FELINE GREENIES Pill Pockets Treats for Cats

FELINE GREENIES PILL POCKETS Treats Administering medications to your cat doesn’t have to be a headache. Simply slip the capsule into a tasty FELINE GREENIES PILL POCKET Treat, the #1 vet-recommended choice for giving pills*, and they’ll happily eat it without ever knowing they’re taking their meds! PILL POCKETS Treats contain built-in pouches to easily hide a capsule for easier medication administration. PILL POCKETS are all-natural treats with fewer calories and less fat and sodium than human foods, making them a healthier option for giving medicine. * Among products that U.S. Veterinarians recommend for assisting in administering pills. GREENIES Feline Pill Pockets Treats Make giving medicine more enjoyable for both you and your dog by using GREENIES PILL POCKETS Canine Treats. Each PILL POCKETS Treat is a healthy and balanced alternative to human food. Key Benefits • TURN PILL TIME INTO TREAT TIME • A healthier alternative • Designed by vets • Delicious flavor • Convenient capsule size Available Flavors • Chicken • Salmon click to view product GREENIES PILL POCKETS Canine Treats Administering medications to your dog doesn’t have to be a headache. Simply slip the capsule into a tasty GREENIES PILL POCKETS Canine Treat and they’ll happily eat it without ever knowing they’re taking their meds! click to view product FELINE GREENIES Dental Treats Give your cat the best with FELINE GREENIES Dental Treats, the #1 vet-recommended dental treat*. Each tasty treat has a unique shape and texture to clear away plaque and tartar buildup with each bite. * in Pet Specialty stores among U.S. veterinarians that recommend dental treats for at-home oral care click to view product FELINE GREENIES SMARTBITES Treat with a purpose with FELINE GREENIES SMARTBITES. These delicious treats not only promote bonding between cat and pet parent, they also contain natural ingredients for better nourishment. click to view product NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE Dry Cat Food for Finicky Felines NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE Cat Food is an easy choice for your finicky feline. Loaded with savory proteins, our specially shaped kibbles encourage a satisfying eating experience.

Quick facts

  • Contains (1) 1.6 oz package of FELINE GREENIES PILL POCKETS Treats – Salmon Flavor
  • Turn pill time into treat time. Healthy, delicious treat masks taste and smell of medicine, making medication time a reliable, stress-free experience
  • These all-natural treats are a healthier alternative to hiding medications inside human foods
  • Designed and recommended by vets to help you follow your own veterinarian’s recommendations and medicine-giving regimens
  • It’s easy giving medicine when you have a tasty treat to hide it in; pick your cat’s favorite flavor

Top reviews

Cats won’t touch them

I have 2 cats and neither would eat them without a pill in them. They are spoiled by the brand Temptations and don’t like anything else for a treat. They only eat 9 lives dry and canned so i guess they are picky. I have bought every brand cheap and expensive and guess i’ll give up.
KaterineKenwood, CA

bought from Dig It

bought from Dig It Pet Products: the best by date had been rubbed off, so no way to tell if it is fresh. older packaging with the word ‘feline’ under the word ‘pockets’ rather than above the word ‘greenies’. opened the package today(1/7/12). they were all stale.
DeloisYork, NY

5 strikes and you are out

I really wish these pill pockets would work. Instead, I have tried every flavor (including the dog ones just in case) and I have followed every tip I could find online religiously.

For instance, I take great care at handling the pills with the opposite hand as the one handling the pockets. I tried giving it to them alone, without pill just to see if they liked them. I have tried mixing them with treats they do like. Invariably all my 5 cats refuse to eat these pill pockets snacks. It makes me wonder if the manufacturer even ever tried giving them to a cat.

It’s really too bad because I have one kitty, one I am incredibly attached to, that is dying of hearth disease. I have to give him numerous pills every day. I have tried everything and I really hoped these treats would do the trick. Instead, what I am doing now is to take my Dremel tool and hollow out the cat treats he likes so I can put the medicine inside. It’s painstaking work. The sad thing is that if I use this product even just as “mortar” to keep the other cat treat together, he is able to sniff it and won’t eat it. I tried skipping the meds and it’s not that. It’s the pillpocket that doesn’t work.

Considering that 5 out of 5 cats do not like this pillpocket in my experience, I cannot really recommend them.

BillyFord Cliff, PA

Lousy waste of money

I wasted my money today on these lousy treats that do nothing and are over priced. I paid 6$ and change for something my cat spit the pill out of and my other cat won’t even touch. I can buy treats for 2$ so why did I just pay 5$ extra? Thanks for nothing Greenies. What a bunch of garbage.
NereidaWharncliffe, WV

My cat won’t eat them

I had high hopes for this product. My cat has to take a pill twice a day and I thought I would give this stuff a try. He sniffs the pocket and walks away. I even tried getting him to eat the pockets without the pill inside. He just doesn’t see it as food or a treat. Oh well.
KathiLyndell, PA

most won’t eat them

I take in stray cats. I currently have 14. When one comes down with something possibly contagious, all go on antibiotics. The other week I picked up some antibiotics at the vet and then went and got these at the pet store ($8!!!). I was so happy that pilling this many cats was finally going to be so simple and easy for a change.

Imagine my shock and annoyance when 10 of the 14 refused to eat them. The four that like them, love them, but the rest smell them and walk away.

ArlenePlainville, IL

Change Not Always Good

I have been using Pill Pockets for years and am VERY disappointed that Greenies changed the ingredients. Not only are they not as moist, but they removed the probiotic which aids in digestion. They say only the packaging has changed, but I had an old package and compared the ingredients and they are DEFINITELY different. It is still a Good way to give a pill, but not as healthy or tasty. I have even found unknown pieces of hard stuff in some, (I use to break them up and roll into balls and give as treats. I have tried to track down any of the originals, but unfortunately, they seem to be all gone. So, if you need to give your cat a pill, buy them, I just don’t give them as treats anymore. Sad that such a great product has gone from a 10 to a 4, in my opinion. And what’s sadder, I wrote to Greenies about the ingredients about 3 months ago and I have yet to hear a thing from them… Not very good customer relations.
MatthewOno, PA

Doggies too

I use these for my dogs because they are smaller than the dog ones and I only give 1/2 a pill.
EmmieAddison, ME

Worked for a year

This was a great product right up until she decided she couldn’t stand them anymore. My other cat does not like them either and refuses to eat them and she will eat anything! I have used both the chicken and salmon flavors and am now getting a cat who turns up her nose at them.

I am beginning to wonder if they have changed their formula recently because these were a godsend for a year.

RobTazewell, TN

Just Awful

My cats wouldn’t eat them even without pills in them. I have one cat who is fussy so this wasn’t a surprise, but I have another cat who will eat anything on the floor, including non-food items, but would not touch these “treats.”
SharilynHolland, MA

My cat laughed at me

My cat isn’t a picky eater, but she had no interest in eating Pill Pockets. I was hopeful about these things, but my cat didn’t even recognize that they were supposed to be eaten. Rolled it around, poked at it, sniffed it, and moved on. I can’t imagine they are very fragrant or flavorful to get that kind of reaction since she eats everything else she sees. Glad to see others had success, but we weren’t impressed.
MarlinWestgate, IA

My Cat Wouldn’t Eat Them

As the title suggested, my cat would not eat these. They are rather large (about two times the size of an ordinary cat treat) and rubbery in texture. I cannot attest to the flavour and how palatable it may or may not be to felines. If your cat is used to “normal” treats, these may not go over well. My cat is extremely difficult to pill, and we have tried basically every last idea known to man on how to get his daily meds into him. We still have almost a whole package of these in the fridge.

All I can say is, good luck. I guess it all depends on the cat.

JeffOfferman, GA

Pill Pockets

I have to give my cat pills everyday and we all know what a joy that can be. Greenies Pill Pockets for cats have made this process so much easier. What a great product!
LaurenWestley, CA

Only works if your cat is not a chewer…

I tried the chicken flavor, hoping I could disguise the nasty flavor of pills and/or vitamin supplements. Unfortunately, my 17-year-old cat doesn’t just swallow it, he chews and reveals any stuff inside. Of course, he now refuses to eat them, even empty. They’re simply too large for my cat (who is no tiny thing – he has weighed between ten and 13 pounds) to swallow easily. I’m switching to gelcaps instead.
ConnieKief, ND

No problems getting pills down

The best invention ever! If you’ve ever tried to give your cat a pill, you know how difficult it can be. Our cat is now on a daily pill, and she LOVES the Greenies Pill Pocket!
DeliaRainbow Lake, NY


My cat loves these! He has to take medicine twice a day and these pockets make medicine time so much easier.
CindaSaint James, MD

Pill Pockets for Cats, Chicken

I found these to really help with dispensing pills to my 4 cats. I was skeptical at first but they worked great! Just pinch it around the pill and they take it just like regular treats. I also will give these without a pill in it so they don’t get skittist about the treat. Thanks!
LanaWrightwood, CA

Greenies Pill Pockets – Chicken

One of our cats needs both a thyroid and a “happy pill” (anti-depressant) 2x a day. Never had any problems – until just this month – blood work reported that we needed to adjust the thyroid dosage — except the new dosage is not produced – so the vet called around to pharmacies who make compounds-to-order … the new meds arrived – and when I saw the “capsule” instead of little tablet that we were used to I went on line to find out what others were doing to get capsules down kitties. We found Greenies, ordered them and in the meantime bought a can of squeeze cheese until greenies arrived…. my cat likes both … thankfully. He isn’t much of a chewer .. so that helps…

We give him his ‘happy pill’ first (it is little) and then a few regular treats with one thyroid capsule tucked into a Greenie Pill Pocket… it has only been about 10 days .. but so far he is clueless .. he noses the treats around to find the Greenie FIRST, barely tastes it, swallows and eats his other couple of treats….

Going to order some salmon and duck ones right now ….

YaniraAshland, OR

Excellent product to help win the battle of getting kitty to take her pills.

This is one of the best inventions I’ve ever used–a product that actually makes your cat WANT to take his/her pills! Just put the pill inside the pocket, and mold the soft treat around the pill. Give to your furry friend, and enjoy a safe, drama free pill delivery. If only I knew about this when my cat, Jack, needed heart medication. It would have saved both feline and owner much drama.
EnidDickinson, ND

greenies works

my cat has to take pills every day for the rest of his life. Greenies pill pockets are the best. my cat in not finicky and will eat almost anything but getting your pet to take pills isnt easy. this product has saved us both stress and hassle. he loves pill time.
MyriamPinetop, AZ

Work TOO well…

My vet provided free samples and after enthusiastic acceptence by both cats, I bought a bag from my vet today for what I now see was twice the price listed on amazon. I’m buying them here next time for sure. These pill pockets are so kitty-delish that the cat who doesn’t need medicine has been stealing the pill pockets (and medicine too…insert fist shake, eye roll and frustrated sigh…) left for her sick brother. Particularly now that I need twice as many: half to be used as a distraction bait/treat for the healthy cat, and the other half–a true pill pocket for the ill cat.
ChandraThicket, TX

Timber, my cat, says “yummy”!

These pockets are the best for cats when we have to give them their
medicine,as pills.
You insert the pill and close it with a soft pinch of your fingers
and that’s all! They will eat it never knowing that the pill is
inside, clever! The pockets come in different flavors too so you can
what they like the most, salmon, chicken, beef, etc. I recommend it!!!
LaraineHudsonville, MI

They stopped working…

Well,the bad news is, I think my cat is on to me.. I was anxious to try these after reading the good reviews on Amazon. So I bought the treats at a chain pet store and paid a lot more. Anyway, I let my cat smell the bag first and she seemed very interested. Then I gave her one empty pocket with no meds. She loved it. So, when the time came was for her next pill, I gave her one pill pocket with the pill and a regular treat inside. She ate it,no problem.
Now, I temporary had to give her meds everyday and she is catching on. She eats the treat and spits out the pill!! I do not know what I am going to do. I guess I will have to force it on her by syringe. Maybe she will go back to taking the pill pocket…
MaeganCameron Mills, NY

works wonderful

Never thought I could fool my cat into taking medication! So easy! And, he loves and looks forward to this treat! Thx Amazon and my Vet!
ChadwickGosnell, AR

Worked for my cat

I purchased these along with some tapeworm pills for my cat. He loves to eat treats so I had an optimistic view on this product working. I think you need to determine your cat type before you purchase these, some cats don’t care for treats. However, I stuffed the pill in, closed it up, and put it before my cat and he chomped it down. I was nervous when he bit into it and figured here is where he tastes the icky pill and spits everything out. But NOPE! He ate all the bits! I gave him two empty pill pockets for being such a good boy. And he’s worm free now. I hope these last awhile, because I only used 3 out of the whole bag.
EldoraElgin, SC

Use everyday.

We have 9 cats and use these everyday. Cats love them. We go through several a month. They like the duck also.
IrishOsterville, MA


Used this once for a pain pill after a dental cleaning for our cat, and she loved it. Now I buy them for her as treats, because she loves these more than any other treat we have ever tried after nine years of searching.
RodneyPine Top, KY

Also for dogs…

I use these pill pockets for my dog’s daily meds. The pill fits in it better than the dog size ones, and I am able to store them in a pill vial so they are always fresh. Dog loves them!
CarlaAnimas, NM

Very Pleased

We have to administer Flagyl to our cat, the most bitter pill to swallow. The first night we tried the pill pocket, and though he sniffed it with interest, he wouldn’t eat it. So we shot a teaspoon of the Flagyl mixed in a “vehicle” into his mouth with a medicine syringe. Very traumatic. Later he hissed at me. The second night we rolled a pill pocket thin with a rolling pin, even using a little butter so it wouldn’t stick (he loves butter), wrapped it around the pill, and shoved it into his mouth and held his head till he swallowed it. No problem.
IvorySouth Wayne, WI


Easiest way to feed a pill to your pets. My two cats would not take their meds in anything else (bread, cheese, other treats, etc.) They must be really tasty because they devour the pill pocket, pill and all, then look for more.
ClaudetteTuskegee Institute, AL