Fiber One Chewy Bars, Oats and Chocolate, 5-Count Boxes

Fiber One Chewy Bars, Oats and Chocolate contains rich chocolate chips and all that fiber in one delicious bar. That means you’ll be getting 35% of the daily fiber recommendation while you’re busy enjoying an indulgent snack . Taking care of yourself suddenly sounds like fun.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 12, 5-count boxes (60)
  • 35% of daily fiber in a bar
  • Good source of calcium
  • Pack of twelve, 5-count box (Total of 60-Count Boxes)
  • Whole oats and chocolate chips with delicious chocolate flavored drizzle
  • 35% daily value of fiber (4 grams of total fat per bar)
  • 9 grams of fiber per serving
  • 8 grams or more whole grain per serving (Eat at least 48 grams or more of whole grains daily.)

Top reviews

Fun for all ages!!!

The reviews of this extraordinary product pretty much cover the bases. Tasty? Check. Full of fiber? Check. Causes extreme gut pain? Check. Causes nonstop farting like you were born in New Jersey? HELL YEAH.

What can I add to this?

Well, a few months back my coworkers and I drew up a contract for a spirited competition. The contestants were to eat three bars back to back with plenty of fluid at breakfast. The winner would be determined by the last person to use the bathroom. Unfortunately during a test run where I consumed three bars in one sitting, I discovered that even tapping out and running at a full sprint to the bathroom was too much of a risk – especially at work! Thank GOD I was wearing my Ex Officio Give-N-Go Briefs! That at least contained the rush that I experienced.

We devised a different sport to compete in. Eat one bar and then 30 minutes later go to the gym and use the elliptical machine. You win in one of two ways: 1. Hold out and do not pass gas at all during a 20 minute workout. However you can also win by passing enough gas to drive your competitors off of their machines. So even if you tap out early you can still win.

It is critical to use the elliptical during this challenge due to the rapid cheek movement it causes.

I gotta stop eating these things. No one wants to sit near me anymore.

LiAfton, VA

Trip #10 to the toilet after one bar, WATCH OUT!

A co-worker left these in the breakroom. I ate one up, boy was it delicious. Within 90 minutes I had to go to the bathroom, it has continued all day. Gastric Distress to the max! I read the wrapper, it has 9 grams of fiber. If you are not a large consumer of fiber in your diet, I say eat 1/3 of a bar and stop. See what happens. Due to the unexpected results I had to give this a one star. No wonder the bars were up for grabs in the breakroom! I wonder who else in the office is suffering.
ElveraGeneva, TX

Fiber: 1, Farts: 20

This product is known to give people gas. I actually counted over a period of several days and each bar caused me to fart 18-22 times from four to six hours after I ate it. If you live alone or are on cipro for athrax exposure and your intestines are sterile, maybe you can live with that side effect. Otherwise, it’s better to give to someone as a joke than to eat yourself.

Other than that, it tastes pretty good if not too sweet.

Additional comments 17 months after my above review:

First, let me state on their box General Mills had plenty of room to educate about different fiber sources while promoting the variety of fiber products they produce.

I had a chance to try Target’s generic competitor to this food product and found the same stinkin’ results.

Using Wikipedia (yes a printed dictionary would be more reliable) I see that the main ingredient of these products, called “Chicory Root Extract”, is full of an indigestible sugar called inulin that ferments into gas in your large intestine. Inulin is no doubt responsible for the too-sweet taste of the bars that I mentioned in my first review 17 months ago.

Another vegetable containing inulin is the Jerusalem Artichoke for which Wikipedia has the following snippet:
Gerard’s Herbal, printed in 1621, quotes the English planter John Goodyer on Jerusalem artichokes:
“which way soever they be dressed and eaten, they stir and cause a filthy loathsome stinking
wind within the body, thereby causing the belly to be pained and tormented, and are a meat more
fit for swine than men.”

Ergo I conclude Fiber One bars are more fit for swine than men. If people knew that in year 1621, why is General Mills putting out an inulin-filled product now? And why in all their biased, pro-fiber packaging is there not a single mention of the gastrointestinal side effects known to effect a large swath of the population for almost 400 years? Corporate food scientists don’t just throw random boxes from the undesirable vegetable dispensary into a stew, and somehow get instant FDA approval and national distribution channels, folks.

BronwynSouthampton, MA

Dried Cardboard

Per doctors orders, I am trying to add more fiber to my diet. I purchased these with high hopes after reading all the positive reviews. The texture is a lot like sawdust and cardboard mixed with chocolate chips. I could not choke it down without a full 20 ounces of water. I know you are supposed to increase your water intake with a high fiber diet, but I dont want to have to eat something where I feel like I am gagging on it. These are going into the office slush bag of food no one would eat unless desperate.
ChristianeAthens, OH

Tastes great but GAS

I am laughing while writing this. You would NOT BELIEVE the sounds coming from my body today after eating one of these for breakfast! I feel I could float away, I have so much gas in me! They taste delicious! But this is one heck of a side effect! I’ve never tooted for 30 seconds straight before so it’s quite amusing, but I won’t be eating another one. I think I’ll give the rest to people as gag gifts.
AdahCrockett Mills, TN

Check ingredients first

This bar is very very sweet and contains many ingredients that I have tried so hard to stay away from for the past few years. Anyone interested in their health will find fibre in much more healthy foods. If the ingredient list had been provided, I probably would not have made the purchase in the first place.. duh
IsadoraLakeville, MA

Not worth it!

They taste great, BUT one bar gave me VERY bad stomach pains and diarhrea for several days. Unfortunately I didn’t realize it was the bar for a week. I just thought I was sick. Do a google search and you’ll find dozens of people with similar reactions.
LashellNatick, MA


At roughly 55 cents (subscribed price) per unit, I unfortunately found out (too late) that this was at least 20 cents more than my local grocery store. I called Amazon and there was nothing they would do about it. I suggest checking out pricing at your local grocery store prior to purchasing this item. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Its a good product, but sadly overpriced on
RosemaryRutland, MA

Fiber One Bars – Palm Kernel Oil!

Are these tasty? Very! High in fiber? Of course. But come on General Mills! Palm Kernel Oil?
For those who have to watch their saturated fat content BEWARE – one of these bars have 9% of the recommended daily allowance. Palm Kernel Oil? Shame on you General Mills!
GwynethSyracuse, NY

Taste Awful

I have tried and enjoyed the Fiber One 90 Calorie Chocolate bars, so I thought I would try these Oats and Chocolate bars since they were on sale. After making my way through two boxes (I usually eat one a day as a snack). At this point, I can’t eat anymore. The taste is just bad. It’s not disgusting or anything, but they do not taste good by any means. I can only handle eating one a week now, or have one daily and always have something else better to eat right afterward. Oats and Chocolate made me think I was going to get something that tasted like Quaker Granola Bars. That is not the case, I don’t even know that chocolate is an ingredient. They just taste bad. Try the Fiber One 90 Calorie Chocolate bars – somehow, the healthier bars taste better.
VictorinaFowlerton, IN

Great for getting your fiber up…not for the weak stomach peeps

I have been eating Fiber One bars for 2 years now, and I’ve lost 50lbs. I am a runner and I’m always thinking of ways to increase my fiber intake. Luckily Fiber One products have me covered. These bars are so easy to take with you; to the gym, work, lunch, as a snack! I buy them in bulk now and enjoy them in my lunches. The recommended amount of fiber a person should have a day is about 18-25 grams…and this one little bar can take care of 9 of those grams! How awesome is that?! I love the chocolate ones the best, but they now have a new one call chocolate mocha! And the gas that people have talked about on these reviews goes away once your body is able to handle more fiber. I have none of those side effects now. Enjoy!
DiamondPurvis, MS

Great taste, very filling, and lots of fiber

I love these Fiber One Bars Oats and Chocolate. They’re very tasty and satisfy my chocolate craving. Granted, these aren’t the most healthy thing in the world, but given that my other breakfast options are either a) no breakfast, b) the drive thru with the shortest line on my way to work, or c) Pop Tarts, they’re far healthier than my own personal alternatives. They’re chewy, sweet and easily portable (a huge plus for a busy worker and student).

I generally get far, far less of the daily recommended fiber, so this was a fantastic way for me to increase my fiber intake and actually eat breakfast most mornings. I actually found that eating one of these in the morning along with a big bottle of water spiked with some sort of calorie free flavoring (like Crystal Light) kept me very full until lunch, and sometimes later. So I wasn’t contemplating eating my keyboard by lunchtime anymore.

At 140 calories per bar, they aren’t super low in calories. But I’ve also tried a number of the 100-calorie bars with flavors like Oreo, Chips Ahoy, etc, and the Fiber One Oats & Chocolate are larger, more filling, way higher in fiber, and taste a lot better, all for only 40 more calories. It does contain 4 g of fat, with 1.5 g of that as saturated (bad) fat. On the plus side, it does have 1.5 g of monounsaturated (good) fat, no cholesterol and is low in sodium (only 90 mg or 4% RDA).

The main pro for me has been the 40 pounds lost that a healthier diet and exercise helped me to achieve, and Fiber One has been a part of that healthier diet. These are certainly healthier than my usual morning routine; I could only eat 3/4 of ONE Pop-Tart for the same number of calories (and be honest, who ever only eats even one of the Pop Tarts in the little foil pack? Not me, I always eat both, so one of these bars is approximately 1/3 the number of calories as the two-pack of Pop Tarts, with 9 times more filling fiber).

I never had the gas or upset stomach problem that others have mentioned on here, and I usually have a pretty sensitive digestive system. If you don’t usually eat much fiber, there is the off chance that you’ll have a few less than pleasant reactions to increasing your fiber. I had no such problems, and have learned that the increased fiber makes me fuller longer than pure carbs like Pop Tarts and that my digestive system seems to be working better now that I’m getting an extra boost of fiber. Give them a try and see how they work for you!

My diabetic dad and I both love these. My dad has not noticed any significant impact on his blood sugar levels or how he feels after eating these, and they’re so good that he sometimes eats two or three at a time. He calls them his candy bars.

In terms of flavor, the chocolate is my favorite. I don’t like peanut butter in anything, but I guess that flavor is okay if you like peanut butter. I don’t like the apple or the strawberry; they’re too chewy and don’t actually taste like fruit in any way. The caramel was okay, but almost too sweet for me (and that’s hard to accomplish!). I haven’t tried the mocha because I don’t like coffee either. The chocolate is great though, it does taste almost like a chocolate bar and is very yummy for chocoholics like me!

So, overall, I highly recommend that you give these a try. I’ve found these bars to be fabulous, and I stock up when they go on sale because I know that I will (eventually) eat them all. I keep a couple in my purse, car, and desk drawer- you never known when you’re going to get stuck working through lunch or sitting in traffic until Doomsday.

KaceyCeresco, NE

cheaper @ the warehouse store

i love these bars! I was sad to find out that I spent almost 2x as much as I could have – the warehouse store had it for 9.99 for 30.
ErichHannastown, PA

A daily source of GI distress (cramping & flatulence)

I ate approximately 4 of these rather deceptively delicious bars through a one day period and had one of the worst episodes of cramping and gas in my life. And on top of that, I was at work, orchestrating a cacophony of trumpet piercing farts in the acoustically optimal office restroom. I had to sit on the toilet about 8 times that day and by the end of the night, the mucosa of my rectum was prolapsing out of my anus. It was burning down there as if I had an enema with a pint of Tabasco sauce. If you insist on eating these, be sure you are alone and at home.
ChantellTwilight, WV

Fiber One Bars

I have bought the Fiber One Bars in Oats & Chocolate, and Oats & Peanut Butter. I love them both. The Chocolate are my personal favorite. It’s nice to me to have them individually wrapped for a quick snack or meal to keep in my car while I’m driving to jobs or between jobs. The taste is sweet and satisfies my sweet tooth without a lot of the guilt and it does fill you up and has 35% fiber. It’s especially nice to order groceries through Amazon when they are having sales and then get them delivered for free to your door. My kind of grocery shopping! You won’t go wrong with these snacks or meals!
OdaVintondale, PA

Excellent snack bars!

When I tasted my first Fiber One bar, the only thought running through my head was, “why on earth didn’t I buy more of these?” These bars taste better than any high fiber bar out there. I had to read and re-read the nutritional information. There are 9 grams of fiber in each bar. Imagine eating something REALLY good and good for you. I can’t say that about too many food items. But, I gladly recommend this product. Every flavor has an outstanding taste. Even my three year old loves them. Need I say anything more?
CorenePrimrose, KY

Yummy Bar-Bad Gas

Yes, indeed! These are really yummy bars with a delightful chewy texture, but OH MY GOSH! THE GAS! I ate one this morning and am still suffering from gas and groaning bowels. I don’t give up easily, either. I got a box of 30 of these things from Costco and have “tested” about half of them and the same thing has happened every time I’ve eaten one. I am giving up and throwing the rest out. Please note that the first listed ingredient is chicory root extract. I looked that up online and found out that chicory root is a mild laxative! Goodbye tasty little bars!
JoesphWallins Creek, KY

So good and so bad

The Good: Fiber One Bars taste great, are high in Fiber, and are a filling snack between meals

The Bad: Causes extreme gas, like nothing I have eaten before, and some minor stomach cramps.

MariannBranch, AR

Amazon let me down!

I signed up for subscribe and save and my last delivery was June 12th! Today is September 17, 2008 and although it shows these now in stock, I still haven’t been shipped mine. I’ve called Amazon about this a few times and cannot get anyone in the USA. The out of Country people just don’t get the problem. If I suscribe to save, how can you be “out of stock?” Don’t they pre-order for those that have the subscriptions? I just cancelled, they are cheaper at Sams & Costco anyway and ALWAYS in stock. Beware of this subscribe & save….you’ll save all right since you won’t get this. Down to a 1 star for customer service, 5 stars for taste.
These bars are chewy, sweet, delicious and loaded with fiber too! If you love chocolate, you can’t go wrong buying this flavor of Fiber One Bars. These make a quick meal, a snack after exercising, dessert or just ue as an addition to your fiber intake. Be careful, they become addictive and it’s easy to eat another one…
GearldineWest Charleston, VT

Great Tasting

I just bought these fiber one bars a couple hours ago and I’m completely satisfied with the taste, actually I was surprised it tasted so good. I will definitely purchase more in the future. The only down side is that it has to many carbs, but taking one a day for those times where you need something sweet is perfect.
CarlyMonticello, SC

Give me my Fiber One!

Every month, I send Fiber One bars to my cousin. She has been bedridden in a nursing home for over 5 years. AND SHE LOVES FIBER ONE!

I was greatly disturbed when she called me and said she had not received her monthly shipment. I checked with Amazon and discovered that the package had been delivered on May 4th. Therefore, I can only speculate what happened.

I don’t know who is more distressed – my cousin or me. She LOVES her Fiber One Oats and Chocolate! It serves as a healthy evening snack or when she is watching television and gets “the hungries.”

I hope there will be no further experiences of this type and that I can continue to send her Fiber One every month.

Thank you for the opportunity to relate this story to you and for the wonderful Fiber One products.

JanisBend, OR

Fiber one bars

My favorite fiber bar. It is really in disguise as a health bar that tastes really good. That is always a plus for my taste buds!
LymanLarsen, WI

Tastes great, but not exactly a “health” bar.

I bought these to try to supplement my fiber intake without having to deal with powders and pills. Over the last few years I’ve found that increasing my fiber intake is a great way of losing weight and maintaining it, so I try to get around 30g a day. Foods high in fiber fill you up more quickly and aid in digestion, The Daily Recommended Value of fiber for adults is 25g per day. Most people in America probably get much less than that, closer to 7-10g a day. At 9g of fiber per serving, just eating one of these bars a day will provide a lot of assistance in meeting the DRV.

In addition to the fiber content, the bars really taste great. I’ve never been a fan of granola-type bars, and figured with a name like “Fiber One” these would taste like cardboard, but they are one of the best meal bars I’ve eaten. They are moist and have a good texture. All of the ingredients seem fresh.

At 4g, these bars are very low in saturated fat (they contain poly and monounsaturated fats – the “good fats). Total net carbohydrates is 19G (28g-9g of fiber), so they do contain a little more sugar than I would like (it is the third largest ingredient). Here is the nutritional info:

Calories – 140
Total Fat – 4g (2g saturated)
Carbohydrates – 29g
Fiber – 9g
Protein – 2g

My only real problem with these bars are the ingredients. They are fairly heavily processed. The second main ingredient is “Semisweet chocolate chips.” Following that are whole grain oats, and then corn syrup. Although these are a fairly significant source of additional fiber, I would have preferred they not add all the extra sugar.

AgustinaSardinia, OH

It would be great, if it wasn’t for the poops

I love the taste of these bars, but the poops always come within 30 minutes of eating just one. It’s not just poops, but crazy poops. Still… I eat them, but I make sure I am alone at home and near a bathroom. Those who aren’t effected must have intestines of steel. Co-workers and I were speaking about these bars this afternoon. I’d asked if any of them had ever eaten them and, if so, what kind of side-effects resulted. After all the embarrassed smiles and giggles, I didn’t have to ask further. Maybe they could reduce the fiber just a little? Otherwise, the Chocolate Peanut Butter is the best.
ElisaTrafalgar, IN

Mmm Mmm delicious every time!

I’ve built up a tolerance to the fiber one bars. Don’t eat too many if you haven’t had one in a while. It’s best to slowly introduce them.

I don’t always eat them, maybe every 3-4 days. But when I do it’s usually a binge of at least 5 or more at a time( I know, it sounds excessive but my stomach handles them no problem). To me, it’s better than gorging on candy or other complete junk. After a binge I am so satisfied from the fiber, oats, and chocolate. They are always delicious every time, I never get sick of them. And after plowing through 5 or more, I know they are gonna go right through me and take other junk with them on the way out, what’s better than that? enjoy!

DavidChicago Ridge, IL

Delicous, But Be Careful!

Yes, these bars are SO tasty. They are chewy, chocolatey bars of delight.

However, if you don’t want to risk an embarrassing situation later, don’t eat one for breakfast. It doesn’t seem to happen with everyone, but I’ve eaten two of these in the past month, and both times they’ve given me horrible, annoying gas.

ApoloniaStreet, MD

Taste Great but hell on the stomach

Wow, I had one yesterday and all afternoon and night I was filled with gas. I couldn’t figure out what I ate that caused this but I loved them so much that I was looking on line for a place to order a big box. I’m so happy that I came across the reviews on Amazon, otherwise I would have ordered more boxes and had to get rid of them.
One thing I do know is that if your body is not used to a lot of Fiber that it can upset your stomach. What you may want to do it gradually introduce it into your diet i.e. start with a third of one and see if that bothers you. If it does, then its not the fiber – its something else in the bar. This is what I’m going to try because I really like them. Thanks for all of the reviews because I’m not sure I would have figured it out. There is a blog on the internet about these bars complaining about the same thing. They actually wrote to the company and received a response back that they all had a good laugh for the day!!!! The blogger said that there is chicory root in the bars and that can cause GI problems I will have to look at the ingredient list myself then look up the chicory root. If its not that, then its the fiber which means you have to gradually get your body used to it.
KellieRoulette, PA

One of my favorite snacks! Filling and non-fattening and tasty.

I started eating fibre one bars when I began Weight Watchers. I found it to be a tasty filling snack. Oats and chocolate is my favorite flavour. I don’t really care for the caramel or the peanut butter ones. But the oats and chocolate ones are delicious.

It’s hard to find them in large packs where I am but whenever I do, I scoop them up. I find them filling either for breakfast or as a mid-day snack. I used to hide them from my kids, as I do with all my Weight Watchers stuff, but finally realized that I should be happy they were eating them too (albeit frustrated that I would be met with an empty box when I went to pack my lunch).

These taste so good that it’s hard to believe they are healthy.

ShirleyWhite Mills, KY

High fiber isn’t necessarily a good thing!

I recently cut fiber one bars out of my diet after I noticed that I get all the fiber I need in a day just by eating whole wheat bread, fruits, vegetables and nuts. If you don’t have many of the aforementioned foods in your daily diet, then one or two of these a day may be a good fiber supplement. However, this comes at the cost of making you extremely gassy all through the day, which can be embarrassing and sometimes even annoying when it’s more frequent than the occasional toot that slips out. IMHO, it’s better to get the daily dietary fiber your body needs via the more natural means that I mentioned above.

Another thing to keep in mind, especially when dieting, is that these bars are pretty high in sugar. (As much as 10g added sugar per bar!) Considering a “healthy” amount of added sugar per day maxes out at about 40-50g per day, eating a few of these bars will chew right through that cap in no time. There’s also emerging research showing that eating high-sugar foods (like fiber one bars) will make you crave more sweets, leading you to eat or drink even more unhealthy things like candy bars and sodas. So if you’re on a diet, eating these bars probably aren’t as great for your diet as you think!

I’ve been fiber one free for two weeks now and I’m happy for the decision. (And so are my friends!)

QuinnMicro, NC

Great Bars, with a good price

These are really good chocolate oat bars, and although I know the price changes, the unit price I paid for them were pretty close to the unit price at Wal-Mart. You get 12 boxes of 5 for a total of 60 bar which is a lot. But I highly recommend them as daily snacks or even breakfast plus they’re high in fiber with their being 9g per bar. There are different flavors, but Oats and Chocolate is usually the cheapest. Overall, the bars are tasty, healthy, and great for snacks. I highly recommend.
ThomasinaChaska, MN