Finn Crisp Crispbread, Original, 7 Ounce

The Finn Crisp brand was established in 1952, when Finn Crisp thin crisps were launched at Helsinki Summer Olympic games. Simple, pure and powerful, the Finn Crisp captures the essence of Finland for millions of people worldwide who care about eating healthily. Finland has long traditions in crispbread consumption and the crispbreads have been known in every household since the 1800’s. During the heyday of agrarian society, in the western part of Finland, it was traditional to bake bread only twice a year: in the autumn when the crops were new and in the spring, when the fresh water flowed freely in the streams and rivers after the winter. The crispy and nutritious bread was easy to store as it remained delicious for months. Today the Finn Crisp range of crispbreads features plenty of tasty products from multigrain thin crispbreads to round crispbreads to original thin crisps flavored with caraway, garlic or coriander. The new Finn Crisp Plus range provides you an even tastier and healthier crunch. All our crispbreads are delicious yet nutritious.

Quick facts

  • High in fiber, all natural
  • Can be eaten on the run for a quick snack
  • Low-Fat, No trans fat
  • Perfect companion for your favorite cheese
  • Product of Finland

Top reviews

Vegan Natural Choice

Vegan. Natural. Crisp breads are a very traditional food in Scandinavia. Rye is the most traditional flavor. The rye flavor in this crisp is very mild. Good choice for appetizers or with your favorite soups. Very crisp. For a real treat try with orange or other fruit marmalades for breakfast or anytime treat. Easily resealable in a quart [litre] ziplock bag. Long shelf life. Can last through the long Scandinavian winter until the glorious spring. Made in Espoo, Finland. Approximately 33 crisps per box. Only 20 calories per crisp. Also really like Finn Crisp Sesame Rounds, 8.8-Ounce Units (Pack of 12). This review is out there for those for whom this makes a difference. See all of my reviews for more great choices. Check out “Vegan Grocery Favorites” and “Vegan Grocery Top Ten” in Listmania. Your “helpful” votes count and will be greatly appreciated to benefit the search of others. Thank you.
AdahGlad Valley, SD

40% Price Increase in 6 months – too much for me

I’ve ordered this and the Caraway FC regularly (many times) over the past 3 years from Amazon for $19 or less. I now see the price has jumped to $27 – a 40% increase since April 2011. As good as this product is, I just won’t support that level of inflationary pricing and will not order again
MiguelinaMomence, IL

not for me

I’ve never had Finn Crisp (any flavor) or other crispbreads before. Pretty happy with the taste of traditional crackers (I can eat a lot of them without toppings). Just starting to explore the crispbread space (after reading about it in a health magazine), hoping for a healthier snack, especially something lower in sodium. I tried Ryvita (can’t remember what flavor, but it is the sodium free one), and it tastes like cardboard. I couldn’t find Finn Crisp at any of my local stores. So I ended up ordering it from Amazon, for a pack of 9. I was brave enough to do that because of all the good reviews.

As soon as the shipment arrived, I made everyone in my family try one. Thumbs down from everyone, including myself. Makes me wonder why the magazine people say this crispbread can go topless, and why pretty much everyone who wrote a review think this stuff tastes good. To me, it has a faint bitter taste; to some of my family, it is tasteless. I can eat it, but certainly not something I can say I like. So spending 40+ mg of sodium per slice on this is not worth it.

Well, I think I will go back to the cardboard taste Ryvita. At least it is sodium free, and I can buy just 1 box from a local store, not a pack through mail order. Personally, I prefer the cardboard taste to this faintly bitter taste.

WilliamCarson City, MI

Healthy & Delicious

These crackers are truly awesome! Two slices (13g) are only 40 calories, and provide 3 grams of fiber, 1g of protein and absolutely no fat.
They are tasty enough to enjoy alone, but are an excellent base for cheese (especially Jarlsberg) or spreads.
Finn Crisps keep well for long periods of time (like a year), so don’t be concerned about ordering 9 boxes.
There are no longer any stores in my area that carry this product, so I’m grateful to Amazon for making them available.
PS: The box shown under the title, “Finn Crisp Original” rye mistakenly shows the multi-grain version, but you do get the original plain rye.
JeniceNutrioso, AZ

GREAT PRODUCT if the price is good

Finn Crisp Original are very tasty very thin “crackers” each 1 5/8 x 4 3/4. The flavor is slightly sour, like (unseeded) rye, pumpernickle or sour dough bread. Finn Crisp are wonderful with melted cheese (about 20 seconds in a microwave). They can be used anyway you’d use crackers, with the benefit that they are less fragile, less likely to spontaneous disintegrate with the first bite—so Finn Crisp are actually better than crackers for dips and spreads and such. In fact, a very tasty, very healthy (if you aren’t counting every calori) is simply a thin layer of mayo on a Finn Crisp.

I suppose Finn Crisp are healthy, fiber, minimal processing, no preservatives, and such. However, Finn Crisp are simply my favorite crackers.

If you like the flavor of seeded rye bread (i.e., with caraway seeds) try the Caraway version (my favorate). Finn Crisp Caraway Thin Rye Crispbread with Caraway, 6.2-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 9) If you prefer a more neutral flavor, perhaps to use with very delicate cheese, then I suggest Multigrain Finn Crisp.Finn Crisp Multigrain Thin Crisp, 6.2 Oz Boxes (Pack of 9)

$26 for a pack of 9 (or $21 if you sign up for a periodic shipment subscription) direct from Amazon is a fair price. However, when Amazon is out-of-stock, I’ve seen the price as high as $42, which is excessive.

Recommendation: After major grocery shopping expeditions, sit down at your computer with your reciept, and check if you can buy any of the non-perishables through Amazon. When you find items (even if more expensive than you just paid), put the item on your Amazon wish list, and add a note to the wish list of the price you just paid. Check your wish list frequently, and when you see an item you need at a bargain price, buy it.

DudleyPleasant Valley, NY

Best cracker I have found

Finn Crisp are by far the best crackers I have found. They have all of the nutritional attributes you want in a crispbread (low calorie, high fiber, etc) and do not taste like cardboard! They have a wonderful texture that does not fall apart or crumble too much and maintain the flavor of dark rye bread. They are great if you are watching your carbs or just for snacks. Love them!
ViolaKendall, KS

Great little crackers!

I like these little crackers because 3 of them are only 60 calories. You can break them into pieces and use them in dip, or whatever. But the best thing about them is that they are made with rye flour. I’m allergic to wheat, so I depend on these little crunchies! I eat them every day. Great for Weight Watchers.
GeorgeannWoodland, NC


I have bought this product in the past and will continue to do so. Taste is great; size is ideal; health benefits are real.
TerisaHoboken, GA

A Macrobiotic Staple

We practice a macrobiotic lifestyle, which cuts out most crackers and snack products. Finn Crisps are one of the few that pass muster. Love the flavor.
DeneenDayton, TN

You HAVE to be a sourdough fan

These are made of sourdough rye flour and the sour part is very distinct. I love sourdough bread but these are a bit too much for my taste. As a cracker they are OK, accurately described- thin and crisp. Will not be ordering them again.
MacyQueen Creek, AZ

This is the best crispbread.

Very good. Much better than Wasa crispbreads. My wife and I both enjoy this product.
GriseldaLong Beach, CA

Finn Crisp

I love this cracker! It is good with any kind of cheese or jam. It is an excellent product and I have purchased it before on line, but must say that has the best deal on it.
ShelbyLucas, KS

Great snack!

These are great crispy rye crackers, not too sweet, no fake “caraway” flavor. Fantastic with soft cheeses.
DomoniqueMont Clare, PA

Great product

This is a great product. My whole family uses these. I keep them in the pantry as well as in the car.
TomikoErath, LA

great Finnish snack

For awhile there, I rather suspected that Finn Crisp had disappeared from the planet,so difficult had it become for me to secure even a single small box of this marvelous product. Imagine my surprise at finding it, not only readily available, but at the same level of gustatory excellence that I had grown accustomed to over many years! Admittedly, I am no “gourmet/gourmand” (a la super-snooty Frasier or Niles Crane of the television sit-com); yet, with a goodly slice of quality Havarti, a tasty wedge of Dutch Gouda, or (my particular favorite) a generous portion of homemade,freshly cured gravlax (Kosher salt/fennel/white peppercorn/sugar-cured Pacific salmon), there are indeed few supremely crunchy accompaniments that can equal Finn Crisp. The only thing that can consistently make this latter treat a “skosh” better (at least in my modest opinion) is a few generous “fingersworth” of a top quality ice-cold aquavit. So,…avast and feast on, me ‘earties!
IsaacFraser, MI

Finn crisp forever

Been eating Finn Crisp for 55 years absolutly the best.Good with cheese fish or meat.The best priceing is at Amazon with fast shipping.
JettieTermo, CA

Great for the cheese industry

These are the best crackers to eat with any cheese. Perfect complement and I was ecstatic to find them on Amazon because they aren’t easy to find in stores.
MyeshaRio, WV

Delicious way to eat healthy!

I love this stuff! It has been harder to find in my local supermarket so I bought the case of 9 from Amazon. FINN CRISP is a hearty, healthy and tasty snack. I like it with a thin slice of cheese or some ham, any spreadable cheese.
CathyMineville, NY


These do not last long at our house. I buy them in bulk, and find myself ordering another batch in what seems way too soon. Only 20 calories each, they go great with cheese or even plain.
AnjanetteGrover, NC


I grew up in Sweden and bread and hard bread is one of the things I miss. Right now Im on a low-carb diet and people told me to eat finn crisp. The crisps taste GREAT and the big box is gonna last FOREVER (good thing they dont expire until 2012).
StephanieDeal Island, MD

very good crisp bread

Well, I was raised on sourdough rye bread and crave it.
This is good since I cannot aford the mailing charges for other sourdough ryebread sent from Finland.
My family likes it too. I share it with them and the grandkids just gobble it up.
Happy to have it available.
MaritzaDougherty, TX


It’s hard to find Rye bread without sugar content (only German style),
we enjoy this crispy, lightly salty, zero fat bread.
BruceFords Branch, KY


I had these in Finland and was very excited and happy to find them on Amazon. They’re just as I remembered, crispy and very good. They’re also healthy, which makes them a great choice for a snack. I will definitely order more.
JonPort Huron, MI

Not fresh.

Product was not fresh. They were hardened and darker, which is what happens when you store them for too long. They must have been in inventory for a long time. Still, they were edible, but not as tasty as those you can get from a local grocery store.
GiuseppinaSouth Union, KY

Best rye crackers around

These are my hands-down favorite rye crackers. Much better than Kavli, Wasa or Ryvita. These crackers are thin, strong, not crumbly or gritty and have a very full rye flavor. On top of all that they’re healthy too. These are great when topped with cheese, jam or butter. When buying bulk these keep fresh a long time until you open the individual plastic pouches.
SerafinaWinterport, ME

Finn crisp

Finn Crisp is a great product to include if you are on Weight Watchers. Low in calories and high in fiber, tastes good too!
ClarettaFoosland, IL

Great snack crackers

This is a great snack cracker to use for eating a dip, such as humus, or with cheese slices on top. Good taste and does not steal from the accompaniment food.
AugustEllenville, NY

Finn crisp original recipe

Product as advertised and delivered promptly. The price, including shipping, was less than we paid for the product in our local supermarket… when they carried the item.

Very pleased. Will order again.

GrettaNuiqsut, AK

Healthy treat for carbohydrate lovers.

I grew up eating Finn Crisp but a lot of the stores in the area I live in don’t carry it, so I was grateful to be able to find it on

Like a lot of people, I crave carbohydrates, and was happy to find this Finn Crisp to be able to eat a healthier version of carbs. I eat it with either herring, or deli meats, but it would be just as tasty with some kind of spread and sliced cucumber or other veggies put on top of it.

I am also allergic to wheat, so am especially happy to be able to find this crisp bread made from rye, which I have always loved the taste of as well.

MarinaLazbuddie, TX

Tasty crispbread

Very tasty crackers at a good price. Nine boxes is a bit much, but they keep well until opened.
BenedictWalkersville, MD