FLAVIA ALTERRA Coffee, Colombia, 20-Count Fresh Packs

Colombian coffees have high recognition in the industry and enjoy immense popularity with coffee lovers around the world. Our 100% Colombian beans are medium roasted to give a balanced, fragrant experience. Popular and pleasing with a diverse mix of coffee drinkers, this is a great “starter coffee.”

Quick facts

  • A creamy caramel MilkyWay Swirl Latte (Add MilkyWay Swirl to make your latte)
  • A delicious Colombia Cappuccino (Add Cappuccino/Latte Swirl to make your cappuccino)
  • Premium DOVE Mocha (Add DOVE Hot Chocolate to make your mocha)

Top reviews

Bring back Flavia

It’s like flavored water, but not actually coffee. I know when it was MARS FLAVIA it used to be great. When the switch was made to ALTERRA, they promised the same quality coffee, but -honestly -it’s quite different. There’s none of the aroma I enjoy about coffee in this stuff that’s brewed. Just buy your coffee from the grocery store -any of them will rank better than this Alterra junk. Don’t waste your money.

Maybe if they bring back Flavia coffees I will venture to try it again. It’s a real shame, because now I have this $200 machine sitting in my office that serves no purpose except to maybe lend a “contemporary” look to the office decor. Well, I guess it still makes hot water.

RickWinter Springs, FL

Bad Coffee

The Alterra Columbia seems worse then most Flavia coffees. It is oily, bland, and leaves a stale after taste. Only buy this if you don’t care about your employees.
QuianaWhite Hall, IL

Worse than instant

I’m pretty certain any brand of instant coffee is better than this. We recently moved into a building that has a few of these machines that offer the Columbia and it is just awful (especially considering the premium pricing).
PetronilaNordland, WA