Flathau’s Fine Foods Peppermint Snaps, 8-Ounce Boxes

Using the finest quality ingredients, Flathau’s Fine Foods offers a variety of products that will tempt your taste buds.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 8-ounce boxes (total of 96 ounce)
  • Cool flavor of peppermint
  • Shortbread cookie blanketed in powdery sugar with a surprise “Snap” of sweetness inside

Top reviews

2 week expiration

When I received these key lime snaps I noticed they were ready to expire. There is no way we can eat 6 boxes of these in 2 weeks. They are very good and have a great taste. I am very upset about this product. I have never had a problem with any products I have bought on Amazon. I hope Amazon does something about this. A very upset and disappointed customer.
NathanHereford, PA

Delicious cookies!

These are light and crispy and tart but sweet. We originally ordered them in a fundraising catalog, and when they were gone, I had to hunt them down on the web. My husband LOVES them and I order them special for him. I have yet to find a Key Lime cookie that compares. I’m a chocolate chip cookie gal, yet I really like these. They are also dainty enough to impress friends when you serve them at luncheons or get-togethers. I have tried all the flavors, and key lime is the best (although they are all good).
HellenAlfred Station, NY

Have something really good! Wonderful cookies! They hit the spot! Great snack, Great gift!

These are wonderful little treats, elegantly packed. A treat has to be good, satisfying with 1 or 2 bites, and worth every calorie. These certainly are! Crispy, light and sweet-hope Amazon carries these always. The lime essence is in the powdered sugar, so be sure to enjoy that with the cookies.

A collection of 6 nicely packed boxes enables you to give a nice box to a deserving friend. And these certainly are appreciated!

Note: freshness is not an issue.

CourtneyCoulter, IA

Lemon Drops leave sour taste

Not the same drops from Flathau that I remember. The ones I was expecting had powdered sugar. I was disappointed.
TeneshaCrab Orchard, WV

Better Than Home Made

These lemon snaps are some of the best cookies I’ve ever eaten. They taste better than home-made, with a hint of cracked lemon candy inside each cookie. I would serve them at one of my finest dinner parties.
EmelineCoto Laurel, PR


These are great! They taste very fresh and have the perfect bite of lime flavor with plenty of powdered sugar. The packaging is very nice, which made these great gifts for our clients. The boxes weren’t packed very well for shipping to Amazon, so two of six had damaged corners, but the others were in good condition (original shipping boxes inside Amazon’s shipping box).
TyraWestline, PA


Haven’t gotten my shipment yet from Amazon but I’ve gotten these at TJ Max in the past and they are wonderul. Sweet and soft. The Key Lime ones are also fabulous!
BrockCharleston, TN