Farm-direct: 100% Kona Coffee, French Roast, Whole Beans, 1 Lb.

Whole beans (ground at no additional charge upon request)

Quick facts

  • Awarded by the Hawaii government with the prestigious ‘Hawaii Seal of Quality’ as the only single estate Kona coffee!
  • Herbicide & pesticide FREE! Hand picked, sun dried real Hawaiian Kona coffee from one farm only – not pooled from many.
  • 16 oz of a dark (french) roast with low acidity, yet full, smooth flavor. Chocolate notes and a hint of caramel. Lingering, pleasently sweet aftertaste. Easy on the tummy.
  • Comes in resealable, aroma preserving bags. Includes a gorgeously printed booklet, telling the story of Kona coffee and of ATHENA of HAWAII in words and beautifully pictures.
  • Grown, processed and shipped freshly roasted from authentic family farm directly to you! Not sold in stores. Free pretty & personal gift card upon request.

Top reviews

What a yummy way to wake up in the morning!

You’d think that I’d have the pick of the coffee litters here in New York, but I find that too many coffee here don’t strike the proper balance of smoothness and richness that I prefer. It was great to receive this uniquely delicious product. I’m ready for my next order!
HeidiPine Mountain Valley, GA