Faygo Redpop strawberry flavored soda, 12-fl. oz. glass bottles, 6-pack

Faygo Redpop strawberry flavored soda, 12-fl. oz. glass bottles, 6-pack

Quick facts

  • 12OZ Vintage Style Glass Bottles
  • Made with 100% Pure Cane Sugar
  • Vintage style packaging

Top reviews

Misleading Description!

The claim by this seller that the item is vintage is not true. The packaging is a vintage style, however this item is widely sold throughout the State of Michigan at most grocery stores today. This item is way overpriced at $14.95. You can purchase this same six-pack in the picture for around $5. I will admit that the soda itself is wonderful.


EllenOak Island, MN

Awesome Pop and not Misleading

The pop is awesome and in the old fashion style painted glass bottles it makes it a special treat.

In response to the first review. This listing is not misleading at all. Its states that its vintage STYLING. Nothing in his listing says its vintage. Yes it is sold in Michigan but if you live in any other state you can’t buy it unless you drive all the way to Michigan. These dealers do people a service by offering something that is not readily available to everyone. So it is not over priced when have to pay for the pop, deposit on the bottles, Amazon fees, not to mention the extra care in packing that is needed to ship full glass bottles. I have shipped pop myself and I know how expensive it can get. Bubblewrap is not cheap. If this dealer is paying on everything I mentioned I can guarantee you he is hardly making anything on this at $14.95.

PaulettaWest Milford, NJ