Finn Crisp Crispbread, Caraway, 7 Ounce

The Finn Crisp brand was established in 1952, when Finn Crisp thin crisps were launched at Helsinki Summer Olympic games. Simple, pure and powerful, the Finn Crisp captures the essence of Finland for millions of people worldwide who care about eating healthily. Finland has long traditions in crispbread consumption and the crispbreads have been known in every household since the 1800’s. During the heyday of agrarian society, in the western part of Finland, it was traditional to bake bread only twice a year: in the autumn when the crops were new and in the spring, when the fresh water flowed freely in the streams and rivers after the winter. The crispy and nutritious bread was easy to store as it remained delicious for months. Today the Finn Crisp range of crispbreads features plenty of tasty products from multigrain thin crispbreads to round crispbreads to original thin crisps flavored with caraway, garlic or coriander. The new Finn Crisp Plus range provides you an even tastier and healthier crunch. All our crispbreads are delicious yet nutritious.

Quick facts

  • High in fiber, all natural
  • Can be eaten on the run for a quick snack
  • Low-Fat, No trans fat
  • Perfect companion for your favorite cheese
  • Product of Finland

Top reviews

difference in taste

I have been using Finn Crisp for sometime now. Did you change the recipe? It’s not as good as before.
JohnsonMahopac Falls, NY

So glad to find these!

FYI, I bought these at the end of March and they have a Use By date at the beginning of July. That’s not much time to use up nine boxes, and I’d be concerned if I didn’t know better. These things last practically forever–here’s no fat in them to go rancid, and they’re in sealed plastic inside the box. One time I bought a large supply when a grocery store was going out of business, and I think I was still eating them after a year.

To me, these are nicer than Wasa, Ryvita or Ry Krisp. They are very thin and crispy and you don’t get that mouthful-of-sawdust feeling from them. They’re very good for spreading a stiff cheese like cream cheese right out of the fridge, as they are sturdy and won’t break up like a saltine would. Healthy, tasty, and a great price. Go for it!

JonJackson, MN

Finn Crisps great for weight-watchers style eaters

Low in calories, high in fiber. One of the best tasting crackers around for those who miss the crunch. I prefer the caraway.
DeloiseLecompton, KS

The best crackers

They are the most healthy (whole grain, no fat, no salt) and best tasting crackers.
CaridadEgg Harbor Township, NJ

Finn Crisp is the best.

This bread is delicious and healthy. The only problem: b/c it is so tasty one cannot stop eating. Mmmmmm good.
DelaineNashville, IL

caraway finn crisp

This is the best! Weight Watcher fans …these are only 1 point for 2 pieces. Use instead of bread or crackers. They are tasty, tasty, tasty! Only problem is how to not eat the whole box at one or two sittings.
CammieUllin, IL

Crispbread that can replace a slice of bread

This Crispbread product can replace a slice of bread. Several crisps have less calories than one slice of bread. You can spread cream cheese on it.It can easily be crumbled over salads.
WinstonWakefield, KS

My favorite crackers

Finn Crisp Caraway Crispbread are very tasty very thin “crackers” each 1 5/8 x 4 3/4. Finn Crisp are wonderful with melted cheese (about 20 seconds in a microwave). They can be used anyway you’d use crackers, with the benefit that they are less fragile, less likely to spontaneous disintegrate with the first bite—so Finn Crisp are actually better than crackers for dips and spreads and such. In fact, a very tasty, very healthy snack (if you aren’t counting every calorie) is simply a thin layer of mayo on a Finn Crisp.

I suppose Finn Crisp are healthy, a good source of fiber, with minimal processing, no preservatives, and such. However, Finn Crisp are simply my favorite crackers.

Finn Crips Original has a slightly sour flavor, like (unseeded) rye, pumpernickle or sour dough bread. Finn Crisp Original, Delicately Thin Rye Crispbread, 7-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 9) In contrast Finn Crisp Caraway has the flavor of seeded rye bread (i.e., with caraway seeds). If you prefer a milder flavor, try Finn Crisp Multigrain Finn Crisp Multigrain Thin Crisp, 6.2 Oz Boxes (Pack of 9)

$26 for a pack of 9 (or $21 if you sign up for a periodic shipment subscription) direct from Amazon is a fair price. However, when Amazon is out-of-stock, I’ve seen the price as high as $42, which is excessive.

Recommendation: After major grocery shopping expeditions, sit down at your computer with your reciept, and check if you can buy any of the non-perishables through Amazon. When you find items (even if more expensive than you just paid), put the item on your Amazon wish list, and add a note to the wish list of the price you just paid. Check your wish list frequently, and when you see an item you need at a bargain price, buy it.

NecoleWilcoe, WV

The best!

I’ve been buying these for several years and got them on subscription at Amazon. They always are fresh and excellent quality. Love the taste of this particular brand. I’ve tried other brands and various products of Finn Crisp, but I think the Thin Rye is the most authentic they can get. Highly recommend!
NerySouthern Pines, NC

Best deal around for these

After buying these at a local gourmet shop here in Indianapolis ( Only store in town that has them) for $5.47 a box I was extremely happy to find them on Amazon and after tax and shipping still only paid $3 a box. They even got here 2 days before the expected delivery date.
DeloiseImperial Beach, CA

Perfect Macrobiotic Snack

Finn Crisp are a great classic snack food, and one of the few crackers that fit the macrobiotic mold. Whole grains. No sugar. Low salt. Good food. I order them regularly through Amazon and they ship will without breakage. The Caraway Finn Crisp are my favorites.
KatherynRolla, MO

Great way to lose weight!

A great way to lose weight – eat Finn crisp! And I love the taste!
CarolynSaint James, MN

great for weight watchers

I like them a lot and they are low in calories and fat and high in fiber for a good sized cracker. They are dry, thin and crisp.
LeomaCortaro, AZ