Fart Bomb Bag – Pack of 12

Now the Jokes on you! Pop the Bag and Run, it stinks! Includes a dozen bags.

Quick facts

  • 12 Bags
  • Simply Push Button and Run

Top reviews

fart bombs

These bombs are hilarious!! We’ve had a ball with the family–setting them off and waiting for a response but they sure are stinky!! Run for the hills!
LillaHarcourt, IA

Work Good, But Not Really Potato Chips, Are They?

I happen to know via my brother that these are awesome office accessories.

Beyond that, however, I am wondering why this came up in the “Potato Chips” category? Maybe I don’t want to know why….

ScottieWinnemucca, NV

Fart Bomb Bags

These little packs are NASTY in such a divine way! They will certainly pull off the perfect prank. Just be aware that they fizz and can be messy, so prepare for that! The shipping was fast, and the pranks were amazing!
BerylWarren, MI

Does the job

I bought these to cause a stinky riot and clear out a room. They worked exactly how I intended them to. No regrets. Highly recommended!
JazmineMineral Springs, AR

Horrible Smell!

These fart bags are awesome. Once you step on them they take a few seconds to go off and start smelling so you can make your get away. Truly awful smelling and a great tool for any practical joker to have in their tool kit.
ShastaHockingport, OH


I thought these were a good bargain but these particular models are really bad. I’ve used fart bags before and these don’t small at ALL! They are really weak. The writting has spelling mistakes (who cares) but just feels they are really bad quality. Save your money, buy the better ones.
TraceyOskaloosa, IA

Barely worked, didn’t smell

These had next to zero smell. They did pop, as expected, however almost no smell whatsoever!! All 12 of them sucked.
EliWalla Walla, WA