The Sunflower food and spice Co, farmer’s popcorn ob in a pack of 8 is delicious kansas grown corn that makes a delightfuly healthy treat. It pops fresh off the cob in the microwave. It could be prepared easily in few minutes with microwave.It enriched with wholesome goodness straight from the farm.

Quick facts

  • FARMERS POPCORN COB (2.5oz)- Pack of 8
  • This microwavable popcorn is ALL NATURAL, NON-GMO, KANSAS GROWN & pops right off the cob!

Top reviews

Misleading packaging

I hate how you can never tell how much of things you’re getting when they have the little “8-pack” label on the image. You can’t tell if you are getting eight of what is described (which is already 8 and would therefore be 64) or just 1 of what is described. It seems to vary by item. I thought the price seemed very high for eight cobs of corn, and very low for 64. Turns out it’s high. Disappointing.
MacSolo, MO

wish I could

I wish I could review this item, but having never recieved it, I cannot. I am also unable to contact any customer service either in regard to this issue. I realise this isn’t the best forum for this, but I cannot get anywhere else to do so. If someone could contact me about this matter, I would apreciate it.
MyrtleHebron, KY

Very crisp

We just had one of these for the first time.

The corn is more crisp than most microwave bagged popcorn.

Because it’s still on the cob, it doesn’t flower out as much, rather it’s a little more dense.

The kernel skin seemed less tough and I didn’t get any stuck in my gums.

About 80% popped, which is pretty good.

This is organic, and comes from Kansas.

It’s a little pricey, but what with the recent reports of slightly higher rates of organ failure from GMO corn, and falsified research data from some GMO corn producers, it’s nice to see a tasty, organic alternitive.

WanFairchance, PA

Best Popcorn

This popcorn is excellent. We first got it at a specialty store in Lake George, NY and we were hooked. I was thrilled to see that I could get it through Amazon because I couldn’t find it in any other stores. I have ordered this item several times and am never dissappointed. You have to add your own salt and butter – but I think that makes it taste even better and you can adjust how healthy you want to keep it.
AsaAnahuac, TX

My sister likes it. I don’t.

If you want a conversation item for a gathering then popcorn cobs may suffice. Everyone seems to find it interesting and fun but when it is time to eat the popcorn people have different taste and not everyone seems to like this popcorn. My sister likes it a lot, but then she likes hot air popcorn. While the flavor is good the popcorn is too dry for my enjoyment.

Bottom line: This is a conversation starter with very good corn taste, but if you don’t like hot air popcorn then you may not like this. Even though I don’t like it I give it 4 starts because others I know do like it very much.

DorianSaddle Brook, NJ

Fun and tasty!

I put one of these in each Christmas stocking this year and both my husband and teenage children loved popping it, not to mention that the taste and texture were excellent. I will be buying more.
ElodiaHavre De Grace, MD

Fun and tastes’ great!!!!

I bought this at Polly’s Cafe in Lake Elsinore, California. I took it home and it was fun to pop and tasted great. Our house smelled like a movie theater!! I am giving these to everyone for Christmas. I know they will like them too!!! Thanks, Sandi Leonard
CliffordRocky River, OH

Loved this!

What a terrific idea! I purchased 2 orders of this product and shared with kids and adults alike. Everyone said what a fun treat it was to make — part science, part fun. Came back to order more! Love the idea of it being all natural, no chemicals.
JovanHebron, IL

A novelty

As far as a novelty for the grandchildren this is 4 star. I purchased these for Halloween (but had to try one myself first)! No salt, no butter, that’s good!
DomitilaSpruce, MI

Farmers popcorn is the BEST

The sunflower food and spice popcorn on the cob is the very best we have ever tried. Melt butter to have ready after the corn pops and pour over the corn and add salt. This may not sound healthy, but boy is it delicious. Amazon has the best prices on this popcorn.
MathildePocopson, PA