Fiber Formula Cat Treats 2.1-Ounce

“A veterinarian should recommend a feeding level based on a cat’s fitness, health, and dietary needs. Fiber Formula Cat Treats meet nutritional guidelines for: Weight-control programs. Sodium-restricted diets. Fat-restricted diets. Supplemental fiber source. Geriatric programs. Most healthy cats.”

Quick facts

  • Dispensed by veterinarians
  • Hairballs
  • Heart disease and diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Urinary tract and colon problems

Top reviews

Great product

I have 3 cats and all of them love these treats! One of my cats has “manx syndrome” (chronic constipation), this product helps treat this problem. I’ve never found any supplement or medication that helps as much as these fiber treats. In addtion I think it helps with hairballs.
LesiaSonora, CA

Top Kitty Treats

This high fiber treat was recommend by my vet in Plano, TX who also carried the treat. My cats love these treats. After moving to Albuquerque we were unable to find these readily, so it was great to find them online. We have to regulate the feeding of an overweight cat, so these are handy as a little treat when he starts begging for food before his regular feeding time.
LeiaHurleyville, NY

My cats love them

These cat treats were recommended by my vet for my new kitten, and I can buy them here for MUCH less than at the vet’s office. They are supposed to be “healthy” treats and both of my cats really love them.

I’ll keep buying them from Amazon.

SavannaKeaau, HI


These were recommended by my vet for my two cats. I like that they are healthy and a fiber formula. I really like that my cats love them! Will be ordering them again and again.
KatharinaArroyo Seco, NM

Chrismon loves them!

Our cat has long hair and sometimes has a problem with hairballs and coughing them up. “Stewart fiber treats for cats” keeps things moving through her and eliminates the problem. Stewart Fiber Formula Cat Treats – 2.1 oz
LaverneEdwards, CA

Tasty and popular…

STEWART Fiber Formula Cat Treats – 2.1 oz Our five cats from different backgrounds all love these popular fiber cat treats. It so convenient to order it by the case. It’s recommended by our local vets but is horribly expensive if bought from them. These wonderful Stewart fishes work both as a reward and a good fiber source for retardation of hair balls.
LilaBear, DE

Work great!

My cat has had stool softness for quite a while, and these treats, along with Wellness cat food, appear to have cured the problem. He gets several every day and loves them, and best of all, no more dirty butt!
MikaMiddlebury, CT

Finicky cat

I can’t really review this item because the cat for which I bought this product will not eat it. I have another cat that does eat it, but he doesn’t have a need for it.
LouannArcher, FL

For picky cats on special diets

Wonderful product. When my vet recommended a high fiber, low fat diet, I searched for treats all my 4 cats would like. They all love these! I have since recommended them to other owners and these treats are an all around hit.
ShereeLewisburg, TN

Healthful and tasty to cats

I first found this product at my vet’s office and now buy it a couple of times a year by the case. My cat looks forward to a treat each morning and night before bed. I now give her nothing else but Fiber Formula where before we had 3 or 4 items. She never tires of them.
OdessaFence, WI

Pretty good for what I needed, as far as I can tell

My biggest complaint about this product is that they don’t give you any guideline as to how many you should give your cat daily. I know that they can’t say specifically, because it would probably depend on the issue you are trying to treat, but if they could at least say give anywhere from 10-100000 a day in general that would help out a LOT. The vet I most recently went to was the typical all about the money man who milks every person for every dime he can & quite frankly shouldn’t have been working with cats in the first place (he was obviously uncomfortable handling them). When I asked him about fiber options the ONLY thing he recommended was a Science Diet food that he was getting high dollar paid for selling (they are known for pushing that brand at their office) I had to research on my own to find these treats & when I called them about possibly getting an idea of how many to feed daily of course they had no idea. All I can say about most vets these days is one word- GREED!

My cat likes the treats- she will eat pretty much any treat though so this was no surprise. I don’t know if they are working properly because I got them to help her go to the bathroom more often due to her anal gland issues but so far I haven’t noticed if they are doing anything for her.

JaimePlains, GA

My cat loves these

I have a very picky eater, but she loves these. The vet fed them to her as he was examining her and she hardly seemed to care that he was there as long as the treats kept coming. I found one whole bag fits nicely into an old pimento jar, which is good – she’s manged to tear open less filmstrip containers before in her quest for these treats. They also do seem to help with her hair balls and regularity.
AlbertoCrane, MT

Snack Time

My first thought when I saw these treats at my Vet’s office was my kitties won’t eat these. They are low in sodium, calories and have fiber they can’t possibly taste good. I purchased a package anyway and was glad I did. : ) My cats love these treats and I can feel good giving them. It was great to find an online source to buy these as I recently re-located and was unable to find them locally.
NapoleonMontezuma Creek, UT


My elderly cat was having obvious signs of constipation. I had tried canned pumpkin and other foods and products to try to help her. After reading the reviews for this product and seeing the great price with free shipping, I knew I had to try it. I received the treats quickly and gave several to both of my cats, who gobbled them down. (They are quite finicky and, other than greenies, these are the only treats I’ve ever gotten them to eat.) Within 12 hours of eating the treats, my elderly cat went to the bathroom. She was like a new cat and was obviously feeling a ton better. Thank you, Fiber Formula, for helping my poor cat. I would highly recommend these treats to any cat owner, especially one whose cat is having issues with constipation.
CarlaBig Springs, WV

Cat Likes It

Delivery of product and product itself is as described. My cat appears to like it although she did not jump on it. I had to have her lick it a bit to get a taste. She is very finicky.
DewittKellysville, WV

Perfect treats for cats with urinary issues

These treats were recommended by my vet for a cat with both struvite and calcium oxalate crystals. She is on a very strict diet and any variations causes her immense pain. These treats don’t aggravate her urinary problems, and she loves them. My vet quit carrying them, and the price through Amazon is better. I highly recommend these treats whether your cat has urinary problems or not.
MariannaLake Ariel, PA

Review of Fiber Formula

I have been using this product through my veterinarian’s office. It was becoming difficult to get there just to purchase these so I had to look for another way. I found them on Amazon and was happy to find the price was even cheaper. The orders have always come very quickly. Purrr
RossanaNeoga, IL

Kitty loves these

Wow, my cat loves these…. well, for a week… hard to say what’ll happen next week 😉

So on flavor/desire alone this is a winner… as far as results? I’ve been having broader issues with her constipation which I attributed to her thyroid meds and diet swings (she’s suddenly no longer interested in her “favorite” foods so I’m trying to find some new favorites for her but this means she’s getting less water, less food, and her poops are therefore rare and dense… working on it!)

I’d get these again just on appeal alone!

IeshaNorth Woodstock, NH


I asked my Vet if this type of cat treat would be good for my cat, Mischa. He said it was one of the more nutritional treats to give to cats.

Mischa loves his little fishie’s. That is what they look like. So I would recommend this product for any cat owner.


FredaNorth Scituate, MA

my cat loves these

My cat doesn’t like any of the typical grocery store type cat treats. However, I discovered that he just loves these fiber treats. He actually cries for them every morning…now I have to make sure I don’t run out of these. He’s 15 years old and I figure the fiber can’t hurt either.
JennaSwanlake, ID