivery is fast.
LeonelOnondaga, MI

Fancy feast appetizers for cats.

This is a delight for cats. When you open it up the chicken smell like you can eat it. It is the right size cut up and you spread it out for them or leave it the way it came. I get 3 different kinds ,chicken,salmon, and shrimp and bass and rotate every third day start back at the first kind. There are 10 per package which is 30 for the month. You can skip a month or sometimes I change one of them. If you want love and the tail up high showing they are happy get yours today and get the monthly shipping it is cheaper and free delivery.
OdetteRover, AR

Fancy Feast Appetizers for Cats White Meat Chicken, 2 oz. tubs (10 Pack)

I purchased these through Amazon to be delivered free with Prime to my home through the Mail, these Fancy Feast Appetizers for Cats White Meat Chicken, 2 oz. tubs (10 Pack)are about Obie’s favorite and I combine these with other FFA offerings, direct to the house. Smell almost good enough to eat myself!
DarronVersailles, IN

Never seen a cat that didn’t like Fancy Feast Appetizers!

My cats LOVE Fancy Feast Appetizers and their favorite flavors are chicken, chicken and beef and chicken and tuna. It is great for kitties with a poor appetite because they all seem to like this and will eat it when they are turning their noses up at other stuff. This has also been good for my CRF kitty because of the limited ingredients and almost no additives which is a lot less for her little kidneys to process. It also has a high water content which is good for her, too.

This is also good for cats with suspected food allergies because the ingredients are so limited. Please note that because these are not filled with extra supplements, it is not considered a “whole” food. But cats do not eat supplements in the wild so I think it is perfectly fine for them to have this and you can supplement it with other canned or dry foods so they can have a more well balanced diet. That is what I do.

I hope they never quit making the Appetizers because my kitties like them more than just about anything I have ever purchased. I get this on Subscribe and Save so that I save even more and do not have to remember to pick it up from the store.

GeorgetteAlsey, IL