FirstMate Pet Foods Trim & Lite Dog Food

Super premium dog food is trim and light for less active. Laid back dogs.

Quick facts

  • Protein (min) 18%, Fat (min) 6%, Fibre (max) 4%, Ash (max) 5%, Calcium (actual) 1.05%, Phosphorus (actual) .84%, Digestible Energy 3180 KCAL/kg

Top reviews

Pet Food Trim and Lite

Dogs didn’t like it as much as the others although the label read such good ingredients. I kind of have to mix it in with other things because they don’t care for eating it alone like some of the others. The only thing I noticed that I didn’t care for is that when I opened the bag I kind of got a vitamin smell instead of a food aroma, like meat or ingredients. I’m not sure I like so many vitamins as a constant or as a substitute for good whole healthy foods. Would you like your food to smell like vitamins?
ErmelindaToledo, WA