Ferrara Pan Red Hots Cinnamon Candies – 7 oz box

In the early 1930’s, Ferrara Pan Candy Company created the famous Red Hot using the cold panned candy method. The idea of a piece of cinnamon hard candy was developed prior to the production of Ferrara Pan’s Red Hots. The name “cinnamon imperials” is a generic name used by the candy industry to indicate a piece of cinnamon hard candy. The cold panned process involves building candy pieces from candy centers and tossing them into revolving pans while adding flavor, color and other candy ingredients. This process continues until the pieces become the desired size. Red Hots are a registered trademark of Ferrara Pan Candy Company and is yet another example of Ferrara Pan’s commitment to quality in the candy industry.

Quick facts

  • Red Hots were introduced in 1932 by Ferrara Pan Candy Company
  • Fiery little candy pellets flavored with cinnamon.
  • A chewy, fiery shell around a milder hard center.
  • A Fat Free Food

Top reviews

They only make a 6 ounce box.

Title is currently wrong for this page. It’s not 7oz, but 6oz. This is something Walgreen’s sells in my area for $1.25 + tax.

Product itself (vendor aside) is 5 stars.

SueEast Glastonbury, CT