Fattoria Estense Silver Label, Round Bottle

In July 2009 Aceto Balsamico di Modena (Balsamic Vinegar of Modena) obtained the Protected Geographical Indication status from the European Union. This status is established to protect the producers of certain products as well as to protect the consumer from imitations. Obtaining the PGI status brings with it the obligation to adhere to certain rules some of which pertain to labeling. Therefore, you will find that some of your favorite products now have redesigned labels that may initially cause some confusion. The PGI law does not allow numbers, years, or descriptive adjectives such as Gran Riserva, Riserva, Selezione, and Speciale tobe printed on the labels. Only the word “Invecchiato” (aged) may appear on the label as long as the product is aged for a period of at least three years in casks, barrels or other wooden receptacles. As a result, most labels have been redesigned with the colors Gold, Silver, and Bronze to distinguish the different qualities. The Fattoria Estense Silver Label Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is made according to a secret family recipe. This Balsamic is produced using a traditional fermentation process and is then aged for 10 years in wood barrels. Fattoria Estense Silver Label Balsamic Vinegar is a dense (somewhat less dense than the 12 year old), syrupy and sweet balsamic whose rich flavor and deep amber color will captivate you. This Aceto Balsamico di Modena is meant to be drizzled on aged cheeses such as Parmigiano R

Quick facts

  • 250ml
  • Fattoria Estense
  • Aceto Balsamico di Modena
  • “Palla” – Aged 10 years
  • Imported from Italy

Top reviews

Eh – acidic

Nothing special for me. Not thick and complex like a “serious” balsamic. Acidic and thin. I prefer my own reduction of a cheap “ba;samic tp this.
ZonaWest Falmouth, MA

Good stuff for the price

I did a head to head compare of this against the Lucini Balsamic Vinegar riserva 10 years old. They are both good, but this one is far sweeter, the color darker, and thicker. The Lucini is more acidic, more complex, just not as sweet. The Fattoria will probably be what I stick with from now on, or maybe use the Lucini for cooking.
VickieDoylestown, OH

Excellent Value

This was fairly priced and the quality was excellent. It is thicker than most but not too thick. It had a sweet taste and no after taste. Try it on Vanilla Ice cream
RhodaRobbinston, ME

Wow-I’m gonna drink this stuff!

Just got a bottle of this as a gift from a dear friend and made a basil salad with it. This vinegar is so good that if a drop of it got on the side of the bottle, I captured it. It has a wonderful flavor, sweet, tangy, really wonderful. I am ordering more (much more of it) because it would make an incredible house gift.
AnalisaAuburndale, WI

Exactly what I wanted.

I was looking for a quality aged balsamic and this has delivered beautifully. It has a sweetness to it that I love and adds such good flavor to everything I use it with. Delicious!
RachaelStendal, IN