Farmo Gluten-free Caserecci, 14-Ounce Packages

Gluten Free Corn and Rice Caserecci.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 14-Ounce (Total of 84-Ounces)
  • Gluten Free; GMO Free; All Natural; Emulsifier Free
  • Gluten Free certified; Gluten content below 20 ppm (parts per million); Kosher certified; BRC grade A certified; IFS higher level certified
  • Always “al dente”
  • Made in Italy

Top reviews

Pasta Junkie loves new GF shape and authentic texture

I love,love,love this newly featured product. It will not disappoint you. The texture is ‘spot on’ and the flavor will not leave you missing the regular gluten varieties.
RandallAugusta Springs, VA

Best gluten free pasta ever

My daughter in law and I had this at a local restaurant some months ago. It is by far the BEST gluten free pasta on the market. Well worth the price!
CecilyWylie, TX

Better than any non-GF pasta I’ve ever tried

I bought the first pack of this for a ridiculous price at a local health food store for the sake of at least TRYING to find a gluten-free pasta that doesn’t taste like chalk or corn starch. This is NOT the typical GF pasta. It does have a flavor slightly different from “regular” pasta, but it’s divine (better than what I can recall of wheat pasta) and has yet to compete with any of the sauces I’ve paired with it. As well, unlike all the corn OR rice pastas I’ve tried, it cooks cleanly. No poofs of starch boil-over or sticky texture. I was delighted to see this on Subscribe and Save. As much as I like to support local food shops, Amazon’s S&S is one of the only ways I can afford to live as my diet requires.
KenishaChoctaw, AR

Excellent pasta

I bought this to make some macaroni and cheese for a family gathering. I didn’t mention to anyone that it was gluten free, and no one had a clue. Even the leftovers were good, which I have found isn’t always the case with GF noodles.

This pasta has a very mild flavor with no weird aftertaste like some other GF pastas, and the texture was no different that wheat pasta.

LesaBrockport, PA