Ferrero 15 Piece Box Raffaello


Quick facts

  • Pack of 15
  • Crispy and Creamy
  • Coconut Almond Treat
  • Certified Kosher
  • 5.3oz- 150g

Top reviews

Great candies, but overpriced on Amazon …

I love these candies and so does everyone I’ve ever given one too! They make a great gift and come in this festive little box with individually wrapped Raffaellos, every one a work of art to die for! So what’s not to like??? Well, how about the fact that you can get this same product at Walmart for about $3-4.00? Knowing that, do you really want to spend $10.00 plus shipping for a few pieces of candy???
LoreanHuntley, MT


these candy were very good. there was only one thing i didn’t like about these. there is no carmel drizzle over the top like the ones that come in the big mixed box of 24 with the 3 different kinds. but these are still very good and worth the money and would def buy them again.
DenissePlatina, CA


I never knew coconut was soo delicious!!! I gave these as a gift to my fiancee, turns out these are her favorite chocolate! Definitely a re-buy in the future!
LeonaLa Salle, MN