First Endurance EFS Drink Mix

First Endurance Electrolyte Fuel System helps reduce cramping and dehydration while promoting water absorption. Features: Contains a blend of simple and complex carbohydrates, amino acids, antioxidants and electrolytes

Quick facts

  • Nutrition Flavor: OrangePackage Amount: 25 servings

Top reviews

Found my ideal recovery drink

This is as close to a perfect sports drink as I can find.

* When used at the recommendation concentration the solution is 7% carbohydrate. Studies have shown 7-8% is ideal for gastric emptying and absorption rates. Many drinks are much sweeter, which makes the gut draw water from muscles to dilute the mixture. Thankfully that is not the case here.
* It mixes very well, and tastes great.
* Good price.

* Only one: it has 200% RDA of vitamin C per serving. Since about 2g of vitamin C in a day is the safe upper limit, that puts a limit on how much you can drink in very long activities.

* Contains glutamine and BCAAs (2mg per serving). If you have an energy deficit, which you almost certainly will when you drink this, they will probably just be burned as energy.

Other drinks all seem to be either a) expensive, b) more sweet than they should be, c) mix poorly and/or taste terrible, or d) full of protein that is not appropriate during or immediately after a workout. I won’t be using anything else now that I have found this.

MoonOnset, MA

does what it’s supposed to do

OK I can say I’ve used Infinit, Accelerade, Gatorade, Hammer and Powerade. This is by far the best for me. Others were either real thick and sat in my stomach, did nothing for me or made me a little nauseas or gave me gas. EFS is light and easy to digest, does what it’s designed to do and gives me more energy and fuel to push myself harder than if I drank water alone. Also I don’t cramp up,or not nearly as much which is a big issue for me on really hard rides or ride and run days. And it even tastes better than all of the others as well. I get the orange and mix some crystal lite with it for more flavor and a little caffiene.
TomokoSavanna, OK

Still looking…

I am a 12 – 24 hr adventure racer. Every race, after 3-4 hours of strenuous activity, I get leg cramps. I was hoping the EFS would be my “silver bullet” to put this issue to rest. I used it in a 12 hr race. The label says you can mix it up to double strength if needed and I did. I still cramped around the 3-4 hour time frame. Pretty sure my case is on the extreme end of the cramping scale, as the guys I train with don’t cramp in the races and we train very similarly.
LeesaMill Valley, CA

The best Sport Drink available

I currently compete in triathlons, and have been battling cramps on the bike for over a year now. I tried many different companies drinks, but still continued to get leg cramps. My coach recommended EFS Drink, and I haven’t looked back since. Unless it’s a brutally hot day, and I’m training for over 2 hours i don’t even take salt/electrolyte tabs anymore.
NohemiFieldton, TX

Good Cycling hydration

Got into EFS thru my training group. I had been having stomach issues with hard training, and decided it was time to ditch the Gatorade. This seems to fuel me much better, and the lemon lime flavor is pretty good. I only use it for cycling, not for run hydration. As long as you only use it for serious training and racing, one tub (altho pricey), will last you a good long while. Worth the switch from Gatorade!
BeverleeConcrete, WA

First Endurance EFS

I have tried many products over the years and so far this is one of the best. Overall very happy with the product. Great mellow flavor, something you can drink all day racing.
MarquittaTallapoosa, GA

Really helped prevent cramps

I have had lots of problems with cramping when riding hard despite using lots of different products. My coach had me try EFS and it has made a big difference for me. I have tried both the fruit punch and the grape flavor and the grape flavor is the best for me. No stomach issues, great subtle flavor, and it works reduce/eliminate cramps.
MaggieKingfield, ME

The better electrolyte drink mix

I really like this product. The electrolyte works well as advertised. For a new cyclist, I can feel an immediate improvement on replenishing electrolytes when I drink this. After some serious research, I have to agree that this is one of the better electrolyte drinks out there.

Downside: a bit expensive; a bit on the sweet side which gives some people diarrhea; you need to drink a whole bottle for all those electrolytes added to your body so it may not work as well for some.

MarciaCascade, IA

efs grape

I want to say this grape flavor has no flavor, tastes like water. I don’t recommend. The red bottle was sweet, tasted like sugar.
AlfonzoDamon, TX

the best

Not too sugary, mixes well in cold water and doesn’t come out of solution. The difference while running or working out (Cross Fit) is definitely noticeable. I can drink 18-24 ounces before a run in very hot (Phoenix) weather and not need to hydrate mid-run. Ditch the Gatorade!
MargGranville, TN

Best Fuel Available

Pricey but worth it. You can mix your own strength, the taste is easy to swallow and easy on the stomach, and it’s easy to drink even after hours on the bike when it’s no longer cold. Mark your bottle so you know which one is fuel as it is clear once mixed.
KarlyMora, MO

Tri saver!

I suffer from acid reflux and can not take any solids in on the bike. I also suffer from cramps in heat and “over doing it”. Last year, I did my first 140.6, and used EFS and Carbo Pro mixture, along with the EFS gels.

The EFS drink goes down very easy and does not have any HFCS like others. It also has tons of electrolytes and tastes good too! Carbo Pro went in and mixed great with it. Highly recommend.

HisakoOwensville, IN

Great Stuff

Trained for two months with another product and water with poor results. Switched to EFS and was suddenly filled with strength and stamina. I could feel the difference and believe!
AngelicSalem, NH

Excellent product

Firt Endurance is the best, i like Grape.I really recommend it, I have tried several times and if it works.
PearlineSummerville, PA

Good Taste and Disolves Fast with no after taste.

The product is great for endurance rides as it does not leave an after taste and the flavoring is light enough to give a hint of the taste. The product dissolves easily in water versus creating chunks in the water bottle. The included scoop gives just the right amount for 20 oz bottle.
JulianNorth Reading, MA

Not bad tasting

Since I have only been buying this in Orange it’s not fair to compare with other drinks besides Gatorade.
The first several times it did take me a while to get use to the taste, but now, it’s like drinking anything else.
Easy on the stomach.
I have went thru 4 tubs (25 servings each), BUT, you don’t get 25 servings unless you have a small container bottle. I have to use 1 1/2 scoops for a 18 oz bottle. It does say 1 scoop for 12 oz.
I enjoy drinking th Orange flavor. Keep searching around for the best price like I do each time I reorder.
Usually I get it for $30.00 and sometime a bit under, and that’s counting the shipping charge.
DonellaLewisburg, TN

Fruit Punch…

Great First Endurance product. Seems to work better than other drinks I’ve tried (Cyto, Hammer, etc.). Fruit Punch tastes the best.
SimoneCasey, IL