Farley’s & Sathers Jujubees, 6.5-Ounce Boxes

A fat free candy. Movie goers favorite for decades. Farley’s and Sathers candy company has developed its business both through internal growth and through the acquisitions of famous confectionery brands, including Farley’s, Sathers, Heide, jujyfruits, now and later, bobs, sweet stripes, super bubble, fruit stripe, rain blo, trolli, chuckles, and Brach’s. For a complete list of our famous brands, check out our legal section under “all about Farley’s and Sathers”.

Quick facts

  • Brought to you by Jujubes
  • High Quality
  • 6.5OZ unit size of measure
  • Total of 12 units
  • Buy in bulk and save!

Top reviews

Not the JuJubees I remember

When we got these, they were hard as a rock. They never got soft when chewed. This is not the product I grew up with. These were practically inedible. We threw them out.
GroverCentral City, KY