Fleischmann’s Instant Yeast – 2 pack/each 16 oz. bags

Dry Yeast.

Quick facts

  • 2/16 oz. bags
  • Made in Canada.

Top reviews

If I could give this zero stars, I would.

I was very excited to find this product. It is suppose to be the same yeast as in the “Rapid Rise” and the product for bread machines. I used the exact amount for my recipe: a typical 1/4 ounce strip envelope equals 2 1/4 teaspoons. The end result was a baked product that tasted foul. I contacted Fleishmann’s Company the next morning. I was told that they would replace the two pounds of yeast I had purchased with a (three envelope strip with a total of 3/4 ounces). When I pointed out that this did not seem reasonable, they said they would replace the two pounds of Fleishmann’s yeast with a coupon for a 4-oz glass jar, and pointed out that I had complained about another product from their company in the past. I was further told that I would not have any future defective products compensated for. (?) This is not a company that stands behind their products, and apparently they are not committed to a reasonable level of quality control.
RochelleYuma, CO

This product is excellent

I have used this product, bought at Sam’s Club when I was a member, for many years. Works perfectly in my bread machine every time. Two pounds seemed an incredible amount when I started, but I found I could keep an unopened package in the freezer and transfer the opened package to a jar I kept in the freezer. When making bread, I simply add a couple of teaspoons of the frozen yeast from the jar directly to the bread pan. I have had the yeast keep for about four to six years (two 1 lb packages) without a problem. I’m nearing the end of my last (4th) pound and looked to Amazon for a replacement. Glad to find it on Amazon even though it’s a few dollars more expensive than Sam’s. Still a wonderful deal! Dirt cheap compared to packets and small jars.
AlvaGibsonia, PA


I will always buy from this store and this brand/quantity of product. an EXCELLENT price. The product is great. I bought this threw Amazon.com.
AnnamariaPalmetto, GA

Flei. Instant Yeast

Excellent product did the job well ,no complaints at all I use it mainly for making Pizza and Pita bread dow a very good value for the money when you compare to the small sachettes they sell at grocery stores.
GastonWilson, OK

Beats the heck out of store bought packages

If you own a bread maker or make your own bread buy this yeast. I have a jar from the store bought yeast I used to buy that I store my current batch in. All the rest goes in the freezer to delay the expiration date. This stuff works great – I’m making the best ciabatta bread I’ve ever seen with this stuff. It makes great pizza dough, too.
ChetRoyalton, WI