Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel-Aged Bitters 5oz

Add these limited edition bitters to your next cocktail! Fee Brothers uses emptied oak whiskey barrels from Tennessee to age these aromatic bitters. Taste the difference of barrel-aged bitters. This premium bitters is strictly limited edition, bottled only once a year in the spring. Don’t miss out on the 2011 edition! In stock and ready to ship. Features: Limited edition. Aged in oak whiskey barrels. Unique flavor combination to enhance your cocktails. Specs: Capacity: 5 oz.

Quick facts

  • Limited edition aromatic bitters.
  • Aged in whiskey barrels.
  • Unique flavor combination to enhance your cocktails.
  • 5 oz in glass bottle.
  • Made by Fee Brothers of Rochester, New York.

Top reviews

Could be better

This was my first time trying Fee’s Whisky Barrel-Aged bitters. I was somewhat disappointed that they do not contain any alcohol. In that way they feel different when compared with other bitters, and I feel that more is needed in cocktails. They are predominantly cinnamon-flavored and do not feel as complex as I expected – I was expecting perhaps more of a charred oak flavor. Overall they are not bad, and I can certainly find some use for them, but they are priced fairly high, and I personally still prefer Angostura bitters in my Manhattans and Old Fashioneds.
LavadaCantua Creek, CA

Huge taste in a small bottle

I’m a Manhatten and old fashioned freak; best cocktails on the planet if made right. And Fee’s Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters are just about the best tasting bitters that I’ve, well, ever tasted…period. Use Maker’s Mark or a high-end rye whiskey with Fee’s (and a really good vermouth)and you’ll have yourself a supremely tasty drink, my friends. My best advice is to drink alone –like all true Vikings do–and you won’t have to share with anyone else.

Nothing worse than lipstick on a glass anyway…

ConnieBates City, MO

Favorite bitters out there

I decided to try these on a whim when I saw them at The Spuyten Duyvel Beer Shop in Williamsurg about a year ago. I have been a convert ever since! In fact, my usage of bitters has even gone up CONSIDERABLY since I started using them since I like them so much! They fall along the angostura lines, but have a distinctive richness and complexity. I’ve used them ever since and am about to pick up multiple bottles since I hate running out!
EmilieStockdale, TX


good product, good packaging, good time. nothing bad. would buy again. thanks the bitters are pretty tasty in a old fashioned. give it a go
GeorgiannBraggadocio, MO

Add it to your Manhattan!

Bought this to add to a recipe by Jason Schiffer for a Maple Manhattan. It’s a great bitters and played really well with the Bourbon and Maple Syrup I was using. Great product! As with any bottle of bitters, 4 oz. is going to last you a LONG, LONG time so this is a great value as well. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the Fee Brothers bitters! Have fun with them and experiment!
WenonaUnion Center, SD