Fine Mesh Reusable Round Bottom Deluxe Nut Milk Bag

Nut milk bag deluxe (fine mesh, round bottom). This has a round bottom and can be used for straining up to a quart and half of liquid. Use this fine mesh nut milk bag for straining your nut milk to make them very smooth. Smooth nut milks go great in recipes and when serving meals to persons unfamiliar with raw foods. This is a nylon fine mesh bag so a little extra time will be needed to strain the milks but they will come out delicious. Tip add a little kelp or dulse to your nut milk, get the minerals going, also 1 T agave nectar per quart rounds out the flavor of nuts blended with water, a pinch of sea salt helps too.

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Not what I envisioned…

The picture is misleading. The product arrived in a bubble wrap package with advertising, about 10 times the size needed for the 2×3 inch plastic ziplock containing the actual strainer bag. They could’ve shipped it in a letter size envelope for less than a buck, but they charged me nine extra to send me crap that I threw away. Once I opened the product I immediately noticed that it was sewn all the way around with a double cross stitch. Looks like it’ll hold up, but the picture implied that it was without a seam, which is what I really wanted. I used it once so far, for kefir, and it felt very thin, but it is a very fine filter mesh so it makes sense. It’s also somewhat bigger than I thought it would be. I wouldn’t buy this product again for this purpose, but I’ll try using it for coffee as the reviewer before me has.
It’s not actually a four star product in my view, but it’s not so bad as three stars and there’s no in between.
MarielaMilford, KS

Pretty Good

This item didnt stain even after using it over and over to make overnight iced coffee. It strains very fine grounds. Yes I use it mostly for coffee and tea.
LacyHunt, TX