Ferrero Happy Hippo Cocoa Case

28 Single Units of Happy Hippo Cocoa

Quick facts

  • 28 Single Units of Happy Hippo Cocoa

Top reviews

Tasty treat!

I fell in love with the chocolate version of these candies when a friend brought them back from a trip to Germany. A perfect combination of chocolate, cream, and crispy wafer. I thought I might prefer the hazelnut version since I’m not a chocolate lover, but in this case, the chocolate version is better because it offers a better balance of flavors. The hazelnut cream and milk cream are too uniform, where the chocolate offers a better combination. These aren’t bad; I just prefer the chocolate in this case!
ShakiaJonesboro, IN

The best candy hands down!

We lived in the UK for 3 years and I got hooked on these from a few of my British friends. You can’t stop eating them. I haven’t even order these yet and I’m so freakin happy that you can order them. I thought after we moved back to the states, I’d never have one again unless my dear friends sent me some. If you haven’t tried these order a box and share with your friends that is if you have any left over.
LashaunPark Ridge, IL

Best. Candy. Ever.

It’s true. This has got to be the best candy ever. The chocolate version isn’t bad, but it’s so different they should have just called it something else. This version of the Happy Hippo is completely filled with that delicious hazelnut cream that is inside the Bueno bar. A friend of mine and I found a store that had 3 cases of these. We each bought one and agreed to split the third. I think we ate them all within two weeks. That’s 10 boxes of 5 pieces each times 3. That’s 150 pieces of candy in less than two weeks…and we wanted more. Once you start eating these, you can’t stop, and you don’t care. They’re that good. The only problem with this candy is that i can’t buy it any time i want. They are near IMPOSSIBLE to find here in the US. My kingdom for a single hazelnut hippo.
BeeLetts, IA

This Hippo’s are great

This are the best candy ever made. They are so good and creamy and I can’t stop eating them. They are real hard to find and I almost did flips when they finally got them on here. If you haven’t tried this will try them because they are wonderful and great
WillowPine Bush, NY