Ferrara Traditional Italian Torrone 7.62 oz

Almond honey nougat candy. All natural, low fat. Less than 45 calories per piece. 18 individually wrapped pieces of assorted vanilla, orange and lemon flavors. Product of Italy.

Quick facts

  • Product of Italy
  • Made of sugar, honey, nuts and egg whites
  • Less than 45 calories per piece
  • 18 individually wrapped pieces of assorted flavors

Top reviews

Ferrara Torrone

As Torrone’s go this was at best a 4 on a 1 to 10 scale. I would not order from them again.
AsiaLakeland, FL


If you like Nougat and Almonds, then this is your sweet of choice! I remember these delicious little treats from my childhood. Whenever my parents would take us for Italian food, they would bring one nougat for each of us at the end of the meal. As a child i loved being able to open the little box for my own treat.

I ordered a couple of boxes to share with my family, especially the grandkids and they loved them and i have to say that after all these years, i was not disappointed, they were just as yummy as i remember!

AudryCheltenham, PA

Delicious Italian Candy

If you are a lover of Italian candy, this is the candy for you. It is a soft nougat torrone, and truly delicious. Unless you live near an Italian Market–you will have a difficult time finding it in any store. Here is a perfect way to have it delivered to your door! Yummmmmy !
LeathaCamilla, GA

Nostalgic Christmas

My Italian paternal grandmother used to mail a box of Torrones to each of her children and their families every Christmas. It was a tradition, and all the cousins and I anxiously awaited Nana’s annual gift of these yummy nougat candies. She passed away 20 years ago, and every year Dad and I talked about how we missed Nana’s Torrones. I was so surprised and pleased to find them available on Amazon! I ordered a box as a special surprise Christmas gift for my Dad when he visited this Christmas….he was so happy, there were tears in his eyes. We ate a few together, and through a chorus of mmmmMMMMMs, we agreed that these tasted just like the ones Nana used to send. Thanks, Amazon!
MortonSugarloaf Shores, FL

not just for holidays

This is a candy from my childhood- light, nutty, fruity, flavorful. It used to be available locally in stores. Since moving to Florida, I now have to buy it over the internet. Not sure if this is due to a change in the times or the difference in location. It was a special treat, but not just on holidays. I now put it in the toe of my children’s Xmas stockings so that they can appreciate it too.
DiedraWilliamson, IA

These pleased my Italian friends!

My very good friend had mentioned that she missed the Italian torrone that she and her family used to have at family get-togethers. So I gave this box of Ferrara torrone to them …… and they were thrilled. They said it brought back so many memories.
EllisCabot, PA

Fresh, Clean Ingredients

I try sticking to American candies and confections.

If it were not for the clean taste and purity of these candies, I would no longer buy them.

I did pick them up at the grocer’s and they are every bit as good as I’ve always remembered. Soft and fresh.

Be careful where you purchase them because they can be sold as hard as a rock and not at all fresh.

A delicious Italian custom I follow every few years. They are expensive. I see them pop up every Easter.

MarieWhitmire, SC


I was concerned that since I was ordering these online they wouldn’t be as fresh as I’m used to. Boy, was I wrong. These were just as fresh and soft as when I buy them at the Italian store.

If you’ve never had torrone, it is a square of soft white nougat filled with roasted almonds. The top and bottom is covered in a thin wafer (like the kind used for Communion) that keeps your fingers from getting sticky. This pack has three flavors: vanilla (which is the traditional), orange (which I think is the most delicious), and lemon. Each piece is individually wrapped in a foil pouch and boxed.

CharissaBogard, MO

Delicious! Mangia!

What can I say! I grew up with this candy. Especially during the holidays we had fresh fruit on the table and always Ferrara’s Italian Torrone! Tradition in our house. I’m Italian but you don’t have to be Italian to enjoy it! I make up Italian cookie trays for the holidays and always add the Torrone
to the tray, it looks so pretty in their little boxes. Try it you’ll love it!
AlvinMontevallo, AL