Fat Spizzle Twists

Fat Spizzle Twists (78″) are formed into a spiral shape then roasted in its natural juices to a crunchy texture. These highly palatable treats become chewy when wet, helping to keep teeth clean and provide hours of long lasting enjoyment. Spizzles are 100 allnatural, the way nature intended to deliver high quality chew time enjoyment while cleaning teeth. Spizzles are also from free range grassfed cattle and are preservative and byproduct free.

Quick facts

  • Fat Spizzle Twists (7-8″) EACH
  • Spizzle
  • Dog Treats & Chews

Top reviews

Thinner than I expected…

Not a bad product, just a bit on the thin side. Would be best for dogs under 25 lbs or light chewers.
TereseMaysville, GA

Fat? Um, I don’t think so! These are very THIN!

Looking at the photo, I thought these would be a little thicker than they are. I mean, they are called “FAT Spizzle Twists”. They are NOT FAT. In fact, they are super, uber thin. They are not packaged in any sort of plastic or wrapping, either. These super thin twists were tossed in the box with my order from EntirelyPets, completely unwrapped. They are so thin that my Smooth Collie snapped them in pieces with little effort. Honestly, I don’t think they are worth the dollar each I paid for them.
WilfordShort Hills, NJ

Not that great.

I thought by the retail price that these would be nice sticks. They are very thin, and my dog can wipe through them like any old treat. Wouldn’t purchase these again, as the quality is just not there. They say “fat”, but they are far from it! I paid $1.00 each – that’s probably a fair deal.. But now they are $3.49 each, and that’s a rip off.
LavoneSebec, ME