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yummy if you like cough syrup and TAB mixed together

Plain and simple. It is advertised “just like the original from the 60’s” but THIS poor excuse of a retro experience is full of ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER causing this drink to have an after-taste from you know where. Sucralose was not invented until the mid 70’s!! Imagine TAB but with a taste of kids cough syrup and you pretty much know what I am talking about. This company had the choice to use sugar JUST LIKE THE ORIGINAL or use Sucralose and they chose Sucralose. If you do not know about Sucralose, use this link ( ) to read more than you ever wanted to know about this government endorsed “cigarette” of the new millennium. They lied to you about smoking back then, they are lying to you about artificial sweeteners now.

Just how few studies currently exist on sucralose is an issue. Endurance News provides the following table illustrating this fact:

· Sweetener — # of Studies

· Saccharin — 2374

· Aspartame — 598

· Cyclamates — 459

· Acesulfame-K — 28

· Sucralose — 19

The same patterns with aspartame (NutraSweet/Equal) are repeating with sucralose (Splenda). Their claims of product safety and research results are identical to those used by The NutraSweet Company. Note the comparisons and repetitions between the products, the corporations, and marketing. Maybe now, consumers can prevent damage to human health sooner than with NutraSweet, which has damaged the health and lives of millions of innocent consumers since it was placed in the public food supply in 1982. Has the FDA repeated the aspartame approval process for sucralose, allowing a product with proven carcinogens to flood our food supply? Only time will tell, as it has with aspartame. Yet at the cost of human lives.Knowledge is power. As an educated consumer, you have the awareness to choose what you and your family will ingest. Unnatural artificial sweeteners may affect your health. Why take the chance? After twenty years of NutraSweet® (aspartame) dominating the sweetener market, people are realizing for themselves that aspartame really is a foul food chemical tragically harmful to their health. Now, people think Johnson & Johnson’s Splenda, made from sucralose, has come to the rescue as the newest chemical sugar replacement “made from real sugar.” People don’t want to hear that it may be just as dangerous as aspartame, and this white knight of sweeteners is no better improvement. New chemical sweeteners (like Splenda) and the sweetener blends (aspartame, sucralose and acesulfame K blended together in one product) may be causing users to show signs of weight gain, disruption of sleep patterns, sexual dysfunction, increases in cancer, MS, Lupus, diabetes, and a list of epidemic degenerative diseases. The corporations continue to stand tough in their denial of any connection to chemical sweetener additives. The dangers of aspartame are now widely known, but the risks of using Splenda are not documented – until now. Splenda may not penetrate the blood brain barrier as aspartame does, hence entering the brain and creating neurotoxin havoc at the brain center, but Splenda CAN adversely affect the body in several ways because it IS a chemical substance and not natural sugar.

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