Flavored Sunflower Seed Variety Pack

Enjoy a sampling of all snack products produced by GIANT Snacks. Each case contains the following 5 oz. bags of Sunflower Seeds: 2 – Bacon Ranch Flavor, 2 – KC Style BBQ Flavor, 2 – Dill Pickle Flavor, 1 – Sriracha Flavor, 1 – Salty Sweet Kettle Roast Flavor, 1 – Fresh Cracked Pepper Kettle Roast Flavor, 1- Sweet Dill Pickle Kettle Roast, 1 – Toasted Coconut Kettle Roast Flavors, and 1 – 5.75 oz. bag of Original Salted flavor. Giant Interactive Sales is the only retailer that ships directly from the factory to guarantee only the freshest items are shipped to you.

Quick facts

  • Case of 5-pounds
  • Kosher Certified
  • Full Product Sampling

Top reviews

I was dumb

I did not realize the sunflower seeds were still in the husks. Otherwise, I’m sure they were just fine.
CamieMenifee, AR

The ONLY seeds I’ll ever eat again.

These seeds are the BEST!!! They are the only kind I like anymore-after eating them you CRAVE them. They are huge seeds and are seasoned perfectly.
MorganWaterville, MN

Good Seeds, Flavor Ok

The sunflower seeds are big and taste good. The flavorings were not as strong and recognizable as I thought they would be. The Spicy Garlic were my favorite. I could not really get a good feel for the flavor on the BBQ seeds or the Ranch. I haven’t tried the Dill Pickle or Salt & Pepper yet. Overall a good sunflower seed, but I think the flavor coatings on David & Sons is much better.
HannaHadley, NY


These seeds are awesome!! I stopped in Kentucky on a recent trip and picked up the Dill Pickle flavored seeds. I had never heard of this brand before–I don’t think they are sold around this area. I was pleasantly surprised that the dill pickle flavoring was perfect. Sometimes it can be over the top, but these seeds were big, bold, had a yummy roasted flavor and there were not many “rejects”. I will be purchasing a case of these tasty treats to put me thru the lawn mowing season!! Giant Sunflower Seeds are highly recommended!!
TessaQuarryville, PA

Good seeds, but beware if you have a milk allergy

I’ve tried David, Spitz, and Biggs sunflower seeds before giving the Giants brand a try. The seeds are large and the flavoring is not too intense or too light. So the seeds taste good and are of a good quality. I haven’t noticed much in the way of plant debris or empty seeds.

I must give this product four stars for two reasons:

1. Unlike the Spitz seeds, you cannot reseal these bags after opening them. Spitz uses resealable bags for their seeds. Giants does not. This means you have to eat the seeds quickly or else they will get stale.

2. In this variety pack, several of the flavors use milk as an ingredient. Specifically, the Zesty Italian, Dill Pickle, and Dakota Ranch flavors list milk as an ingredient. The Dakota Ranch flavor also lists cheese as an ingredient. There was no way of knowing this based on the product advertisement. I tried the Zesty Italian flavor and now have a stomachache because of the milk ingredient.

I had high hopes for these seeds. They do taste good, but if you are allergic or sensitive to certain ingredients or wish to have a resealable bag, I would recommend Spitz over Giants, but Giants over Biggs and Biggs over David.

JerilynHope Mills, NC

Great Seeds!

These are the best sunflower seeds out there. When I was deployed to Iraq and our stash ran out, the company sent our unit an entire case! The flavor is not too strong and the seeds are always fresh, not to mention that they’re giant. Now that I’m deployed again, and they don’t sell Giants over here, I plan on ordering a dozen bags to share with all my friends.
OrethaRamona, OK

perfect for baseball season!!!

I tried Giant brand seeds for the first time last year (in texas they are available in lots of convenience stores) and I was ADDICTED to them! I work with college baseball and Giant seeds became one more superstition during each game, big handful of seeds at the top of every inning, big wad of bubblegum in the bottom, and repeat. I love that they offer so many flavors (and unique, delicious ones too!!), my favorite are salt & pepper and dakota ranch (better than David brand ranch, ingredient list includes real buttermilk, cheese cultures, real spices, you get the picture), spicy garlic are pretty legit too!!! Also, the name should tell you what to expect as far as the size of these seeds, you’ll be spoiled by their giant-ness and easy cracking, I know it’s only out of desperation that I ever succumb to spitting any inferior seeds. I can’t get through baseball season without a case of Giant seeds!!!
LillieElk Mound, WI

Best Seeds of All!

These are the best seeds I have had. They are excellent quality and the flavors are unique and very tasty.
YuetteTitusville, PA

Great Sunflower Seeds

Largest sunflower seeds, the variety pack had some of the best flavors ever and season. I guess the farther north grown the better the sunflower plants are. Great product. If any product can match this one I want to know.
RoscoeWimauma, FL

Nuts for Seeds

I fell in love with sunflowers during 2011. I happened upon them during a business trip when a co-worker was going nuts eating her sunflower seeds. I tried a few and haven’t stopped. I have tried a variety of flavors and this product does not disappoint. In fact, my co-worker and I buy the seeds and trade the flavors we prefer over others.
TonjaFlorence, AL