Flavrz Organic Drink Mix Concentrate- Lemon Lime

So refreshing! Lightly tart and slightly sweet, it tickles your taste buds while it quenches your thirst.

Quick facts

  • Organic & Natural
  • 16 oz Glass Bottle
  • Concentrated
  • 30-40 Low sugar servings
  • Eco- Friendly

Top reviews

Not what I was expecting

It takes a lot more of this product to flavor a 16-20oz water bottle than I expected, and I was anticipating more of a tang flavor. That being said, I would rather use this product than one filled with artificial ingredients. Also, unrelated to the product itself, the company first sent me the wrong order and then the bottle came broken and leaking from the box. I had a new one sent within the week, but was still a hassle. Took up to 3 weeks to get my actual order. Again, that inconvenience isn’t reflected in my rating.
EdwinNorthwood, ND

A Treat for the Entire Family

This is a great product if you want to cut down on your sugar intake and encourage your kids and yourself to drink more water. It is so difficult in our sugar laden environment to find a drink that is satisfying without a lot of ingredients that you can’t pronounce. It is a fantastic way to have water be the main beverage in your household.
VernBishop, CA

We love this drink mix!

Length:: 2:46 Mins

This is a new organic drink mix concentrate that you add to water. It just requires a few teaspoons of the mix to flavor your water (or more if you like). It has a great lemon lime taste- just a little tart and a little sweet. Flavrz Organic Drink Mix Concentrate- Lemon Lime The best part is that it is low calorie, low sugar (it is sweetend with agave), organic and all natural. My kids love it and so do I! It also comes in Tropical flavor Flavrz Organic Drink Mix Concentrate- Tropical and Cherry Berry Flavrz Organic Drink Mix Concentrate- Cherry Berry They are all fabulous!

AlthaSeymour, TX


I drink only plain water or seltzer water (which can be boring). I tried this product in Lemon Lime and really loved its flavor in the water and it was delicious in the seltzer water. I highly recommend you try it I will be back for more…
SamaraAddison, ME