Festival Mandarin Oranges Whole in Light Syrup, 11-Ounce

Festival Mandarin Oranges Whole In Light Syrup comes in a 11 ounce pack. It is rich source of vitamin C. Do not contain any fats and cholesterol. It is packed in light syrup and passion fruit juice. Since 1963, Acme Food Sales has imported fancy foods from all over the world. Three generations of my family have sourced quality products and your satisfaction is guaranteed. The Festival label represents our sourcing partner’s efforts to provide the finest quality food products for our loyal customers throughout the United States.

Quick facts

  • Case of 24-11 oz cans
  • Good source of Vitamin C
  • Naturally Fat Free;Cholesterol free
  • Packed in light syrup using fancy satsuma oranges
  • Product of China

Top reviews

Handy Item

We have these chilled for dessert after Chinese food. It’s always possible to find a few cans stashed away in the fridge for just such occasions — very handy!
GarfieldSolgohachia, AR

Very Good Product!

We like to have some long-shelf-life foodstuffs so we can improvise meals at times when getting to the food market is difficult. We store cases of beans, veggies and some prepared meals in our pantry shelves. Some of the items are canned or dried fruit and one of them is a case of Festival Mandarin Oranges in light syrup. We purchased the case at our local Costco store and the case is now about three quarters finished. These mandarin oranges are delicious. They’re very flavorful and I like the light syrup which makes them much less sweet than many canned fruits. I enjoy them as snacks now and then. An entire can is less than 200 calories. My wife and toddler like them too. We all like them best chilled so you’ll generally find a can in the fridge. It’s a very good product.

Gary Peterson

VadaCanton, OK