Ferrero Rocher, Hazlenut, 48 Count, 21.2oz

Ferrero Rocher was introduced in 1982. In just a few years it became the favourite chocolate treat for millions of people. Today it’s the world leader in its category. So, what is the secret of its success? An original recipe, manufactured with the utmost attention, refined packaging and ground-breaking advertising campaigns. Its innovative shape – round but irregular – and its unmistakable golden wrapping give it that elegance that has made it famous and also hint at the unique taste of this speciality: a creamy filling, a crunchy wafer and a delicious hazelnut centre.

Quick facts

  • Perfect for gifting, sharing, or indulging on your own
  • 48-Count Gift Box
  • A tempting combination of smooth chocolaty cream surroiunding a whole hazelnut within a delciate, crisp wafer all enveloped in milk chocolate and finely chopped hazelnuts
  • Perfect for holiday gifting, sharing, or indulging on your own
  • Make loved ones feel special every day with Ferrero Rocher Confections
  • Peanuts Free, Certified Kosher (OU-Dairy)

Top reviews

T O O……C H U N K Y……A N D…..C R U N C H Y

I had not realized until just now that these FERRERO ROCHER HAZELNUT CHOCOLATES 48 COUNT GIFT BOX, were made by the SAME Ferrero Company that makes “Nutella” Hazelnut-Chocolate spread, (which I totally love to eat!) I had some of these individual chocolates once, and did NOT like them! Those who share my taste in chocolates will not like them either! For these Ferraro Rochet Hazelenut
Choclolates, have bits of hazel nuts, (finely chopped…but NOT finely chopped enough for me), embedded in a chocolate coating, the whole surrounding a whole hazelnut. I’m one of those people who likes FILETS….boneless fish filets, boneless chicken filets, etc. I, (and I know I’m NOT alone here), like my chocolate mixtures to be complete MIXTURES….like Nutella spread, (or “figaro” hazelnut chocolate pieces…also called “chocolate truffles”). Biting through
hard, embedded “pieces” of things — even such tiny pieces of hazelnut as the chocolate-hazelnut coating has here — is NOT for me, or others like me. In this, I have discovered, I, (or make that, “we”), have true “preppy” tastes, (even though I did attend plain old Queens College in NYC — part of the very public
City University of New York where, it seems, (to me, at least), egalitarian has gone from good to exremes — and even fraternities and sororities are officially outlawed! To some, this may seem only “fair” and “equitable”. But to status-seeking me, it seems SO unglamourous! I guess I’m not the typical Queens College of the City University of New York student, though I do sincerely laud them for making eduction more available for everyone. I only wish they had more of what private universities have. To me, “equality” is equal luxuries for all, not equal utilitarianism for all. Same goal, different methods, I guess….) In “The Official Preppy Handbook”, it states that preppies like filets…no bones to slice through, or fat to trim away. (Why waste the time, why spend the effort?) The same has to go, (at least for me –and others with “preppy” tastes), for these otherwise “gourmet” quality confections. Those little bits of chopped hazelnuts in the coating — not to mention the BIG hazelnut in the centre — make eating DIFFICULT, and spoil the pleasure of eating. Rather than have a (fancy) chocolate that I must chew through, I would prefer a plain old Hershey choclate bar. It, like the more expensive Nutella, IS a chocolate “filet”. I suppose this liking of the “ordinary” Hershey bar, (and a plain one please — not one with almonds), proves I am NOT a snob — I, (and others like me), simply have TASTE!

I thought I was alone in this. But since reading “The Official Preppy Handbook”, I know that others — far richer than myself — also have these tastes. This, of course, vindicates me, and I feel glad of it.
Enjoy “Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates 48 Count Gift Box” if you wish…and give it to friends, if that is your desire. But this sort of chocolate, because of the way it is formed, is NOT my choice for either myself or my friends. And, no matter how excellent the chocolate itself is, it will NEVER be of “gourmet” quality, to me!

WalkerHale, MO

Very Slow

I was very disappointed with the delivery of the chocolates. I ordered them on July 31 and they did not come until August 12 (after their expected delivery date). I also did not like the fact that they never sent any email confirmation about the order or when they were being shipped.
ArlenaZalma, MO

One hell of a gift!

Gave this to my girl friend who was really very very happy with it!

First I thought that she won’t like it as she is one of those girls who are obsessed with fats and carbohydrates and balanced diet shiat.

…. and I was surprised.

Give this to your girls and “You will be loved”.

and Oh, my girlfriend thinks that Ferrero Rocher Chocolate makes her sexually excited (cough cough horny cough cough). God bless these people, they put 48 of these in that box 🙂

NishaHoltwood, PA

They are decently good, but I really just don’t get it….

When these are floating around wherever I am, I often eat other chocolates, even candies first. Even in cases where these are all that’s available – come on it happens! – here’s how it goes down

Someone: hey I’ve got some of these ferrero rochers, these things are sooooo good
Me: (pretending to be excited for them), oh that’s great!
Someone: I’m having one I frickin love these!
Me: Yeah, they’re pretty good
Someone: Want one?
Me: ehhhhhh, I don’t know I just ate
Someone: How can you not eat one? Come on you know you want one, here just take it
Me: (reluctantly) Ok I guess I’ll have one
I take a bite and yeah I pretty much enjoy it, but the whole time I’m wishing i was eating something better…even a twix bar would be better, but i guess this is good. I start thinking is it really worth the fat intake for the mediocre amount of enjoyment I’m getting? Answer is “no” but hey I’m eating it so I might as well make the most of it….

Someone: See aren’t you glad you took one?
Me: (politely) Yeah totally, thanks
Someone: I’m having one more, come on cheers (hands me another one)!
Me: …sigh….

CaseyKanorado, KS

large count decent price

these are the largest count box i can find online and at a decent price.
CleliaSpiritwood, ND

everyone loves these

you can’t go wrong with these unless you are sending them to a diabetic, then you are bound to get into trouble because they will not be able to resist these!
MaurineStockertown, PA

Wouldn’t Send as a Present 🙁

I love the product. However the gift box was broken and the individual chocolates a bit beat up. I’d be ashamed to offer this item as a gift. This will be a family treat. Oh, the gift box was not a flat one layer as pictured.

UPDATE: Item image now represents the gift box. However cracked, chipped boxes are still sent out BUT the candy still is good! Watch out ordering during the heat wave so you don’t get melted mush.

SherrellHyannis, NE

Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates 48 count gift box

Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates 48 count gift box; Best chocolate treats ever, I like to send them in bulk as gifts. I have yet to have an unsatisfied customer save an ex girlfriend who realized she would have to buy her own.
KarleneMedicine Park, OK


i am happy with this , received it on time, looks nice the chocolates were not knocked out of there spots, will make nice gifts, havent tried them so dont know about taste
GennaTeasdale, UT

Crunchy and rich, and makes an excellent gift

Made in Italy, these individually-wrapped chocolates make fantastic (and delicious) gifts for friends, family, clients, and co-workers. They look luxurious and because they come in bite-sized pieces, the box can be shared easily by the recipient.

They come in various sizes and varieties, including Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Chocolate 5.3oz. I’ve given Ferrero Rochers many times over the years to family members and colleagues and they’ve always been a hit. No one hates chocolate!

AltheaAntoine, AR

Old Chocolate

Not so old that you can’t eat them but if you’re going to give this as a gift I’d say pass – the chocolates themselves look like last years batch!
DionneArnold, MO


Well, this new box of chocolates is on its way, but my husband brought home some of these from NY and they are delicious. A crisp outer shell with soft, yummy stuff inside. I am getting these for Father’s Day, but they will be shared!!!!!
JohnsieDagmar, MT


This is an unbelievably delicious product. I am eating the last two pieces from the first tier right now and I JUST bought it from BJs (like Costco’s, or Sam’s Club) Tuesday morning! I need intervention, these are too delicious to stop. My original plan was to eat one a day (LOL!), four days later I’ve eaten six a day. Incidentally, from BJs this exact same box was $10.97.
MaritzaMiddleville, NY


I have been wanting to do a review for this chocolate for months now and finally got to it. I have always loved this chocolate to the extent my husband buys it for me whenever he sees it and I also buy my own. Used to be, the smooth chocolate coupled with crunchiness of the hazelnut were delectable! However, it seems to me as evidenced by its taste now that the maker of this chocolate has compromised its taste. I thought I just got a bad or old batch when I first noticed the taste about 7-8 months ago but I didn’t. I still did not believe that the taste has changed, I bought this chocolate many times after and in fact, has about 8 pieces left from the 36/pcs/pk I got from Sam’s Club. The taste has definitely changed in a way that first; the chocolate tastes more like sugar instead of tasting the chocolateness of it and second; the hazelnuts are smaller and seems to not be as fresh as it used to be. I am very sad that if ever the manufacturers of this chocolate was trying to cut cost, it has altered the quality taste of this chocolate, then it won’t be worth buying it anymore. After the batch that I have with me, I don’t think I will buy anymore out of my own pocket unless somebody gives it to me. I hope they will bring it back to its original taste as I am an avid fan of this chocolate for over 20 years now.
ChaseNardin, OK

awesome price!

Its chocolate, for the price, this thing is awesome. i got ti for my friend for her birthday and it put a smile on her face.
MelbaHerndon, PA

costco cheaper

The product was for my girl friend. The chocolate is great and it got here on time, but I just realized that it was cheaper at costco 🙁
VanForsyth, MT


Very good candies they where very fresh unlike some companies that give old ones I will definitely recommend this to a friend.
DanetteMollusk, VA


These are luscious and very indulgent and generous with chocolate. If you like hazelnuts, chocolate and finely ground nuts (but not powdered…have texture), then this is the candy for you. One is all you need to satisfy your chocolate addiction for the day.
ShonKawkawlin, MI

Very good chocolates

I thought they were gonna be expired but nope they weren’t. I am in love with these chocolates. The seller gave me 2 day shipping! Thank you sir/madam. Semper Fidelis.
ChristeneAltamont, MO

Delivering chocolate

Horrible, chocolate was melted when received. Not in a good condition at all. Delivery was a week. I hoped it would have been not melted, it wasn’t as great as it was melted.
RisaPaden City, WV

who doesn’t love chocolate?

these have always been one of my best friends treats. I bought then for her for a bday present. the case is elegant, however, it does need to be made a but stronger as mine was broken.
KeenanLangley, SC

Prompt delivery and Satiafaction guaranteed

These chocolates tasted amazing and came very fast! Faster than the delivery projection and they were a great gift for my girlfriend. Thanks again I’ll definintely be a returning customer.
BlancheWar, WV


LOVED THE CHOCOLATES. I was afraid they would be stale, but they were perfect. i saved so much money !!
TanishaCartersburg, IN

On my list

This is the easy way to Christmas shop. Amazon even gift wraps even though it is already nicely packaged. I buy in bulk so I don’t pay shipping. Everyone loves these Ferrero chocolates especially our mailperson. It’s been a traditon. I gave it four stars because the price could be a little lower.
KyraUniontown, WA


my wife loves these choloates the price is a bit much but they shipped nicely i had amazon credit so i did not care much when it comes to endulge my wife i love her and she loves these things so it was worth it
MilfordBrandt, SD

Pleasantly surpised

I bought this for Valentine’s Day and to my surprise, the box was not like the one pictured for this product. Instead, it was in a rectangular box with two layers of chocolate. This box looked amazing because of some triangular cut-outs making it look like a gemstone so I didn’t mind the difference. Of course, the chocolate was delicious. Please remember to share!
LuellaIthaca, NE