Farm-direct: 100% Kona Coffee, Medium Roast, Whole Beans, 1 Lb

Complex fragrant notes with a lingering sweetness. A chocolaty aroma seeps right from your nose through your veins. Hints of almonds and vanilla. Herbicide & pesticide FREE! Whole beans (ground at no additional charge upon request) ATTENTION: These medium roasted beans do NOT have an oily surface! Sometimes customers are not accustomed to lighter roasts, and wrongfully think the beans would therefore not be fresh. Which is not the case as we go to great efforts to roast only immediately before shipment. If you prefer a darker roast where the aromatic oils have risen to the surface of the beans, please chose our Dark Roast Blue Horse Kona coffee. Mahalo!

Quick facts

  • Government inspected & certified
  • From authentic, single coffee estate: Not pooled from various farms
  • From family farm directly to you
  • Hand picked, sun dried Kona coffee; herbicide & pesticide FREE.
  • Pure 100% Kona coffee freshly roasted

Top reviews

totally bland, no aroma, should not have trusted high ratings

My wife and I are Kona coffee lovers, Kona coffee with no cream no sugar, just that strong morning fresh coffee aroma and taste. I read some of the high ratings and ordered this coffee instead of Hawaii Roasters 100% Kona coffee, our normal Kona coffee. Did Blue Horse employees rate this coffee? My wife opened the new bag this morning and she said, unlike Hawaii Roasters, she could not smell that fresh smell of Kona cofee and worried it was not going to be very good. With Hawaii Roasters, whole house is filled with freshly brewed smell. Nontheless, I told her it received pretty good review in Amazon. She was right and I was wrong to order this product. First brew was so bland with no taste, pretty much like boiled water, no aroma of freshly brewed Kona coffee. I should have dismissed ratings and stayed with proven. I ordered Hawaii Roasters right away. I will have to throw away the rest of this 1 lb bag. Or maybe use as horse feedstock.
ValentineElmsford, NY

Under roasted

I have Blue Horse whole bean medium roast Kona on my wish list and received a pound as a gift. It’s the first time I’ve had it, and I am not impressed. It had that papery, weak taste associated with under-roasted beans. I have experienced this phenomenon with other coffee beans as well. I am disappointed in this product. Based on the high ratings given by other reviewers I must have received a bad batch, which doesn’t speak well for such an expensive product. Packaging on the other hand was excellent.
RandyHobbsville, NC

Nice aroma doesn’t make up for acidic after-taste

Having read the glowing reviews on Amazon, I ordered this coffee with great anticipation. However, my wife and I found this coffee very disappointing. The after-taste of this coffee is not just strong, but strangely acidic and off-putting. Based on the reviews, we expected a full and rounded taste on the pallet, but the coffee tasted almost bitter in the finish. At $25 a pound, I cannot recommend this.
BlanchMayville, MI

It Pains Me to Write This Review

I held off writing this review until after I contacted Blue Horse and complained about these beans. I agree with the other one-star person that they are bland and rather tasteless beans. I contacted the farm and they replied immediately and they were very concerned. After answering a few questions they had about how I had prepared the coffee, etc., it became clear that there wasn’t much they could do. They offered to send me a bag of the dark roast instead, but only if I returned the medium roast beans I had left.

I declined to do so–it isn’t worth the trouble for me–but I will assume they simply wanted to check the beans to see if something was wrong.

As I told Blue Horse, coffee taste is subjective. So this review should be taken in that spirit. But I’ve had another brand of 100% Kona that I found to be the smoothest, toastiest, finest cup of coffee I’ve ever had. It’s a shame that the label “100% Kona” coffee is not a guarantee that I’ll be able to repeat that experience. I was truly looking forward to these beans.

SherellRevere, MN

Not the same…

I have to say that I was disappointed in this coffee. The Kona coffee I remember was not at all bitter and had a unique taste. This coffee was bitter and that unique Kona taste wasn’t there. As coffee goes, it wasn’t bad, but not any better than I could get at Starbucks.
BuckPetaca, NM

Everyone Should Try This Kona!!!!

First, this review pertains to Blue Horse Peaberry Kona ( I hope to some day try there standerd Kona and will revise this review to include my thoughts on that product). After finally trying this Kona I’m a believer. It’s the Best!!! This is a 1st class Peaberry Kona in every way. Don’t be fooled by others of lower quality, Blue Horse is the real thing. Fresh, unsurpassed quality, great price, supper fast shipping and great company philosophy. Give Blue Horse Peaberry Kona a try, it really is one of the best Kona out, in my opinion. Thanks guys, A
VernellWest Peterborough, NH

100% Kona bean coffee

The product was receivede on time and meets my expectations. I tried the coffee this morning and enjoyed it very much.
FredFort Montgomery, NY

A Decent Kona with unique “notes”

Blue Horse medium roast is a five-star coffee if you compare it to the premium coffee beans you buy at the supermarket, but compared to its true peers the pricey Konas – it’s a solid average in a world-class competition and would have gotten four stars from me. The price is reasonable and customer service is excellent: I raised my rating from four to five stars for that reason.

I just finished my first pound of this medium roast whole bean purchase. I found the aftertaste quite pleasing, much sweeter than bitter, and pleasantly unique. The balance for me was light and spirited and not overpowering. You do taste the coffee’s unique flavors in a lighter roast like this so you need to enjoy that in your coffee – otherwise even a mellow coffee like this could seem a bit bitter due to unfamiliar tastes which are deliciously rich after you get used to them. If not, you always have the option of a darker roast since more roasting breaks down the unique coffee flavors gives it more of a Charbucks flavor… I believe “Blue Horse” has a dark roast also available if you want to try that instead.

For $25/pound Blue Horse medium roast is about the going rate for 100% Kona. I will be a repeat buyer because getting a dependable Kona at a reasonable price is not always as easy as it seems when dealing directly with small estates. And I like dealing directly with an estate coffee farm rather than a larger farm or coop since I know the exact origin of the coffee and it is more personal since most of the Kona farms are small and family run and in a tough economy with a premium product have their share of woes to deal with.

I have tasted better 100% Kona medium roasts, but usually they are $10 more per pound so I was pleased with my purchase. Being a dependable, decent quality Kona for the price is great, and the pesticide-free promise was worth something to me. The beans were nice, I didn’t have a single broken one in the bag.

The claim that they roast basically weekly and immediately ship priority mail to get it to you fresh without jumping through hoops as I’ve had to do with others left me with a good impression overall. Mine was very fresh, definitely less than a week since roasting so I believe the claim. I put the half pound I was using in another one-way valve bag I reused from another quality coffee. To keep the rest fresh, I squeezed out all the air I could and then taped over the valve and put it in a second outer ziplock bag. The idea is to keep out water condensation which is how the flavor gets less than perfect. When I used the second half, I took it out of the freezer three weeks later, I let it come to room temperature before opening either bag. It isn’t recommended to freeze coffee a second time so I didn’t push it. The coffee I froze tasted almost as fresh as the first day though I actually could taste a minor difference. But I looked forward to this coffee right up to the last bean – was still great when using a coffee grinder each time just before making it.

I used 12.5 grams per cup to get the strength of the drip most to my liking (slightly under a half ounce). That makes 36 cups per pound, so it was currently generally between $0.70 to $0.86 per cup including shipping which is well worth it to me considering how much I’d pay at a place like Starbucks to get a cup in which the coffee was overroasted for my tastes and lucky to be as fresh on a good day for them.

KyongVeradale, WA

The best Kona yet

There are many claimants to the title of Best Kona Coffee. Like Lancelot searching for a king worthy enough to serve I have tried many Kona brands and found most to be wanting. When Starbucks was worth their reputation good Kona was available from them by phone order only. That was 15 years ago. It’s been pretty disappointing but the good news is that Blue Horse Kona Coffee is making up for lost time. With a little imagination you can actually taste the black soil of Hawaii and feel the Trade Winds in this coffee. There is no other way to describe the smooth, delicious flavor and aroma that seems simple but has the complexity of a good wine wih several flavors one experiences during the beginning, middle and the wonderful finish.
AvelinaWest Haven, CT

A truly special coffee

This is a real find for anyone who loves coffee. I just got turned on to it recently, and it’s becoming my absolute favorite. Smooth yet robust. Something very special.
LianeElmhurst, IL

Simply the best flavor possible

A few friends of mine from work ordered a couple of pounds of Blue Horse Kona Coffee last year and we were all amazed at the exceptional flavor, no less the wonderful smell which filled the office as the coffee was brewing. We are now on our third order and we have five people from my office ordering, as they too have become addicted to this special coffee. We share the cost of 5 pound orders (free shipping from Blue Horse directly), with our most resent order intended as an after dinner Thanksgiving treat for our family and friends. Then if the coffee wasn’t good enough, I must add that the service from the folks at Blue Horse is fantastic, every order arrived with in days of its placement and each time the coffee was a fresh as it gets or at least tastes and smells that way. To say the least, IF you are truly a coffee frantic like I am, please do yourself and/or your family a favor and order some, you will not be disappointed and you will experience some of the best tasting coffee in the world. Then even if you don’t like coffee, this would make an exceptional gift for someone who does. The medium roast is what we’ve ordered on our two prior orders but this time we’ve order 5 pounds of the dark roast, so we can compare and say we’ve had the best of both worlds. Once I’ve brewed a few pots of the dark, I will come back and update my posting, so everyone will have a review of both but as an FYI, you can order a pound of each and you do get free shipping with multi-pound orders. They also have a website and you can order directly from them, saving a little money over the Amazon price, plus the pictures and stories/history of the coffee alone is worth the visit to their site.
MickeyTotz, KY

Medium Roast

I have never dealt with a company that treats it customers as well as Blue Horse. They go above and beyond what is expected and have been a bright spot in my day. Thank you Blue Horse, you are exceptional!
ElmerCrumrod, AR

Smooth, balanced, worth the price

I have enjoyed over 200 single origin estate grown coffees from various world markets – Blue Horse ranks at or near the top of the list. Perfect medium roast, super fresh product that yields an incredibly smooth taste in the cup with absolutely no bitterness. Have used both french press and Technivorm drip machine with equally good results…will be back for more.
EnriquetaWhite Cottage, OH

Closest to perfection

Barbara and I have tried many coffees. We like a strong taste but not a dark roast. We can now say that Blue Horse Kona, out of coffees around the world, is the closest there is to perfection.
TerrenceKeystone, IA

Amazing Kona coffee

If you haven’t had Kona coffee, this would be the one to have! And if you have, Blue Horse is the one you ought to be drinking. Smooth and full of flavor, quite simply, delicious.
ChrissyBroadway, NJ

Good, mellow flavor

The coffee arrived on time. This coffee makes a fine, mellow cup of coffee; I use a French press to make coffee. I’ve tried the dark roast and the medium roast; I prefer the medium roast for its richer, more complex flavor. My favorite coffee when I’m treating myself to something special.
AdelaChromo, CO


The coffee Gods has indeed spoken, and has truly blessed the farm this coffee came from! I have been a coffee drinker for many years, and this tops anything I’ve ever had the honor of drinking. I think that this blows away Jamaican Blue Mountain, which is my new second favorite after trying this! It has an impeccable taste! A little bit of chocolate, mixed with Big Island goodness. I closed my eyes and could almost imagine being on the beach on the Big Island, sipping on the very finest. Honestly guys, if you enjoy coffee, try this!! I promise you, if you’re a coffee lover, you WILL love this! I am now a loyal customer. Thanks for giving me this piece of Heaven!
ModestoMears, VA

Great. Medium and dark roasts.

My husband loves medium blends. I love dark roast, I heard that this was the “best”. So I bought it or him this past Christmas. Husband thought it was fantastic, I was expecting the “best” and was disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, this is great, I just like a darker roast.
It’s incredibly smooth, rich, very few coffees (IMO)taste good black, some need cream/sugar. This doesn’t. Anything bitter is bad coffee.

His birthday is tomorrow and I had to get him another pound, but I also added the dark roast. WOW. I am in love!

It’s the best. Now that I understand how subjective coffee is, we all like diffrent flavors, some in my family like added flavors (shudder), i think good coffee has enough flavor by itself and only inferior needs additives.

I love darker roasts, creamy, chocolately, luscious. there dark last is all you’d expect.

If you love medium roasts, this is fantastic, i don’t get what others call the “toasty” flavors. It just rich, smooth, aromatic, creamy.

The price can’t be beat and they don’t charge you high S&H rates, that’s a nice feature.

I hope this helps.

SharanCedartown, GA

Simply the BEST!

I had requested my wife look into getting me some Kona Coffee for Father’s Day this year.

First off I am an avid coffee drinker that can take down anywhere from 2-4 cups a day on average. While we have plenty of great coffee options in my area, I do enjoy making a delicious pot of coffee in the morning as it just seems to start the day off right.

Secondly I drink my coffee black. I do not add milk, cream, sugar, Splenda, or any other crap into my cup of natures perfect beverage. As such, there is nothing to mask the taste of bad coffee. If you have never tried enjoying coffee w/o turning it into a glorified milkshake, this is the coffee to try it with.

Blue Horse Kona coffee is my dream come true. It makes me feel like I am relaxing on a resort in Maui. My wonderful wife gave me both the Medium and Dark Roasts and they are both perfect in their own ways.

The moment you package arrives you will smell the quality and amazingness I am attempting to describe to you.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who appreciates the taste and freshness of their coffee and wants to feel like they are on vacation everyday while they drink it.

+Awesome Packaging
+Wonderful Aroma
+Taste, Taste, Taste
+Resealable package w/ air lock


CharleneBeaver Creek, MN

Best Kona Coffee

I’ve tried a few Kona coffee roasters in the past, but nothing compares to Blue Horse. My husband and I absolutely love their coffee. Their prices are reasonable and we’ve had no issues with ordering, shipping, or receiving. I’ve even bought their coffee for others in my family as gifts – which they keep asking me to order more!
HunterJustice, IL

good coffee

The product came relatively quick I was very satisfied with product it tasted very good it’s very good example of kona coffee
ConnieWickliffe, OH

Milder Than Most Medium Roasts

I have ordered Kona coffee from Amazon multiple times over the past year. I used to order Hawaii Roasters Kona Coffee (Medium Roast), but wanted to try something different, so I ordered the Medium Roast from Blue Horse. As compared to Hawaii Roasters medium roast, Blue Horse’s medium roast was milder (too weak for my taste). The flavor is awesome, but I needed to use a lot more beans per pot of coffee to compensate for the mild flavor. Because Kona coffee is already expensive, using more beans per pot of coffee makes Blue Horse’s medium roast too expensive for mu budget.

When the Blue Horse medium roast ran out, I decided to try Blue Horse’s dark roast. The dark roast is perfect for me! I don’t like bold coffee (e.g. Starbucks), so I was worried that the Blue Horse dark roast would be too bold, but it isn’t. It has the same smooth taste as Hawaii Roasters medium roast.

Because the flavor of Blue Horse coffee is excellent, I can’t justify reducing the number of stars in my rating. Just because the medium roast was too weak for my taste, doesn’t mean it won’t be perfect for someone else.

LaneOlanta, PA

Amazing company!

I ordered the medium roast because I was used to strong coffee (French to Expresso) and I was trying to tone it down a notch. I thought the medium Kona would be a tad less strong. I was wrong. It was a lot less strong. Initially, I reviewed this coffee based on my method of judging the strength of coffees. It appears that I have done the company an injustice. I received a phone call from the owner who was very concerned that I didn’t like it. I explained that the taste was wonderful, but I had to use double the amount of beans to get it to the strength that I like. He suggested their dark roast and said he would send me a sample to try. I haven’t received it yet, but I got an email that it was on the way. In this day and age when companies can’t even be bothered to answer emails, I find it refreshing when, not just a company employee calls, but the head of the company. It shows a rare integrity that I will reward by being a loyal customer. Thank you Amazon for selling this vendor’s coffees and thank you Blue Horse for caring.
Here’s a Post Script.. The sample arrived and the coffee is WONDERFUL! I highly recommend it!
JamalSaint Elizabeth, MO

Great Coffe

Wonderful coffee that I have as a special treat. Great flavor, not bitter or overly acidic. Some nice Hawaiian sunshine in the morning.
DawnaPioneer, LA

Blue Horse Kona Coffee

Received my Blue Horse Kona Coffee Medium Roast Coffee Beans, ground some up for my first taste of this product and found it to be delicious. Blue Horse Kona is obviously 100 perccent Kona as the label states and oh, what a wonderful aroma. I do not like a bitter after taste and this coffee fits the bill. On another note, the family who owns Blue Horse coffee are very customer friendly which for me, is definitely another plus!
MicaTillamook, OR

EXCELLENT Kona Coffee!!!!!!

The first thing I noticed upon opening my bag was the incredible smell of the coffee beans. The smell was rich and earthy, the kind of smell I associate with well prepared coffee beans. The taste was exceptional. I favor Kona coffee and was not disappointed by this bag. I have now had the opportunity to have ordered several more bags. My enthusiasm gets stronger with every sip! While I savor this cup of coffee – I can’t help but smile about the Aloha spirit that goes into the beans that created it.

I was taken aback by the personalization I received. On one order, the owner emailed me to make sure I was receiving *exactly* what I wanted. Inside my order was a hand written “Aloha” and happy face – AH! Coffee is not just a drink – it is an experience. Thank you BLUE HORSE for the Aloha Experience. I will be ordering more and also ordering bags for gifts so that my friends can also participate in this marvelous experience.

I highly recommend this coffee.

DortheaBay, AR

Love Kona Coffee

I’ve never brewed a cup of Kona coffee I didn’t like. It’s entirely worth the extra expense. It’s right up there with the best coffee in the world.
BerneiceWales, WI

outstanding kona

just finished my first cup of the medium roast blue horse kona..outstanding in every to try the dark roast..have tried many different brands and this is the best so far..cb3
JenniHunt, NY

Excellent Value, great taste

This company actually called to let me know that while I select medium roast, they wanted to be sure I understood that when they say Medium, they mean it. They wanted to be sure I would be satisfied with a true medium roast before they processed my order. Great company to work with, coffee is superb!
MoriahJolon, CA

Great coffee

I love the taste of this coffee.Very very smooth taste with no bitter after taste.I hope the next package matches this one.Shipping was quick.
SharleneHoodsport, WA