Ferrara Pan Cherryheads 1.08 Oz Each

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Quick facts

  • Classic Ferrara Pan Candy
  • Cherry flavored candy
  • Retro Candy

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Love the Cherryheads . Only complaint is Retail is .25 per box x 24 quantity = 6.00 paid almost double retail.
SuzannaExeter, MO

Highly recommended

Ferrara Pan Candy Company was founded in 1900, in Chicago, Illinois. In 1962, the company hit on a new great tasting candy – Lemonheads. Tart and sweet at the same time, it was a huge success, and a staple of the company. Later, the company spread out, making several other flavors of the candy, including Cherryheads (which were originally known as Cherry Chans and then Cherry Clans).

Cherryheads are delicious, little red candies that are sweet and tart, and have that great cherry taste. Admittedly they are not as sour as the newer super-sour candies, but too many of those other candies just give you a wave of tasteless super-sour, and then you get to eat the super-sweet candy. With Cherryheads, you get a nice flavor of tart cherries, especially if you chew on them (which I recommend :-).

When I was growing up in the Chicagoland area, Ferrara Pan candies were a staple of every kids diet. Now, eating Cherryheads takes me back to my childhood. Buy Cherryheads and enjoy a great candy. I highly recommend them!

MeaghanElko, GA

Just What She Wanted

I do Candy Buffet Bars for Weddings & Special Events. I had a client who wanted a Candy Buffet Bar for her 40th Birthday.

We decided to do a Timeline Theme -where we would showcase her favorite candies thru the years. The Cherryhead Candy was originally called Charlie Chans – although the box style and name changed – the candy was exactly how she remembered it.

I printed out a picture of the original box style and filled the Candy Jar with the Cherryhead Candy. I received the candy on time – and I am always happy to find exactly what I need to wow my clients.

DianaLitchfield, ME