Fla-vor-ice Light Sugar Free Freezer Pops 16 Count Box

Sugar free freeze pops by Fla-vor-ice Light. Freeze-and-eat sugar free flavor ice that will please everyone. 5 calories each Flavor Ice Lite sugar free freezer pops (sweetened with Splenda). Each box contains 16 giant freeze & serve pops in 4 flavors: berry punch, grape, strawberry and lemon-lime. Flavor ice splenda ice pops in a 16 count package.

Quick facts

  • 16 – 1.25 Oz Pops
  • Sweetened with Splenda – Sugar Free
  • Flavors include Lemon-Lime, Grape, Strawberry and Berry Punch

Top reviews


The flavor is very good and I like the fact they are sugar free but the box says they are giant. They are the smallest freezer pops I have ever seen. About half the size of normal pops. I would like to order again but they are way too expensive for what you get
MableLong Creek, OR

good tasting treat but at a high price

These are great. Supposed to be sugar free but you would never know it. The only thing when ripping them apart they do not separate easy at times and I tore one and it started leaking all over the place. There is not too many of them and they go too quick. Each one is ~.50 cents a piece. I thought this was a tad bit high. Flavorice is good stuff though. Watch out for cutting your mouth on the plastic as well. It is a little sharp or can be. I want to buy them again but I think they cost too much.
MarcelaBenezett, PA


I sooo love the ice pops…. the seller was great…. but my fault for thinking they were really GIANT… and not asking seller….all my fault. Regular size is more like it!
AshantiAneta, ND

Darn good for sugar-free!

These pops are really good for sugar-free. They don’t have a wierd after-taste or anything. They are a little more expensive than sugar products, but that is always the case. These are worth it if you need something sweet.
ClintLinden, AL