Fiber One Chewy Bars, Oats and Caramel, 5 – 1.4 Ounce Bars

Fiber one granola bars oats and caramel is a chewy bar that gives you 9 grams of fiber with each tasty serving. It has decadent taste and is a excellent source of fiber. It contains milk. Soy, peanut, sunflower, wheat and almond. Starting with two flour mills in the 1860s, general mills revolutionized the milling industry, producing flour with superior baking properties and fiber one is a brand of general mills.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 7-Ounce box (Total of 84-Ounce Boxes)
  • Whole oats and caramel flavored drops with delicious drizzle
  • 35% daily value of fiber (3.5 grams of total fat per bar)
  • 9 grams of fiber per serving
  • 8 grams or more whole grain per serving (eat at least 48 grams or more of whole grains daily)

Top reviews

Fiber-None Bars Don’t Be Fooled!

Fiber one bars actually don’t have real fiber. They contain inulin (from chicory root) which is technically fiber because the body can’t digest it. Unfortunately fiber is defined by anything that can’t be broken down easily. These bars do not contain REAL fiber. (The real fiber usually found in whole grain breads and cereals) So if it says “chicory root” or “inulin” in the ingredients, you can be sure you aren’t eating the fiber your body can actually use.
KendallKnightstown, IN

High fiber isn’t necessarily a good thing!

I recently cut fiber one bars out of my diet after I noticed that I get all the fiber I need in a day just by eating whole wheat bread, fruits, vegetables and nuts. If you don’t have many of the aforementioned foods in your daily diet, then one or two of these a day may be a good fiber supplement. However, this comes at the cost of making you extremely gassy all through the day, which can be embarrassing and sometimes even annoying when it’s more frequent than the occasional toot that slips out. IMHO, it’s better to get the daily dietary fiber your body needs via the more natural means that I mentioned above.

Another thing to keep in mind, especially when dieting, is that these bars are pretty high in sugar. (As much as 10g added sugar per bar!) Considering a “healthy” amount of added sugar per day maxes out at about 40-50g per day, eating a few of these bars will chew right through that cap in no time. There’s also emerging research showing that eating high-sugar foods (like fiber one bars) will make you crave more sweets, leading you to eat or drink even more unhealthy things like candy bars and sodas. So if you’re on a diet, eating these bars probably aren’t as great for your diet as you think!

I’ve been fiber one free for two weeks now and I’m happy for the decision. (And so are my friends!)

JoLagrange, OH

Delicious Food With Entertainment to Follow!

These are easily the tastiest fiber you will ever consume. The aftereffects are really, really memorable. The number one ingredient is Chicory Root Extract, an ingredient that just may hold the clue to solving our natural gas shortage. Wow! I through a bunch of these out in a day long meeting and everyone enjoyed them. About two hours later it became flat-out humorous. We couldn’t quit erupting. We had to finish the budget that day so we all sat around, stewing in our natural aroma, wondering what had happened. Do a Google search on Fiber One F***ts and you will be amazed. I love to eat these but not when I have to be in public later.
JesusaWestport, IN

9 Grams of Fiber that tastes like a treat

I have had all three of the Fiber One Bars (oats & chocolate, oats & peanut butter, and oats & caramel). I didn’t really care for the oats & chocolate, but I like the oats & peanut butter a lot. It tastes very good with a nice mellow peanut butter flavor. Even my young boys (6 and 3) like it. As good as oats & peanut butter is, though, the caramel is 10 times better. It tastes like a candy bar. Obviously, it has a firm texture, but it’s not dry by any stretch. It makes a great breakfast or part of a breakfast that can stick with you for a few hours. It can also serve as a very satisfying snack. I will confess that, since my supply of these bars has been limited, I haven’t had my kids try them yet. But, now that I have been finally able to order these from Amazon, I will definitely let them try this new flavor.
DanaCanaan, NY

Inulin — take it slowly!

Inulin, found in chicory root, is the key ingredient here; everything else in the bar is designed to make it possible for you to eat the inulin. Search the web on inulin (not insulin!) — it is being touted as a wonderful probiotic ingredient. And there’s no question that eating these bars will make the trains run on time, so to speak.

The problem is that not everyone tolerates inulin well, and tolerance is at different doses. Some people experience gas, cramps, frequent bowel movements with tarry stool, and other kinds of GI distress. This is not because of the increase in fiber per se — it is a reaction to the specific fiber here, inulin.

The bars are very sweet but don’t treat them like a snack until you know how your body reacts. (I read with horror the account of one person who sat down with a box and polished off four or five in a sitting.) Take it very very slowly. I can tolerate one (1) bite of a bar a day; more than that and I get in trouble, period. At one bite a day, this case of bars is lasting me a long, long time. On the other hand, I’m not worried about the calories in the bar at that rate either.

If you don’t finish a bar you need to keep it in a baggie or container because it will dry out and become substantially less appealing. Taste is fine, but I wish I had gotten the chocolate so that I could get my choco fix on at the same time.

LomaStrong, ME

Lots of fiber, fairly tasty

I bought a boatload of these at Costsco. They ended up being 18 cents each. How could I pass up the bargain. Anyway, these are very sweet, a little too sweet for me, but they do taste good. They are chewy and have an oatmeal cookie kind of flavor. I don’t taste much caramel flavoring, but the taste is still good enough for me to eat one a day without fussing. They go well with milk.
HershelMedusa, NY


I’ve tried all the different flavors of bars that Fiber One offers and these are definitely my favorite. The caramel flavor is light and sweet and the fiber in these bars (a whopping 9g!) makes them a very filling snack or a quick meal on the go! I typically enjoy these in the afternoon to carry me through between lunch and dinner but have eaten them for breakfast on occasion as well and they keep me satisfied until lunch. Fiber is one of the hardest things for me to get enough of (25-35g is recommended daily) and these bars definitely help! Some people have reported digestive upset when eating these but I’ve never had a problem with them. I highly recommend this product!
CasandraFranklin, NE

The Best product for Dietary Fiber Intact

OMG, things little treasures are wonderful!! I LOVE these bars. I have problems with constipation and these little bars help so much. When I eat one bar daily, I will have daily BM’s. I can’t wait to buy the muffins!
MeaghanWhite Salmon, WA

Great price and great food

If you are having troubles going to the restroom, eat this once a day and it does wonders.
VandaWarrenton, MO

Best taste in Granola Bars

I have had a lot of granola bars in the past. Never satisfied with anyone so far. But this is it! No need to look any further than this if you want fiber that tastes great.
FriedaPioneer, CA

Tasty Treat

If you are looking for a tasty snack, look no further. These caramel Fiber One bars taste like a cross between a candy bar and a granola bar. The consistency is chewy, but not so chewy that it gets stuck in your teeth. Since each bar provides 35% of daily recommended fiber, it’s relatively healthy as well. For those individuals that are on Weight Watchers, these bars are 2 points each… and well worth it. I highly recommend this snack. I also recommend the peanut butter Fiber One bars, although they are not quite as tasty, in my opinion. Fiber One Bars Oats And Peanut Butter, 5-Count Boxes (Pack of 12)
JosefinaValencia, CA

So yummy, hard to believe they’re good for you!

Fiber One bars are my FAVORITE way of getting daily fiber. The caramel flavor is my 2nd favorite flavor to buy. These bars are so GOOD, I have to limit how many I buy because they are addictive! No other fiber tastes as good a Fiber One Bars….
KizzieBancroft, MI

Chewy goodness, and somewhat “healthy” too!

I take these Fiber One bars with me to work, they are a GREAT mid-morning snack! They are filling, taste great (I LOVE caramel!!) and have less fat and more fiber than most other “health” bars. I would recommend you try them!
CarylonHobbs, IN

Great taste, bad experience later

These taste really good. I wish I could eat one everyday. However, I can’t because they make my stomach start rumbling and I have to go to the bathroom pretty soon after eating one. These don’t help to regulate you. They make you have to go poop over and over and over.
ChristalHazelwood, NC


This is my favorite of all the Fiber One Granola Bars ~~ after all it has caramel in it!
What could be better? I throw a couple in my purse and know I can have some treats during the day.


BernardStockbridge, WI

Personal favorite …

This is my personal favorite flavor of these bars … they’re more of a butterscotchey than a carameley. I eat one almost every day so I don’t mind getting such a large quantity because they do get eaten. Much cheaper to buy here with free shipping than a box a week in the store, that’s for sure.
TorrieChalmers, IN

quick tasty energy

I normally eat a high protein diet and find myself in dire need of a good carbohydrate energy source throughout the day…these Fiber One Oats and Caramel bars really do the trick, taste great, and help everything move right along – a winner in my book!
LazaroSuburb Maryland Fac, MD

Good Tasting Granola Bars

Most health bars taste awful. Fiber One Granola Bars Oats & Caramel is not bad at all. A little chewy, but it does not crumble when you bite it while other snack bars shatters to hundreds of pieces of crumbs. This one you can enjoy even if you are in front of your computer keyboard.
Just a bit small for my satisfaction.
MiraBiddle, MT

Fiber all the way

Great way to get your daily fiber. I eat this every morning for breakfast along with my high fiber bread toast. Taste delicious too. The only problem I have is that it is way too sweet. Too much sugar. Otherwise excellent source of daily fiber.
NomaSeelyville, IN


Good but not the best, they are really good considering how much fibre they have but the peanut butter ones are the best!
IolaWestline, PA


These bars are very good for you with an awesome taste!! I love them, I try to eat one for breakfast every day and already have lost a little weight. I wouldn’t recommend eating more than 1 per day because of the fiber, well you know!! But they are delicious!! Caramel is my fav along with choc!!
GeorgiannaParker, CO

nice taste

Granted, this isn’t as tasty as a Milky Way candy bar, but for all its benefits, I could do without my daily candy bar and substitute this. I microwaved one and put some vanilla ice cream on it and it was awesome. They are also fine just out of the box. “Eating oatmeal cookie dough” is one of the best ways to describe these.
HiramMahanoy Plane, PA