Ferrara Espresso Instant Coffee 2 oz set of 2

Ferrara Espresso Instant Coffee 2 oz set of 2

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Excellent Product.

I occasionally use Instant Espresso Powder for baking and confections. I would definitely recommend Ferrara brand Espresso Powder. It tastes good and you can tell it comes from quality coffee beans. The price is very good too!
ClementeWater View, VA

Love this product!

I originally purchased the item to bring out the chocolate flavor in baked goodies much like I’ve seen Ina Garner do countless times. Sure enough, This adds a delicious taste to baked goods! A tablespoon in a bowl of brownie batter does wonders. I’ve added it to chocolate crinkle cookies, chocolate chip cookies, etc., etc. and it works very well.

I was looking for instant espresso powder locally for quite a while before I came across this listing on Amazon via a baking blog. I am happy I made the purchase and when my current cache runs out, I’ll be coming back for more!

JacqueIdleyld Park, OR

A very drinkable espresso – in a rush

I have never liked instant coffees. I always felt there was something missing in the flavor. Ferrara instant espresso, however, has been a pleasant surprise. I purchased it on a whim whern I saw it in a seasonal section of the grocery store. A word of warning – when the instructions says to put the espresso in boiling water, they mean it. If you do not use boiling water, it affects the flavor. I will be certain to get more of this when I run out.
AbbyMc Ewen, TN

Best instant Espresso!

My husband and I have been using Ferrara instant espresso for about 10 years. Quick and easy and as good as the real thing(I use to manage a coffee shop). Nice small jar is perfect for taking to the office for a quick pick-me-up! Easy to order thru Amazon – Good price too!
JinaBrownsville, CA